Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 423

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 423: This doll is somewhat strange

On the vast blacksnake square, sacrifice ceremony had begun in full swing. And in a secret corner of Blacksnake Villa, a group of guards was busily passing in and out of a small house.

Useless junks were piled up around this small house and it was old and worn out. At normal times, even servants didn’t come here, so this place was full of cobwebs. But, little did anyone know that there was a completely different world inside this house, and there was a huge underground space below this house. Inside that huge underground space, people were imprisoned, and all of them were children who were less than seven years old. The hands and legs of all these children were tied up and their mouth was stuffed with clothes or towel making them unable to cry for help.

The guards were going in and out of this house, among them, some were bringing out virgin boys and virgin girls, some were occupied with handing over procedure, and some were busy with counting and selecting carefully.

The virgin girls and virgin boys that are to be sacrificed, not only had a quantitative requirement, but also had high quality requirement. They shouldn’t be more than seven years old, they should look good appearance-wise, moreover, they should also be healthy without any illness. And since the sacrifice ceremony had already started, 8,000 virgin boys and virgin girls should be offered very soon. The guards were very busy and their face was already streaming with sweats, carefully examining and selecting these virgin boys and virgin girls kidnapped from various regions. Although the mouth of these children was blocked with a piece of cloth, children were whimpering. Every one of them was terrified and tears were streaming down their cheeks.

“This one won’t do, why did those fellows send over a kid without one eye? Drag this kid out!”

“This one also won’t do, his chest has such a big scar, offering such a child, it will surely incur the wrath of Great Demon God, drag him out too!”


A big bearded man who seemed to be the captain personally examined the group of virgin girls and virgin boys and often roared loudly. He had a commanding presence just like a fierce tiger that was about to eat a person. All guards were blindly subservient to him. They didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of defiance and dissatisfaction. As for those kidnapped children, they became even more terrified and all became paler as they trembled.

“Trash, all are useless trash, after going out to the sea for that long, the brought back this kind of trash, all of them were cultivated in vain by the clan. It seems no one will truly do the job with diligence unless several heads are rolled……”

The big bearded man grumbled and swore as he squatted down to examine the next child. He directly stretched his hand inside the cloth of the other party to examine whether this child had some wounds and also to examine whether his skeleton had developed abnormally.

This was a routine inspection, but this big bearded man was dumbfounded all of a sudden as he felt a strange sensation from his palm. This child was ice-cold, and more importantly, he couldn’t feel the heartbeat of this child as if this child was dead.

“Damn it, they even brought back the dead to make up the number, which fellow brought back this kid?”

This big bearded man was furious and with his killing intent soaring, he was about to flip out.

Sacrifice ceremony was already reaching the end, and he had to deliver 8,000 virgin boys and virgin girls now, but there was a dead among the children, if he delivers an already dead kid to offer as the sacrifice, then wasn’t that blaspheming the Demon God? Moreover, wasn’t that courting death?

“Captain, he isn’t dead, eyes…., his eyes are still moving!”

A follower standing behind this big bearded man whispered, providing an explanation. At this moment, he was so nervous that he was sweating profusely.

The big bearded man was dumbfounded again, and carefully examined again. The eyes of this child were truly moving and even appeared as if he was smiling.

No, this is just an illusion!

The big bearded man shook his head and carefully examined again. This child was still smiling and appeared as if he was laughing silently. But, from his palm that was pressed against the chest of this child, he was still feeling just ice-cold and there was no body warmth and heartbeat.

This child is abnormal, something is wrong!

The big bearded man shivered. This strange situation and this strange smile greatly frightened him. Moreover, he vaguely felt as if he was hearing an indistinct laughing voice of this child.

“Guards, guards, throw this child out!”

This big bearded man hastily retracted his hand and loudly gave orders. It was clear that he could easily swat this strange child to death, but for an unknown reason, he felt fear from the bottom of his heart and he didn’t dare to make a move.

“Captain, is this the child?”

A slightly hoarse voice came from behind this big bearded man, then a hand stretched out in front of him. That had was grabbing a disheveled hair and under this disheveled hair was a bloody head. This was clearly the head of a middle-aged person. His face was twisted in fear. It was unknown what kind of terrifying matter he saw before he died. The big bearded man immediately recognized that this head belonged to that follower who was standing behind him.

Since that close follower had died, then who was standing behind him at this moment?

The big bearded man trembled and his teeth chattered.

Now, there was this strange child in front of him and there was a mysterious person standing behind him. His close follower who had followed him for many years was killed less than one meter behind him and his head was brought in front of him, still, he actually couldn’t hear any strange noise. Now, was the person standing behind him a ghost?

This big bearded man who acted like a tyrant in former days was trembling and didn’t dare to make any rash movement. He didn’t even dare to turn around to take a look at the circumstance behind him. He could only pray in his heart for other guards to notice this circumstance and rush over to rescue him. Unfortunately, this sole hope was also extinguished quickly. Heavy footsteps came from behind him, then a corpse was thrown in front of him, then second, third……

Now, 18 corpses were neatly piled up in front of this old bearded man. All the guards inside and outside of this small house had already become a corpse. The only survivor was this big bearded man.

“Your Excellency Rhodes, we luckily didn’t fail the mission, everything is resolved.”

A disciple of Cloud Mist Sect walked over and respectfully reported.

“Kakaka, good, well done.”

The slightly hoarse voice resounded behind big bearded man again, “Take action according to the plan after changing into the uniform of these guards, and quickly move out, it’s almost time.”


The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect quickly changed their clothing, disguising themselves into the guards of Blacksnake Clan. And seeing about a dozen quick and fierce experts with powerful energy fluctuation, ice-cold eyes as if a pair of blades, this old bearded man knew that they were veterans who killed people without batting an eyelid. His heart suddenly jumped ferociously and he even more didn’t dare to move and shivered even more violently.

“Ai, you all want to enter the stage, but what about me? In any case, I am also a Daoist Master realm expert and a lot older than you all, how can I only watch you all taking action?”

A faint voice came. It was even hoarser than the voice of Old Demon of Mount Yin.

The small child rolling on the ground who clearly didn’t have any body temperature and heartbeat stood up as he spoke. Now, he had a sharp dagger in his hand and he was making a gesture of cutting as he faintly said, “Your Excellency Rhodes, you say, how should we kill this man? Should we cut his throat or dig out his heart to serve it with wine?”

The puppet doll had a smile on its face. It looked delicate and cute, but the words it said could frighten people to death.

After Ye Chuan had Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and so on experts, he had come out to take action after a long time. He had been staying inside the space of Cyan Lotus Lamp with nothing to do. Thus, since he had a chance to come out again, he was very excited and his eyes were shining like a great devil. He didn’t resemble a small child at all.

“No……, don’t kill me, no……”

This big bearded man was scared out of wits, and he turned around wanting to run away, but his legs softened, and he fell down stumbling on something on the ground. Then, when he looked up, the tip of his nose just happened to hit the dagger in the hand of puppet doll Hei Kui, and seeing this smiling strange child, he was so scared that he nearly lost his consciousness.

“Not killing you is also fine, but when someone comes to transmit orders, what should you do, this lordship doesn’t need to tell you, right?”

Old Demon of Mount Yin squatted down and laugher as a vine sprang out from his palm and wandered about the body of this big bearded man. At this moment, this pitiful big bearded man could clearly see the appearance of Old Demon of Mount Yin who had been standing behind him, and then, with a ghastly pale face, he continuously nodded his head.

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