Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 419

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 419: Tentacle monster

The violent energy fluctuation gushed out via cyan small crystal man and got bigger and bigger.

This energy was too violent. Even with the experience and strength of Ye Chuan, he was slowly unable to suppress it. Injuries began to appear in his meridians and he began to bleed. And with him as the center, this violent energy fluctuation surged within a radius of ten meters, giving rise to a chaotic wind.

“What is going on?”

“This is……, the aura of the world beyond the highest heaven?”

In the temporary camp, all strong personnel rushed out. Zhu Sijia and others also rushed out in succession after noticing some difference. And immediately after rushing out, the complexion of Plague Archfiend Abasi changed as he noticed the aura that didn’t belong to Wilderness World and seeing the cyan small crystal man in the hand of Ye Chuan, he was shocked and gradually became solemn.

Zhu Sijia was worried, but although she had rushed out quickly, not only was she unable to go forward to help, instead, she was forced to retreat step by step.

The violent energy fluctuation around Ye Chuan still rose steadily, and in less than half an incense time, the area covered by this violent energy fluctuation rose from 10 meters to 100 meters. Now, the chaotic wind was like a sharp blade. It could cut everything into pieces. Old Demon of Mount Yin send out a vine towards Ye Chuan, the result, this vine was cut into pieces before it reached Ye Chuan and his complexion immediately became pale.

The complexion of Zhu Sijia, Little Long’er and others also instantly became pale and they were also terrified.

Even peak Daoist Master realm Old Demon of Mount Yin was unable to approach, who else can help Ye Chuan now?

The gaze of everyone turned to Plague Archfiend Abasi who had the highest cultivation in this group. The complexion of the latter was also stretched taut, but he didn’t rashly rush up. The higher the cultivation base, the more one could sense the danger of this aura of the world beyond the highest heaven. Among all the people present now, his was the one with the highest cultivation base, but in the world beyond the highest heaven, Half-Sage realm experts didn’t count as anything. There were many places they couldn’t go.

Whoosh, whoosh, the sound of wind resounded throughout the sky.

The air around Ye Chuan twisted as the fierce wind emitted ear-piercing sounds. It appeared as if the sky would tear apart forming a space rift. And with everybody watching, the energy fluctuation that was gushing out from the cyan small crystal man didn’t weaken, instead continued to rise, moreover, the rising speed was increasing rapidly.

Ye Chuan let out a muffled groan and a blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t stop, instead, he circulated eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body to max and removing all defense, he began to absorb this violent energy of the world beyond the highest heaven as if a whale swallowing water. Then, the qi cyclone within his dantian began to condense more and more and began to emit boundless energy. A new Heaven Swallowing Talisman was on the verge of forming.

Ye Chuan was already injured and was unable to suppress this violent energy fluctuation, but from the very beginning, he was very clear-headed. He knew what he was doing. On the eve of the big battle, he was determined to make a breakthrough in his cultivation.

Sinister and ruthless Mei Chuanfeng, Ghost King Dusen with heaven-defying cultivation and the formidable enemy who had trapped him in Ghost Burial Valley in his previous life, Blacksnake Monarch, they made Ye Chuan feel unprecedented pressure, forcing him to cultivate painstakingly and his desire for power became stronger like never before.

Facing very powerful enemies, one would either quietly wait to be crushed or cultivate painstakingly while taking on a big risk!

Ye Chuan had selected the second choice. If Blacksnake Monarch truly returned to Wilderness World, then he wouldn’t be able to run away even if he wanted, so unless he raised his strength and sabotaged the sacrifice ceremony of Blacksnake Clan, only death was his end fate.

Whoosh, whoosh, the area covered by the fierce wind increased to one kilometer.

The heartbeat of Zhu Sijia and others accelerated as they retreated far away in succession.

Meanwhile, at one corner of the world beyond the highest heaven where the spirit of Ye Chuan was located, an astonishing change appeared. This seemingly inexhaustible violent energy that existed from immemorial time flew towards Ye Chuan from all direction and became denser and denser. As for the pitch-black sea below, now, there were waves which were several meters tall, and these waves slammed against the rocks of the shore. In the end, along with a thunderous noise, after a 100 meters tall sea wave appeared, suddenly a black tentacle shot towards the spirit of Ye Chuan from below the sea surface. Then, more and more tentacles shot out as a huge tentacle monster was slowly surfacing from the bottom of the sea and the spirit of Ye Chuan was able to sense it.

It was not that this violent sea area didn’t truly have any life, rather it was very deep and even the divine sense of Ye Chuan was unable to sense the circumstance of the sea depth.

Cyan Lotus Lamp within the body of Ye Chuan suddenly pulsated and became hot like an iron that was heated until red.

The sudden appearance of these tentacles was beyond the expectation of Ye Chuan, but he could feel the strong sense of danger. Just the energy fluctuation dispersing in the air was already so dangerous, then what about the entire tentacle monster?

Without any hesitation, Ye Chuan subconsciously reversed his technique and his spirit retreated at the fastest speed from this terrifying sea area.

In haste, he didn’t even have time to carefully observe this tentacle monster that was surfacing from the bottom of the sea. He only swept it with his divine sense and the latter made him feel a strong sense of danger and he could guess that it might be stronger than Ghost King Dusen. If he was still Heaven Concealing Great Sage at this moment and encountered this kind of accident, then he would not have gotten shocked, instead, he would have been happy and carefully explore this place. But now, if his spirit didn’t escape, then it was just courting death!

An ear piercing sounds came as the huge tentacle monster accelerated to surface, moreover, hundreds of thousands of tentacles shot towards Ye Chuan at lightning speed.

On the nameless deserted island, Ye Chuan suddenly opened his eyes after his spirit narrowly escaped that dangerous situation. Then, he immediately used a technique to seal this cyan small crystal technique. But, a black tentacle suddenly sprang out and shot towards the chest of Ye Chuan. That terrifying tentacle had unexpectedly traveled through space and time chasing after him, and in an instant, very powerful energy locked onto Ye Chuan and suppressed him at his position. In addition, tentacle was much more powerful than so-called big killing weapons of Wilderness World!

But, at that time, Plague Archfiend Abasi suddenly made a move.

He directly transformed into his three-eyed toad form and rushed forward while roaring regardless of his safety. Then, standing in front of Ye Chuan, he opened his mouth and spat out his fate demonic flame.

The black tentacle was burned, but its offensive power didn’t decrease. Swish, it brushed past Plague Archfiend Abasi and continued to stab towards Ye Chuan behind him. It appeared as if it wouldn’t stop until it killed Ye Chuan and absorb his blood and qi. And at that time, ear-piercing sounds resounded in the sky as if even more tentacles wanted to travel through time and space.

“Watch out, Your Excellency!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin toughened his scalp and rushed over as countless vines sprang out from the ground around Ye Chuan. But, before these vines could form an obstruction, a hint of red light suddenly streak across the sky.

With the help of Plague Archfiend Abasi, the suppression on Ye Chuan had decreased, but he didn’t retreat, rather he used Dragon Slaying Flying Sword which was gifted to him by Seventh Elder. He used all his strength while circulating eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and cut this tentacle. Then, in the void, a scream resounded, then an angry roar. And since the cyan small crystal man was sealed, this voice became smaller and smaller, moreover, the violent energy fluctuation in the air also dispersed slowly. Only that piece of tentacle on the ground which was still burning was the testament of what had happened just a moment ago.

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