Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 425

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 425: Internal strife

The sudden change stunned everyone on the altar.

The square also suddenly became quiet. The eyes of everyone were fixed on Mei Chuanfeng. Now, this profligate noble son had truly become the focus of everyone.

No one had thought that this Mei Chuanfeng would actually revolt at this critical moment. In addition, beyond the imagination of everyone, he had actually already killed the real patriarch and wore his skin mask to disguise as the Patriarch and openly ascend the altar, and when the guard of Great Elder was lowered, he unleashed a fatal move.

Above and below the altar, everyone was endlessly shocked. White Dragon Sage who had rushed over with dense killing intent was also similarly shocked and paused on his steps.

“Mei…… Chuan…… feng, you traitor, I will kill you!”

Great Elder was very angry, he stepped forward and attacked Mei Chuanfeng wanting to break his skull, the result, before he could make a move, he felt pain from his wound, he was unable to stand stably and he vomited a mouthful of blood. This blood was black in color and had a pungent smell. The dagger of Mei Chuanfeng was not only sharp but was also smeared with deadly poison!

“Hahaha, old patriarch was an ill ghost, he delayed many important matters of the clan, and since you are following such an ill ghost, Great Elder, you should die too, accept your fate.”

Mei Chuanfeng rushed over and ferociously stabbed Great Elder again, once, twice…, in one breath, he stabbed Great Elder about a dozen times and laughed, “Hahaha, old bastard, drop dead, drop dead! I, Mei Chuanfeng, am the real patriarch now, and only under my lead, our clan will reach the new heights, submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish, hahahaha……”

Mei Chuanfeng roared in laughter and ferociously attacked Great Elder without giving any chance.

Comparing their cultivation base, there was a huge gap between him and Half-Sage realm Great Elder, but after he stabbed Great Elder with a poisoned dagger from behind, Great Elder suffered a heavy injury and Great Elder was unable to match him.

“Protect the Great Elder!”

“Brothers, come, kill Mei Chuanfeng, this traitor!”

The trusted subordinates of Great Elder finally reacted and pulled out their sword simultaneously, but before they could rush up, their partners beside them stabbed them with a sword.

Mei Chuanfeng had already been preparing for a long time and had already bought supports as well as secretly won over many experts of the clan. In addition, he had secretly arranged the experts on his side to make an ambush.

Now, Blacksnake Clan that dominated East Sea welcomed bloody internal strife. All the disciples and guards that were loyal to Great Elder and the rebel forces on the side of Mei Chuanfeng begun to kill each other. And this blacksnake square crowded with people quickly fell into chaos.

“Mei…… Chuan…… feng, do you think you can kill me with only this?”

Great Elder who had suffered a heavy injury finally calmed down. Now, although he had been stabbed more than a dozen times and he was bleeding like a pig, he unexpectedly was still standing tall and ferociously counter attacking Mei Chuanfeng, a gloomy snake phantom again appeared behind him. Then, when took a step forward and was about to use his deadly move to kill the traitor Mei Chuanfeng, he felt pain again and his entire body shook. He looked down and saw a sharp sword had pierced through him from behind and he could see the sword tip on his chest.

Under great fury, Great Elder couldn’t wait to kill Mei Chuanfeng and for a moment, he forgot that White Dragon Sage was standing behind him.

The sword of White Dragon Sage was not coated with deadly poison, but his cultivation was far higher than Mei Chuanfeng, thus, this sword stab thoroughly cut off the vitality of Great Elder. In addition, White Dragon Sage had used his energy on the sword, as a result, the internal organs of Great Elder were turned into minced meat with his sword qi.

“No……, Big brother……”

On the altar, a figure rushed up. And among the two poisonous arm-thick snakes entangled around his body, one flew towards White Dragon Sage and the other changed towards Mei Chuanfeng.

Third Elder who was doing his utmost to chant sutra to summon Blacksnake Demon God finally reacted and unleashed his killer move.

Among the five elders of Blacksnake Clan, Second Elder, Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder silently stood in the neutral position, but they were already bought by Mei Chuanfeng in secret. Only Third Elder had always been completely loyal to Great Elder. In this sacrifice ceremony, he was also the one who exerted the most effort at the critical moment. And after being shocked for a moment, he dashed ahead regardless of his safety and attacked with all his strength, wanting to kill both White Dragon Sage and Mei Chuanfeng. But, at the same time, a group of elite experts jumped over the altar and stood in front of Mei Chuanfeng, protecting the latter to retreat. In addition, they joined hand to stop the attack of Third Elder.

Now, above the altar, there was foul wind and rain of blood, and below the altar, there was also glint and flash of daggers and swords. It was chaos everywhere and people were running around everywhere in a panic. Only a group of people was standing still, bidding for their time. Not only they didn’t run away everywhere, instead, they gathered together, but they were wearing different kinds of dresses. Some were wearing the dress of overseas loose cultivators, some were wearing the standard armor of Blacksnake Clan’s guards and there were also some who were wearing the dress of the elite disciples of Blacksnake Clan.

“Kakaka, Your Excellency, should we attack now?”

Old Demon of Mount Yin and others had already gathered behind Ye Chuan at an unknown time, and looking at this bloody battlefield, Old Demon of Mount Yin couldn’t control himself and was ready to make a move. He was dying to immediately rush over and kill all around.

Since Mei Chuanfeng had truly made a move and suddenly started the bloody rebellion, for Ye Chuan and others, this was a very rare golden opportunity!

“No, let’s wait a bit more.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and calmly watched the changes.

Mei Chuanfeng had started the rebellion as scheduled and White Dragon Sage had also appeared. Now, Blacksnake Clan was in chaos and this sacrifice ceremony was also forcibly interrupted. But, for Ye Chuan, the time to make a move still hadn’t arrived. He was waiting for one person, Ghost King Dusen.

Blacksnake Clan had many experts, whether they were loyal to Great Elder or the rebel forces of Mei Chuanfeng, all of them were powerful. But, the one who truly made Ye Chuan have misgivings was none other than Ghost King Dusen with heaven-defying cultivation. Attacking Ghost King Dusen, this heaven-defying evil spirit, without careful consideration was very troublesome.

In the midst of this battlefield, Ye Chuan was calmly considering everything. He was spreading out his divine sense to look for the whereabouts of Ghost King Dusen. And after a little while, he found his target.

On the roof of a palace not far away from this square, Ghost King Dusen was standing still wearing Ghost King Cloak. He was indifferently looking at the chaos in the square. Even when Mei Chuanfeng was almost crushed repeatedly by Third Elder, he remained indifferent. It appeared as if he was an unconcerned party here, but sensing him carefully, Ye Chuan sweated profusely.

At an unknown time, the energy fluctuation of Ghost King Dusen had risen to the extreme, and he was contending against the pressure descending from heaven. And in the sky, a roar that could terrify people was coming from the time and space gate, in addition, the snake phantom was getting more and more solid, and it was glaring at Ghost King Dusen who was standing at the roof as if it wanted to dive down straight to him. The pressure was coming down in torrents, and Ghost King Dusen with the highest cultivation base was bearing the brunt of it!

Not good, this so-called Blacksnake Demon God is still being summoned!

Ye Chuan was very nervous in his heart.

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