Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 428

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 428: Ruins

“Noble son Ye!”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

Seeing the figure of Ye Chuan, Hai Lili and others quickly gathered and were excited. It was not easy at all to survive that fierce battle.

“Abasi and Rhodes are nearby, look for them.” Ye Chuan instructed.

Just after he had spoken, a huge three-eyed toad soared towards the sky and transforming into a tall ox headed person, he landed behind Ye Chuan. His stature was tall, but he was swaying while walking, moreover, his entire body was covered with blood. Those invisible shockwaves had wounded him, nearly cutting him into pieces.

Shortly after the appearance of Ye Chuan, Plague Archfiend Abasi rushed out from the cloud of sand and dust. Although he was seriously injured, under his protection, Ye Chuan was completely unscathed, only was covered with mud and dust.

Everyone worked together and not long after, they dug out Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes. Compared to Abasi, he was even more seriously injured, his spine was nearly broken by those terrifying shockwaves. Although his cultivation was higher than Ye Chuan, unfortunately, he didn’t have the protection of Abasi, so, he was nearly killed by the aftereffect of the battle between Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God.

In the battle between Sages, common people would suffer, even peak Daoist Master realm expert wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow if he was unable to escape in time.

At that time, rustling sounds came from all around this ruins.

A lot of snakes came out from the midst of the ruins. Just like Ye Chuan and others, they had come out from underground to see the light of day again.

Blacksnake Residence, this snake island was basically an oversized snake nest. In addition, Blacksnake Clan was skilled in controlling snakes, so many disciples of Blacksnake Clan cultivated many poisonous snakes. But, this battle between Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God destroyed this flourishing Blacksnake Residence in a moment, bringing disaster upon unknown numbers of innocents, on the contrary, a lot of snakes hiding underground survived this disaster and after this battle was over, they crawled out in succession.

A rustling sound came again from not far away. Ye Chuan turned over to look outside the blacksnake square, but he felt that that sound had come from not far away from where those virgin boys and virgin girls were imprisoned in the past.

“Eh, could it be……”

Ye Chuan rushed over and dug up the pile of debris, then he vaguely sensed a familiar aura. Sure enough, not long after, he could hear a weak voice from underground. Everyone immediately cooperated to dig out and a huge underground space appeared in front of them. Little Long’er and puppet doll Hei Kui were in the front and behind them, there were numerous children, and seeing Ye Chuan and others, everyone burst into tears. Without the instruction of Ye Chuan, everyone hastily rushed down to save them. All of these children who survived luckily were saved. Roughly, there were at least 800 of them.

“Little Long’er, didn’t I instruct you to take Hei Kui and leave quickly, how…..”

Ye Chuan squatted down and personally examined Little Long’er and helped him dress up his injuries.

When the shockwaves spread all around, Little Long’er turned into a demonic dragon at the entrance of this underground entrance, withstanding most of the impact of those shockwaves. Otherwise, let alone 800, not even one of these children would have survived. Little Long’er had bravely stepped forward at the critical moment, but his injuries were also very serious. His bones were broken in many places, fortunately, he was a demonic dragon that was famous in the world beyond the highest heaven for a doughty body, otherwise, he might have already died without leaving behind even a residue.

“Your Excellency, don’t blame Little Long’er, I insisted on staying behind, if you want to punish someone, punish me.”

Old evil spirit Hei Kui walked over and took the initiative to explain the circumstance to Ye Chuan, admitting his error.

Ye Chuan looked towards this puppet doll Hei Kui with respect. He had truly never expected that a great devil who had once killed people like flies would actually step forward bravely and risk his life at the critical moment to save so many children.

“In this life, I might never be able to get rid of this current body, might never be able to reconstruct a human body, and remain as a puppet doll forever, so I want to find some little companions in advance who will play together with me.” The old evil spirit Hei Kui laughed at himself. He was a great devil throughout his life who disregarded lives, but when people suddenly looked at him with respect for the first time, he was somewhat embarrassed.

“Hei Kui, you truly have enough little companions, unfortunately, Chu Hongniang is not here, I wonder whether her daughter is among these 800 children.”

Ye Chuan looked towards these children who had survived this disaster, and suddenly recalling Chu Hongniang, he felt somewhat sad. But, just after he spoke, not far away, two figure rushed out from the cloud of dust. The man was wearing a white robe and his stature was tall. The woman was gentle and had a graceful figure. They were none other than Redline Lady Chu Hongniang and White Dragon Sage Bai Rulong.

After jumping on the altar to assassinate Great Elder of Blacksnake Clan, White Dragon Sage didn’t continue to fight, he seized the chance when Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God were fighting ferociously to search for his wife Chu Hongniang. And after he found his wife, they hid themselves to dodge the shockwaves.

“Bai Rulong greets noble son Ye!”

White Dragon Sage quickly walked over and respectfully greeted Ye Chuan.

As a Half-Sage realm expert, he had wandered around the seas for many years and he was regarded as a celestial being by people, moreover, he had always been proud and aloof. But, only in front of Ye Chuan, he was not cold and aloof. Although his voice was still cold, his tone was respectful, he would never forget the kindness of Ye Chuan saving his wife and son.

“Brother White Dragon is too polite.”

Ye Chuan also bowed and returned a courtesy and just when he was about to speak, he stopped as he saw Chu Hongniang who had just burst out of the ground exclaiming, and immediately after that, she rushed over to the group of children and hugged a trembling little girl whose entire body was covered with sand and dirt, “Yingying, your mother finally found you, finally found you.”


The little girl wailed, and Redline Lady Chu Hongniang also cried. As for White Dragon Sage who never showed his emotion in front of others, his eyes were also moist. He had killed all the way from south sea to east sea and had experienced many difficulties and hardships, and finally, after narrowly escaping death, his family was reunited, what else was happier than this moment?

White Dragon Sage also walked over and hugged both mother and daughter. He said nothing, but Redline lady Chu Hongniang and his daughter Yingying cried even more.

Men were like a mountain, in the critical moment, they had to bear the pressure and overcome difficulties, and find a slim chance of survival in a hopeless situation, moreover, should hold up the heaven for his family.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

Zhu Sijia walked over and quietly stood beside Ye Chuan. Watching crying Chu Hongniang, her eyes were also moist and finally, she couldn’t help shedding tears.

This sight stroke a chord in her heart and Zhu Sijia also wanted to cry.

In these past three days in the sea dragon boat, she felt one day was like a year, and if Ye Chuan had died in the island, then she wouldn’t know how she would spend the rest of her life.

“It’s okay, everything has passed.”

Ye Chuan reached out and grabbed the right hand of Zhu Sijia. Then, their fingers tightly intersected with each other. Hai Lili also wanted to walk over, but seeing this scene, she quietly turned around.

But, the rustling sounds were getting bigger and bigger as even more snakes crawled out from the underground.

At that moment, Ye Chuan suddenly sensed another familiar aura.

“Hahaha, I am alive, I am still alive, hahahaha……”

A figure suddenly darted out from underground. His entire body was covered with a large number of snakes. Now, he was laughing heartily while throwing away dead snakes from around his body. He was none other than Mei Chuanfeng.

This kid, he actually survived!

Ye Chuan was very surprised, but then, he smiled, his smile was very brilliant.

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    Poor Mei Chuanfeng, he really bad at timing. If only he waited for another day or two he would be able to preserve his life.

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