Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 422

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 422: Sacrifice ceremony

The time quickly passed and the sacrifice ceremony of Blacksnake Clan was held as scheduled.

Now, it was night, but the entire Blacksnake Residence was brightly lit. People were hitting on the streets to celebrate this grand day. On the blacksnake square, there were even more people, it was crowded with the disciples of Blacksnake Clan, natives of the island and merchants and overseas loose cultivators that had come from all places to bursting point.

In the middle of this square, there was a towering platform, or it could be called an altar.

This altar was completely made up of large pieces of crystal stone plates and there were ancient runes carved on it. Around this altar, spiritual qi was very dense and a majestic energy fluctuation was rippling in the air, clearly, there was layer upon layer of restrictions. Moreover, groups of elite disciples of Blacksnake Clan holding sharp swords were guarding around this altar. And not far away, there was the biggest battalion of blacksnake legion. The soldiers were wearing armor from head to toe and they were prepared to set out at any time, taking strict precautions against people making the disturbance.

After the night arrived, more and more people rushed towards this square to take a look at this sacrifice ceremony. And since there were many merchants and oversea loose cultivators that came from all corners of the seas, there were many unfamiliar faces and it was impossible to examine their background one by one.

A melodious sound of bells resounded throughout the entire island.

A large group of Blacksnake Clan disciples rushed out uniformly and strengthen the defense around the square. At first glance, along with those guards, there were at least several tens of thousands of elites maintaining order in this site. With sacrifice ceremony about to begin, people were restless and they compete with each other to squeeze to the front, but no one dare to touch the security line drawn by the disciples of Blacksnake Clan. Behind the security line, the disciples of Blacksnake Clan were standing as if they were some kind of devotees, and the consequences of touching the security line was kill without any pardon.

After the thirteenth sound of bell, a group of servants entered in a single file, carrying all kinds of tributes. There were all kinds of fresh fruits, exotic delicacies and also all kind of worldly treasures and techniques. In an instant, the treasures made this altar resplendent. But, servants were still coming in an endless stream, carrying a treasure. Below the altar, exclaim could be heard repeatedly, and the eyes of everyone was burning hot. Unfortunately, no one dared to have any thoughts about the treasure on the altar.

AS the overlord of East Sea, Blacksnake Clan was a big tree with deep roots. For thousands of years, they had plundered unknown numbers of worldly treasures, and now, all of them were before the eyes of everyone, moreover, all of them were the best stuff. In order to hold this sacrifice ceremony, Blacksnake Clan had taken out their treasures in succession.

After 9,981st sound of bells, the big shots of Blacksnake Clan finally took the stage.

The first one to enter was patriarch who was said to be bedridden because of qi deviation ten years ago. Although he had a commanding presence, his complexion was sallow and his eyes didn’t have any spirit, it truly appeared as if he was not in a good condition. On the other hand, Great Elder of Blacksnake Clan who was following closely behind the patriarch made people filled with deep veneration.

Looking from far away, Great Elder of Blacksnake Clan with white beard looked old, but his stature was tall and his body was still robust. He had a square face, hawk nose and looked angry and mighty. He was wearing a battle robe of Blacksnake Clan which had a lifelike black snake embroidered on it that appeared as if it would jump out of his robe at any time. Just looking at him, people would feel fear. As for his power, he was clearly more powerful than the patriarch who had sallow complexion. According to rumor, he had already reached Half-Sage realm more than one hundred years ago. Some people even said that he had already broken through to Sage realm in secret, but it was unknown whether this information was true or false.

After another melodious sound of bells, the patriarch and elders of Blacksnake Clan sat down cross-legged on the altar, then, while injected their energy into this altar, they loudly chanted the sutra pass down within their clan from generation to generation, starting this sacrifice ceremony. According to the legend, after chanting this sutra, they should bring out 8,000 virgin boys and virgin girls, and then they will be able to summon the guardian of Blacksnake Clan, Blacksnake Demon God.

For thousands of years, Blacksnake Clan had already vanquished all powerful opponents to become the sole overlord of East Sea. However, patriarch and elders weren’t satisfied with just this, they were very ambitious. They yearned to conquer other sea areas to become the sole overlord of the four seas. This time, they wanted to summon Blacksnake Demon God to promote their clan’s prestige, and request Blacksnake Demon God to use his great technique to raise the cultivation of their clan’s experts. Of course, their request also includes helping patriarch cure his injuries caused by qi deviation.

The sound of chanting sutra reverberated in the ears of everyone, and slowly, the wind and clouds in the sky above the altar changed. The sky was clear just a moment ago, but now, dark clouds suddenly appeared, and this layer upon layer of dark clouds seethed as a violent energy fluctuation descended from the sky. It vaguely appeared as if a time and space passage leading to the world beyond the highest heaven was opening.

The on-looking crowd made noise again and they looked somewhat terrified.

In Wilderness World, there were dwellings and paths left behind by the experts who had proceeded to the world beyond the highest heaven. According to the rumor, there were even some experts that came from the world beyond the highest heaven that were still alive, hiding in some corners of Wilderness World. People already know this rumor, but the rumor was just rumor, no one could confirm whether that was true or false, but seeing the arrival of the expert of the world beyond the highest heaven with their own eyes was completely different. Who knows, after this so-called Blacksnake Demon God arrive here, what would he do?

In the crowd, the disguised disciples of Cloud Mist Sect felt uneasy and their complexion stretched taut.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, it is nearly time, should we…….” Zhu SIjia secretly made a sign to make a move, and seeing that time and space passage above the altar was becoming clearer and clearer, she also couldn’t help getting nervous.

“No, don’t be impatient, there is someone else who is more anxious than us.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and calmly waited patiently.

Mei Chuanfeng was very hateful and he would definitely kill him someday, but, this fellow was very ambitious, he longed to ascend to the throne of patriarch day and night, thus, with Ghost King Dusen behind him to help, he would certainly not miss this chance. Sabotaging this sacrifice ceremony was the common goal of both Ye Chuan and Mei Chuanfeng, and he would make full use of it.

In order to summon Blacksnake Demon God, the patriarch and elders above the altar were willing to spend a large amount of vitality, slowly, all of them began to sweat profusely. And when all of them were exhausted, Mei Chuanfeng would definitely make a move. It was not too late for him to make a move taking advantage of that time.

Zhu Sijia suddenly felt the rune in her hand was trembling as she received a message from Old Demon of Mount Yin and then she said to Ye Chuan, “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, Rhodes reported that he has already found the place where those 8,000 virgin boys and virgin girls are imprisoned.”

“Good, tell Rhodes, don’t startle the snake by beating the grass, just move according to the plan.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and gave orders.

Just after he gave orders, merchants and overseas loose cultivators around him left group by group, spreading out to perform their respective task. On the surface, they were all dressed up as merchants or overseas loose cultivators, but they in fact were elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

Everything was ready, now, they just had to wait for Mei Chuanfeng to make a move.

Ye Chuan stayed calm and collected, leading everyone patiently while waiting for a favorable opportunity.

For this sacrifice ceremony, Blacksnake Clan had guarded heavily. It was very difficult for outsiders to sabotage this ceremony. They should break through at least three lines of defense to approach the altar where elders and others of Blacksnake Clan were sitting cross-legged. But, if Mei Chuanfeng, this traitor, made a move, then it was very easy to accomplish it.

Ye Chuan remained clan, but he was looking forward to Mei Chuanfeng making a move in his heart. He was also waiting to see his performance.

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