Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 426

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 426: The battle between snake and ghost

From the sky, snake-like lightning began to fall accompanied by ear deafening thunders.

The time and space gate above the cloud became clearer and clearer, and that snake phantom also became even clearer. It roared and twisted around, wanting to rush out of this time and space gate. In addition, the pressure also became heavier.

On the square, now, it was even more chaotic and bloody.

Upon hearing the news, even more disciples and guards rushed over and joined this chaotic war. Those loyal to Great Elder and Mei Chuanfeng killed each other in this battle.

Blacksnake Clan had always been very ambitious and their means were very cruel. They had already been looking forward to dipping their finger in other sea areas and even the mainland, so how could the weak patriarch with qi deviation lead the clan to the glory? Although Great Elder was outstanding, he had always been very loyal to the patriarch and had an obstinate attitude towards the matter of clan expansion. Thus, many disciples and elites had already been dissatisfied with him in their heart. Moreover, there were several elders that complained a lot, merely, they didn’t dare to make any actual moves. In such a circumstance, very ambitious Mei Chuanfeng with the support of Ghost King Dusen broke this delicate balance and the internal strife exploded out of hand.

Slowly, along with more and more clan disciples and guards joining the rebel group, the rebel group gradually occupied the advantageous position, killing the troops loyal to Great Elder everywhere. Anxious Mei Chuanfeng was very excited to see this unexpected advantage and he hoped to achieve victory before Ghost King Dusen would make a move.

“Withdraw, Great Elder has ordered, immediately flee from Blacksnake Residence and raid again in the future choosing the optimum time!”

The Third Elder of Blacksnake Clan anxiously ordered, and under the protection of his bodyguards, he hastily withdrew. Even though the sword of White Dragon Sage had stabbed through him, Great Elder still hadn’t died. He was being carried away by Third Elder. And looking carefully, one could see that Third Elder was injecting his vitality into Great Elder while fighting to help Great Elder continue to hold on to that last breath.

Since patriarch had already died under the scheme of Mei Chuanfeng, now, Great Elder absolutely cannot die! For the clan disciples and guards that were loyal to Great Elder, Great Elder was their support. If he fell, then everything will collapse.

“Hahahaha, chase, kill them all, leave none behind!”

Mei Chuanfeng ordered and looking at hastily retreating Third Elder’s group, he roared with laughter and was endlessly excited. “From now on, I, Mei Chuanfeng, am the true patriarch, submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish. Third Elder, be sensible and quickly kneel down to surrender, otherwise, you are dead. Your disciples, your wife and children and everyone related to you will be killed on the spot, hahahaha……”

After plotting for a long time, the throne of patriarch was finally within his sight, so Mei Chuanfeng couldn’t help roaring with laughter. And although the phantom of Blacksnake Demon God was condensing more and more in the sky along with lightning and thunder, and everyone was frightened, he nevertheless was fearless. He just chased and killed the remnants who were loyal to Great Elder. As for everything else, he left them to Ghost King Dusen.

Honglong, after another thunder, countless snake like lightning exploded above everyone. Many people fled everywhere to hide, and some fell to the ground. Now, looking up, one could see a huge snakehead above the cloud layer. That terrifying Blacksnake Demon God had finally crossed the time and space gate, arriving at this island. It emitted such a powerful pressure that even peak Daoist Master realm experts were terrified.

“Retreat, cancel the action, immediately retreat to the sea dragon boat, quick!”

Ye Chuan commanded loudly. Seeing that ferocious snakehead in the sky, his heart was also in jitters.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect became nervous and they immediately flew away stepping on their flying sword, quickly leaving this bloody blacksnake square. The guards of Blacksnake Clan who didn’t have eyes rushed over to intercept, but they were instantly pierced by flying swords. Over hundred disciples of Cloud Mist Sect flew away together in low altitude after hearing the order of Ye Chuan. Behind, Ye Chuan however stood still, and after pondering for a little while, he retreated to the edge of this square and hid in one secret corner to watch the changes.

He had made Zhu Sijia and others to retreated hastily in order to avoid unnecessary casualties, but they had yet to rescue their target and Mei Chuanfeng was also not dead, in addition, he still wasn’t completely sure of the identity of this Blacksnake Demon God, so how could he leave so easily?

“Your Excellency, I will leave behind to watch the circumstance, you can retreat first!”

Plague Archfiend Abasi said. At this moment, he, Little Long’er and Old Demon of Mount Yin were closely following Ye Chuan. In the distance, they could vaguely sense the aura of puppet doll Hei Kui together with 8,000 virgin boys and virgin girls, they also hadn’t retreated yet.

“No, there is something I have to confirm myself in person. Little Long’er, you go and inform Hei Kui that he doesn’t need to stay here any longer, go quickly!” Ye Chuan ordered and sent Little Long’er away.

Now, blacksnake square was far more dangerous, although Little Long’er was innately had a doughty body, his cultivation was not sufficient. Compared to Old Demon of Mount Yin and Plague Archfiend Abasi, it was far more dangerous for him to stay here.

“Yes, big brother Ye Chuan, you also be careful!”

Little Long’er accepted the order and transforming into a demonic dragon, he flew away to join puppet doll Hei Kui. Now, beside Ye Chuan, only Old Demon of Mount Yin and Plague Archfiend Abasi were left and they were also the two followers with the highest cultivation.

The chaos was going on, Mei Chuanfeng madly chased after the group of Third Elder with his rebel forces, and the more pressing the situation, the more violent his attacks became. When his excitement rose to the extreme point, he began to kill everyone he saw. Even merchants and overseas loose cultivators who were just watching the battle were killed on the spot while roaring with laughter. Now, he resembled great devil who killed everywhere.

Mei Chuanfeng was endlessly excited while roaring with laughter. But, Ghost King Dusen who was standing on the roof however was solemn and his complexion was all the more stretched taut.

And a drop of sweat flowed down from the face of this Sage realm expert.

The greater part of the aura emitted by Blacksnake Demon God that had come out from time and space gate was pressuring Ghost King Dusen. This Ghost King Dusen who had remained invincible after waking up in the bamboo forest of Cyan Sand Island finally met a powerful opponent!

Crackle, a large number of snake-like lightning descended from the sky.

Many people who were still fleeing on the square were terrified, then, their entire body was electrocuted and they collapsed on the ground. From ordinary warriors to Daoist Master realm expert, anyone who was hit by this lightning strike was killed.

Mei Chuanfeng who was killing freely while laughing trembled and looking up at the time and space gate in the sky, he finally reacted. Then, under the protection of his personal guards, he hastily retreated. But, before he could leave this bloody square, a strange sound came from the sky, it appeared as if that huge blacksnake was roaring angrily and struggling to completely break out of that time and space gate. After that terrifying head had already arrived, now its huge body was coming, and at this moment, more than half of his more than thousand meters long body had already come out.

“What Blacksnake Demon God, it’s just a snake, see how this lordship will kill you!”

Ghost King Dusen suddenly held his head high and uttered a long, loud cry, then flying over, he took the initiative to attack ferociously. Now, the battle between Sage realm experts appeared in front of everyone.

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