Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 42

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 42: White Furred Pig

Immediately after leaving the valley where Ghost Market was located, Ye Chuan quickened his pace, hastily returning to Cloud Mist Sect. When he reached the sect, the sun had already set in the west.

“Fatty, don’t tell anything to anyone about those mysterious speeds, including Miss Jiajia.”

Ye Chuan warned fatty, then went up the mountain by himself. Behind, the sound of fatty agreeing came over.

Fatty was not stupid, on the contrary was very clever. He knew that these mysterious seeds they had accidentally obtained today were extraordinary. If other knew about them, then perhaps that might bring them great trouble.

Returning back to the Purple Cloud Courtyard, Ye Chuan quickly became busy. After pondering for a while, he decided to not plant these seeds in his courtyard, then went straight to Evil Dragon Abyss in the mountain behind, there he planted the remaining more than 10 seeds.

This cyan colored seeds made him think of a kind of tree which he had seen millions of years ago, merely he didn’t dare to confirm that’s all. But, the thing that was able to stir up Cyan Lotus Lamp was definitely a good thing.

The danger of Evil Dragon Abyss was unfathomable, no-one knows what kind of terrifying yao devil was hidden in the bottom of this Evil Dragon Abyss. The dangerous aura was growing with each passing day and dangerous ripples were also violent in the sky, but the heavenly spiritual qi was also especially dense in this place, and Yang Qi was also surging, so this place was richly endowed by nature place for some medicinal herbs, making them capable of giving birth to rare treasures.

After carefully looking all around, Ye Chuan circulated Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, then moving over hundred heavy boulders, he silently recited an incantation and arranged an ancient Stone Forest Formation to protect the just planted seeds.

In the eyes of mortals, this stone forest was merely a pile of rocks, and in the eyes of cultivators and yao beasts, they nevertheless were powerful formation of stones. Once they approach 3 meters inside, touching the formation, icy stones would shake and instantly change into terrifying stone puppets.

Moreover this mountain and Evil Dragon Abyss was Cloud Mist Sect’s forbidden area, so anybody couldn’t come here as they please. As a result the main objective of this Stone Forest Formation was to guard against the yao beast that might come here.

As long as heavenly spiritual qi give birth to a rare treasure, that would definitely attract many yao beasts, so in order to protect these mysterious seeds, Ye Chuan made an early preparation.

When he was at his peak and could conceal the heaven with his hand, arranging this Stone Forest Formation was merely as easy as lifting his finger, but now with this body, he had to spend no less than six hours to arrange it completely, which was still the simplest kind. Rank 6 Wuzhe, among the ordinary disciples, this kind of cultivation was counted as not low, but to display the real might of many martial techniques, one should at least have the cultivation of Xiushi realm.

Taking the closer look and confirming that there was no problem, Ye Chuan dragged his weary body back. Returning to Purple Cloud Courtyard, he sat cross-legged in the study and concentrated on cultivating. Silently reciting Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, pure heavenly spiritual qi continuously gathered in the sky, then seeping into his body, they slowly moistened and tempered his bones physique and internal organs.

Rank 6 Wuzhe tempers internal organs, and after breaking through to Rank 7 Wuzhe, they had to temper blood. After thoroughly tempering skin, flesh, tendon, bones, bone marrow, internal organs and blood once, their body will have a real transformation, stepping into Xiushi realm.

Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, he had obtained in God Burial Valley was really extraordinary, he had just cultivated for a while, and the internal organs of Ye Chuan already had a layer of gloss, and the blood in his body surged forward, indistinctly having the sign of breaking through to Rank 7 Wuzhe. Although his body was rapidly strengthening, but the injury in his spirit caused by the Yang Qi of Jin Zhikun however didn’t have much improvement.


Ye Chuan said word by word with ice-cold complexion.

Compared to silkpants Jin Hua and Advisor He Taixu, Jin Zhikun was undoubtedly more powerful, whether in cultivation or scheming. The later his retaliation, the more violent it would be, this absolutely wasn’t a small matter.

