Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 427

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 427: Ghost Passage

Along with the hissing sounds, the big snake of the sky accelerated to come out of the time and space gate, then transforming into a middle-aged man with human head and snake body, it rushed straight towards Ghost King Dusen.

Boom, a loud explosion sound resounded as if the heaven was collapsing.

Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God ferociously collided against each other. And both of them let out a muffled groan as the result of this collision. As for everyone else, they suffered a disaster as a ferocious shockwave sudden spread all around.

In the sky, the thick layer of dark clouds was torn apart and the time and space gate above the cloud layer was also torn and it disappeared. On the ground, sand flew about and stones hurtled through the air, and that towering altar was uprooted and sent tumbling far away. In addition, building around the square also collapsed, making a big mess. As for those who were unable to escape in time, some were crushed on the ground, some had their entire bones broken and some were even directly turned into a meat pulp. But, without expectation, this shockwave tore the cloth of everyone into shreds.

Mei Chuanfeng was fortunate, he just happened to hide in the safe place, but, he was unfortunate at the same time, he was half a step slow, thus, although his upper body was still neatly dressed, his lower part suddenly felt cold as his shining white buttocks were completely exposed. That toy between his legs was also exposed and was nearly torn up by the roots by that shockwave.

Realizing his circumstance, the mind of Mei Chuanfeng who was killing all around while roaring with laughter just a moment ago became a blank space and he subconsciously screamed and used his hands to cover his white buttocks, then ducked into one corner of the palace he was hiding. Now, even if he was killed, he didn’t dare to come out.

In the battle between Sages, common people would suffer, and this was just the beginning!

Mei Chuanfeng had a whole bag of tricks, he had anticipated the resistance of Third Elder and also had expected the disturbance of Blacksnake Archfiend. Unfortunately, he had never expected Blacksnake Demon God to be so powerful, even this backer Ghost King Dusen was unreliable now!

A serious violent collision occurred one after another.

In the sky, Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God were locked in a fierce battle, both of these Sage realm experts spared no effort to kill each other, giving rise to that terrifying shockwaves one after another. Now, there were already huge cracks on the ground.

The entire Blacksnake Villa was shaking. Many servants were desperately fleeing everywhere, even clan disciples and guards had joined their ranks to flee for their life. Regardless of people loyal to Great Elder or Mei Chuanfeng, they were running away like mad.

At this moment, everyone had only one thought in their mind, that was to run away for their lives, the farther the better.

Boundless fear quickly spread throughout the Blacksnake Residence.

Some people trembled and hid on the spot, they were itching to dig a hole and bury themselves in it. Even more were fleeing desperately and recklessly boarded the boats to go out to the sea.

Looking down from the high altitude, now Blacksnake Residence looked just like an ant nest that was about to be flooded. People were rushing towards the boats docked at the harbor like ants while wailing, screaming and shouting for help. And every shockwave would crush this crowd of people to the ground.

The battle between two Sage realm experts was enough to destroy the entire island. Even an ancient sect also couldn’t endure such a terrifying destructive power.

In an extremely short period of time, as if hit by hurricane and tsunami, countless buildings collapsed and countless ancient trees were uprooted in Blacksnake Residence. The taller the building, the faster it was destroyed.

The sea dragon boat docked at one seashore was the first one to sail out to the sea far from Blacksnake Residence.

The moment Zhu Sijia and numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect landed on the deck, experienced Sea Demon Patriarch immediately ordered to set out in full speed, and they quickly left behind Blacksnake Residence far away.

“Grandpa, wait a minute, noble son Ye has not come back yet.” Sea Demoness Hai Lili urgently said.

“Heavens helps the worthy, don’t worry, noble son Ye will be fine. Even if he truly ran into some dangers, we cannot help him now, first, we need to wait for this storm to pass.”

Sea Demon Patriarch remained unmoved and ordered to keep going forward. Only after reaching dozens of li away from Blacksnake Residence, the sea dragon boat slowly stopped. Looking back at this moment, Blacksnake Residence had already become a small black dot far away. They were already far away, but they could still feel shockwaves occasionally.

Even though they were already dozens of li away, these shockwaves were still so powerful, how could people in the island survive this?

The complexion of everyone changed and their heart was in jitters.

“Blacksnake Residence is finished, Blacksnake Clan, this tumor is finally eradicated.”

Sea Demon Patriarch muttered to himself.

Sea Demon Clan had been push aside and was suppressed by everyone. Blacksnake Clan, this local tyrant, was one of them. In tens of thousands of years, unknown numbers of their clansmen had fallen in the hands of Blacksnake Clan, so when sailing in the vast sea, they had no choice but to stay far away from the East Sea as much as possible. Now, personally seeing such a big tumor was annihilated, he was naturally elated. But, thinking of Ye Chuan whose life and death status was unknown, his complexion involuntarily darkened.

The battle in the sky of Blacksnake Residence lasted for three days and three nights.

Merchant ships that had successfully escaped from Blacksnake Residence all sailed far away to other islands and some even sailed to another sea area. Sea Dragon Boat however remained at the same position. After three days, they confirmed the battle had ended, so they carefully sailed back to the Blacksnake Residence. And even before they reached the shore, Zhu Sijia impatiently stepped on her flying sword and flew away, looking for the whereabouts of Ye Chuan. Numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect closely followed behind her. Even Sea Demoness Hai Lili followed after Zhu Sijia completely ignoring the persuasion of her grandfather.

The entire island was in a big mess. Flourishing Blacksnake Residence had changed into a barren land and the atmosphere of the island was shrouded with dense death aura.

After taking a big detour, Zhu Sijia and others finally managed to find blacksnake square according to their memory.

Now, the majestic square of former days had already changed beyond recognition. There were rocks and rubbles everywhere. In addition, they would fall into a hole if they took step carelessly. What was even more astonishing was, in the middle of this square, there was an unfathomable hole, and one could hear vague sounds that resembled ghost wails as if this unfathomable hole was the passage to the Death World.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

Zhu Sijia looked all around while shouting loudly, and she unconsciously walked closer and closer to this black hole. Seeing the current appearance of blacksnake square, Zhu Sijia was nervous, in addition, since she couldn’t find even the trace of Ye Chuan, she panicked even more.

A cloud of sand and dust flew up and a figure suddenly burst out from this dense cloud, then tightly hugged the panicked Zhu Sijia. Zhu Sijia was caught unprepared and she screamed, then unsheathing her sword, she ruthlessly slashed out.

“Jiajia, don’t be afraid, it’s me.”

The voice of Ye Chuan resounded as this figure dodge the attack of Zhu Sijia and pulled her away from the black hole. “Be careful, stay away from this Ghost Passage, the farther the better!”

Ye Chuan looked solemn and pulled Zhu Sijia far away to one side. Now, his face was covered with mud and dust, looking very embarrassing, but just surviving was already hard enough at that time. The battle between Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God had harvested the life of many living beings. In the end, he didn’t know whether Ghost King was forced to the helpless position or he used some kind of powerful technique, unexpectedly, he forcibly opened up the Ghost Passage and dragged Blacksnake Demon God into it, disappearing from this place.

According to the legend, outside the world beyond the highest heaven, there were even vaster worlds beyond, like there was always the sky beyond sky. Among them, there was a Ghost World with vast ghost qi. If ordinary people with flesh and blood entered that world, they would definitely die. Now, even with the cultivation and experience of Ye Chuan, seeing this passage, his heart was in jitters, moreover, he was worried that everyone would be drawn into it, or Ghost King Dusen and Blacksnake Demon God would rush out at any time.

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