Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 421

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 421: The eve of war

Ye Chuan retracted the long whip shape tentacle and carefully observed it. As long as he circulated the tentacle talisman within his body, he could freely control this tentacle.

At first glance, this whip was basically the replica of that mysterious tentacle. It was similarly black and it similarly had sharp barb all over its tip. Lashing others with this whip, it would leave behind a deep bloody scar or even tear a large piece of flesh. But, sensing it carefully, it was also different from that mysterious tentacle to some extent. One could feel a vague domineering aura from it, but its energy wasn’t violent. And perhaps, because the tentacle talisman had just condensed, or perhaps, his own cultivation base was still low, its energy still wasn’t sufficiently strong,

Refining just a section of the tentacle was already so powerful, if he could kill that tentacle monster and seize its entire essence energy, then what kind of change would this tentacle talisman have?

Ye Chuan had a strong desire to try this and he had an impulse to explore that black sea domain of the world beyond the highest heaven once again, but, this was just a thought, it was not realistic to put this thought into action in a short time. Now, that tentacle monster might be waiting for him to deliver himself to its doorstep, so going to that black sea area once again might just junking into a trap.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, you… what realm did you breakthrough now?” Little Long’er asked, waking up Ye Chuan from his thoughts. Now, Little Long’er more and more unable to see through Ye Chuan.

In the past at Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, relying on his innate skill and doughty body, he was able to fight alongside Ye Chuan. Now, the gap was getting bigger and bigger.

Every time Ye Chuan condense a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman, not only the strength of Ye Chuan increase sharply, his cultivation would also advance by leaps and bounds, moreover, his body would also change qualitatively. And now, after condensing nine Heaven Swallowing Talismans, even when standing still, he made people feel a vague pressure. Little Long’er was especially sensitive to this kind of pressure. He felt as if Ye Chuan had transformed into a true demonic dragon.

“What do you think?”

Ye Chuan smiled, not answering directly.

“Broke through several levels, peak Daoist Master realm?” Little Long’er asked as sensing the energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan, Ye Chuan was already not any inferior to Sea Demon Patriarch and Old Demon of Mount Yin.

“Kakaka, in my opinion, Rank 7 Daoist Master realm.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin also joined the conversation. But even after sizing up Ye Chuan, he was also similarly unable to see through the cultivation of Ye Chuan. He was a peak Daoist Master realm expert, but even he was unable to see through Ye Chuan’s cultivation, this was unusual.

Zhu Sijia and others also looked over. A hint of confusion and surprise was flashing through their eyes as they were also similarly unable to see through Ye Chuan’s cultivation. Only Plague Archfiend Abasi raised his eyebrows as if he sensed something, but he said nothing.

“Jiajia, what do you think? What realm do you think I, your husband, have reached?” Ye Chuan looked at Zhu Sijia wearing a white robe and asked with a bad smile.

“In my opinion, you still have yet to reach peak Daoist Master realm, but you…., you should have reached at least Rank 7 Daoist Master realm. But……, but, who is your wife? Pah, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, you……” Zhu Sijia subconsciously answered, then, seeing that bad smile on the face of Ye Chuan, she suddenly realized, then pretending to be angry, she stamped her feet and adopt an attitude of scolding Ye Chuan with a red face.

“Hahaha, I am very regretful say that you all are wrong. This senior apprentice brother has just broken through to Rank 4 Daoist Master realm. Rhodes, come, let’s have a three hundred round battle and see whether my whip is more powerful or your vine is more powerful!” Ye Chuan laughed and jumped to one side, then suddenly taking out a whip-shaped tentacle, he called out Old Demon of Mount Yin.

After condensing tentacle talisman and breaking through to Rank 4 Daoist Master realm, he was itching to test the power of this talisman and see how different his current fighting power was.

This was a very important matter because the fierce battle was right around the corner. And before you understand your opponent, it was more important to know oneself in detail first. One should understand the limit of their endurance and power, like that, one could make a correct decision at the critical moment. Now, Nan Tiandu was not present, so he naturally chose Old Demon of Mount Yin to test his power. Although Plague Archfiend was more powerful, his cultivation was a little higher for the current Ye Chuan. First, it was more suitable to test his power against Old Demon of Mount Yin who was peak Daoist Master realm expert.

“Kakaka, okay, Your Excellency, be careful, here I come!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and rushed forward without any ceremony, then with a vine coming out of his palm, he initiated a fierce attack.

Ye Chuan circulated tentacle talisman within his body and along with a whistling sound, a whip-shaped tentacle swept horizontally, cutting off the vine in the palm of Old Demon of Mount Yin.


Old Demon of Mount Yin exclaimed and became serious. Now, he used 70% of his power, and pointing at the ground, soft shoots quickly appeared on the ground. Immediately after that, those soft shoots transformed into hundreds of thousands of vines and gushed towards Ye Chuan. Each vine was several times taller than an average human and they were swaying left and right like snakes.

But, Ye Chuan stood still and once again swung that whip tentacle horizontally. And wherever the whip tentacle goes, vines there were cut into pieces.

“Your Excellency, be careful, I am going all out.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin roared and no longer restrained himself. He used all his power to fight against Ye Chuan. But, Ye Chuan didn’t use Dragon Slaying Flying Sword or Iron Blooded Banner or so on treasures to fight, he didn’t even use his techniques, he just circulated tentacle talisman within his body, facing the challenge. The whip tentacle in his hand changed infinitely, he would easily make it short or long as he pleased, moreover, sometimes, he swept horizontally and sometimes, he made it stab straight forward like a javelin, in addition, sometimes, the whip tentacle would appear behind Old Demon of Mount Yin from underground and initiate an attack. Old Demon of Mount Yin was having a hard time dealing with this continuously changing whip tentacle attack as if it was his natural enemy.

The innate skill of Old Demon of Mount Yin was different from the common run. Fighting one on one and a frontal attack was not his strong point, this was exactly the opposite of Nan Tiandu. A surprise attack and crowd fight was his forte. After three hundred rounds, Ye Chuan occupied advantage, Old Demon of Mount Yin was unable to do anything to Ye Chuan. None of his vines was unable to reach Ye Chuan.

“Hahaha, well, so satisfying! Rhodes, try hard, otherwise, you will lose next time!”

Ye Chuan laughed and took the initiative to jump out of the battlefield. Then, sitting down cross-legged on the rock, he began cultivating.

As for Old Demon of Mount Yin, after the battle, he quickly understood the might of tentacle talisman and also understood his current strength.

“Mei Chuanfeng, be sure to always stay beside that Ghost King, otherwise, you will become a dead snake.”

Ye Chuan muttered and thinking of that overbearing Mei Chuanfeng who was bullying people by flaunting his powerful connection, he smiled coldly.

Even though Mei Chuanfeng was similarly peak Daoist Master ream expert, his fighting power was beneath Old Demon of Mount Yin. In a one on one fight or ambush, Ye Chuan was completely confident in killing this fellow! What was truly tricky was Ghost King Dusen and that so-called Blacksnake Archfiend. If Blacksnake Monarch, the formidable enemy of his previous life, truly arrive in Blacksnake Residence, then, his group was screwed, it was useless to even if they hid at the bottom of the sea!

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