To deal with this kind of opponent, the method of Ye Chuan had always been to strike first and gain the upper hand, eliminating the threat and hidden trouble in advance. Unfortunately, with his current Rank 6 Wuzhe cultivation, killing Rank 7 Xiushi, Jin Zhikun who was about to breakthrough to Daoist Master realm, absolutely was a moth darting into a flame. If he breakthrough to Xiushi realm, then he might have a little bit of certainty.

Ye Chuan sighed and discarded the distracting thoughts, and gradually entering into the selfless realm, he continued to cultivate.

Early in the next morning, in the dawn, Ye Chuan hurriedly swept the courtyard, then went straight to the mountain behind. And arriving at Evil Dragon Abyss, he was greatly surprised.

In a night’s time, the planted mysterious seeds had germinated, changing into three feet tall sapling. And there was a faint fragrance in the air, which although average person might not be able to perceive, but yao beast with many times more sensitive senses could easily sense it. Inside the stone forest, the corpses of yao beast were lying in disorder. There were flying bird with pointed teeth sharp claw, numerous black snake and furthermore several ferocious two headed hounds. If there was no protection of stone forest, then even a small bits might not be left of these saplings.

“Good fragrance, in the end, what is this tree?”

Ye Chuan took a deep breath, inhaling the faint fragrance in the sky, then he felt very comfortable, and his spirit also unexpectedly started to stir up.

Looking at this three feet tall saplings which had changed from seeds in a single night’s time, Ye Chuan was amazed. He wondered whether this had happened because of the specific property of mysterious seeds themselves, or because of the richly endowed by nature condition of Evil Dragon Abyss. Looking all around for a while, he quickly sort out the corpses of yao beast inside the stone forest, then reinforced some damaged part of Stone Forest Formation. Then looking at the continuous rising and falling mountain range and ferocious Evil Dragon Abyss, he still was somewhat ill at ease, so he arranged a simple illusion formation over this Stone Forest Formation. After that, a white smoke concealed the stone forest, in order to avoid alarming the distant cultivators.

Now there were only five days left for the Great Competition of three large sects.

If he wished to cope with the challenges of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, then Ye Chuan must raise his cultivation and strength before the Great Competition, and the most important thing was to cure his heavily wounded spirit. He didn’t need to completely heal it, at least heal it enough to be able to command Golden Cicada King smoothly and easily. Once a spirit was injured, it had always been troublesome to heal it. Now Ye Chuan pinned his hopes in these mysterious saplings.

After strengthening the protection, Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the spot, and began cultivating beside Evil Dragon Abyss.

In the vicinity of Evil Dragon Abyss, there was dense Yang Qi, which was very beneficial for the recovery of the spirit. But wanting to rapidly restore back to his old state and even strengthen it, the Yang Qi undulating in the sky was far from enough.

Staying there till the stars appeared in the sky, Ye Chuan left this place and returned back to Purple Cloud Courtyard, and calmly cultivated. He had planned to go to Evil Dragon Abyss in the next morning, but before dawn when the sky was still dark, the space between his brows palpitate, and had a kind of feeling in his heart, then he immediately hurried over to Evil Dragon Abyss. When he was still far away, he heard roaring sound coming from the direction of the stone forest, and the cold wind brought over a dense fragrance. Quietly going over, Ye Chuan was greatly surprised once again.

In a night, the saplings had already changed into 1 meter tall trees, moreover it bore a greenish red colored fruit. This dense fragrance had come from this greenish red fruit, which was accompanied by pure spirit power fluctuation. Inside and outside of the stone forest, there were many corpses of yao beasts, and now bucket like thick nine headed snake and white colored small wild pig were in the process of fighting against each other for that fruit. Moreover the Stone Forest Formation was already broken open by force.

This wild pig was very small, it seems to have born just some time ago, was fat and tender, and looked very cute just like a small pet, but was unique and was very rarely seen in the back mountain. Although its size was small, but it actually dared to contend with huge and ferocious nine headed snake. It occasionally roared and its sound unexpectedly was just like that of dragon and tiger, clearly was also Wilderness mutated species.

“This is……, Qingyang fruit?”

Ye Chuan exclaimed, and sweeping past White Furred Pig and big snake, his gaze that were fixed at those greenish red fruit rapidly became scorching hot.

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