Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 424

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 424: I am the patriarch

On the blacksnake square, the bells were still ringing and the atmosphere of the sacrifice ceremony was getting more and more lively.

The final moment was coming very soon!

Each and every one of the disciples and guards of Blacksnake Clan was excited. The patriarch and elders of Blacksnake Clan that were sitting cross-legged on the altar looked even more radiant. Although they were physically exhausted and they had spent a large amount of their vitality, their spirit was renewed and excited as they loudly chanted the last segment of the sutra.

The altar made up with crystal stones emitted a cyan light, and slowly, these cyan lights gathered together and formed a huge cyan light beam, soaring towards the skies. The dark clouds in the sky seethed more violently and at the end of this cyan light beam, a huge time and space door appeared indistinctly and a majestic and violent aura of the world beyond the highest heaven descended from the heaven which was accompanied by a hint of roars. In addition, an invisible but powerful pressure that blotted out the sky and covered the earth flooded downward. On the square, regardless of common disciples or Half-Sage realm experts, all simultaneously felt an innate pressure. And looking carefully, one could see a vague snake phantom behind the time and space door which was roaring angrily wanting to rush out.

The legendary Blacksnake Demon God was about to befall.

The guards around the altar suddenly retreated like a tidal wave and drove the on-looking spectators away, opening a large empty area. Then, under the escort of guards, many virgin boys and virgin girls walked over, offering the most valuable tributes. After that, over hundred bare-back guards stepped forwardly bravely. All of them were fierce and tall holding a heavy and sharp sword. They could cut off the head of many children with one slash of this sword. The children were terrified, but they had nowhere to escape, and the guards pushed them forward.

The on-looking crowd made commotion upon seeing this.

“Heavens, 8,000 virgin girls and virgin boys, did they seriously lost their mind?”

“What Blacksnake Demon God, this is clearly an evil great devil of the world beyond the highest heaven! Beheading 8,000 virgin girls and virgin boys, would these fellows of Blacksnake Clan truly able to wash their hand clean?”

The on-looking people could no longer keep their calm, they became restless as all kinds of remarks flew everywhere. But, they were just moving their mouth, no one dared to step forward to stop this. A small number of hotheaded experts rushed up, but they were immediately hacked to death by the disciples and guards of Blacksnake Clan.

The whimper of children, the screams of on-lookers, the angry shout of guards and the sounds of fighting……, all mixed together as the square fell into chaos. But, the heartless elders and patriarch of Blacksnake Clan sitting on the altar were unaffected, they continued to chant the remaining segment and their voice became louder and louder. As for that time and space gate and blacksnake phantom, they became clearer and clearer and the aura of the world beyond the highest heaven became even stronger.

A hint of ice-cold sword light suddenly streaked across the sky at that moment.

Then, a cold voice coming from far away surpassed the noise of the square, “Blacksnake Clan, you all should be killed!”

A tall white-robed man rushed straight towards the elders of Blacksnake Clan on the altar. His white-robed was blood-stained and he was holding a sharp sword. One man and one sword initiated an attack at Blacksnake Clan full of experts.

White Dragon Sage who had left without bidding farewell from sea dragon boat stepped forward bravely at the final moment of this sacrifice ceremony, wanting to kill the elders of Blacksnake Clan on the altar.

Many disciples and guards of Blacksnake Clan rushed up, but not a single one could obstruct his step. Either their chest or glabella was pierced by the sharp sword in the hand of White Dragon Sage. This White Dragon Sage who was prepared to die was unstoppable and his momentum was even stronger than a first-class assassin!

From the moment he left the sea dragon boat, White Dragon Sage didn’t expect to return alive. As long as he could save his wife Chu Hongniang and his daughter, he was willing to die the cruelest death.

The power of a Half-Sage realm expert was already astonishing, but when they didn’t care about their life and death, Half-Sage realm expert was even more heaven-defying. Unless an expert who was on the same level as Ghost King Dusen came out, no one could stop him, and anyone trying to stop him was just courting death!

An ice-cold sword light illuminated the sky and sword qi swept through the square, causing blood to splatter everywhere. All the experts and guards of Blacksnake Clan fell as White Dragon Sage broke through the layer upon layer of obstruction. Finally, he jumped onto the altar and stabbed his swords towards the Great Elder of Blacksnake Clan.

“Bai Rulong, others fear you but this lordship is not afraid of you! Dare to make trouble here, do you truly think that you are invincible?”

The eyes of Great Elder shone with a pallid light, and a snake phantom appeared behind him which rushed towards White Dragon Sage.

But, White Dragon Sage was still indifferent, he just raised the sword in his hand and then chopped down.

The snake phantom was cut into two half, but at the same time, White Dragon Sage shook and his complexion sunk as he was poisoned by this snake phantom.


White Dragon Sage coldly spat out this word and continued to rush towards this Great Elder as he thrust his sword straight towards the latter’s chest.

The poison of that snake was very powerful, in an instant, the poison had already spread to his internal organs, making his entire body black. If average people was in his current position, then they would have hastily retreated, very anxious to detoxify this poison. But, White Dragon Sage completely ignored it. He had long been prepared to die the cruelest death, what could this small amount of poison count as?

“Bai Rulong, are you crazy?”

Great Elder was unable to remain calm, he quickly stood up and looked solemn. He was even somewhat pale and afraid.

Although his cultivation was much stronger than White Dragon Sage, when all was said and done, he had yet to truly breakthrough to Sage realm. Moreover, at this moment, Bai Rulong didn’t care about life and death, so he was unable to have any advantage and might even die under Bai Rulong’s sword if he was even a bit careless!

Sacrifice ceremony was ongoing and was at the critical moment, so Great Elder truly was honestly unwilling to stand up to deliberately complicate the issue, but since White Dragon Sage was bearing down menacingly, he could no longer sit down on the ground and was forced to stand up to meet the enemy.

“Great Elder, I am coming to help you!”

Patriarch with sallow complexion also stood up and rushed over with a sharp dagger in his hand.

“Thank you, patriarch, let’s cooperate to kill him!”

Great Elder relaxed inwardly, then holding a snake-like cane in his hand, when he was just about to stop the sharp sword of White Dragon Sage, he suddenly felt pain on his chest and the energy he had been gathering within his body for a long time dispersed.

The dagger in the hand of the patriarch had ruthlessly stabbed Great Elder and had just happened to pierce the heart of the latter from behind.

“You……, Your Excellency the Patriarch, you……”

Great Elder turned around with great difficulty and seeing the culprit was Patriarch, he looked as if he couldn’t believe what he had seen and confused. The other elders on the altar stopped chanting upon seeing this and they also looked shocked and confused.

“Hahaha, Great Elder, open your dog eyes and see who I am, hahaha……”

The patriarch roared with laughter, then reaching out his hand to his face, he suddenly tore off an extremely thin skin, revealing a handsome young face. He was none other than Mei Chuanfeng.

“Boy, it’s you……, Patriarch, he……” Great Elder swayed and nearly fell to the ground.

“I threw him into the snake den to feed snakes, from this day onward, I, Mei Chuanfeng, am the true patriarch, hahaha……”

Mei Chuanfeng roared with laughter. As he was able to personally inflict a serious injury to the Great Elder and everything had gone according to his plan, Mei Chuanfeng was extremely excited. He had been waiting for this day for a very long time.

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