Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 418

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 418: Black Sea

On sea dragon boat that was docked on the nameless deserted island, under the help of Sea Demon warriors, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect disguised themselves as overseas loose cultivators and sneaked into Blacksnake Residence, and began to transmit various kind of intelligence.

According to the intelligence, the sacrifice ceremony of Blacksnake Clan was just three days later and many disciples of Blacksnake Clan were rushing back from wherever they were. Now, the port of Blacksnake Residence was filled with big and small boats. Some boats brought back the disciples of Blacksnake Clan, some brought goods and some boats brought virgin boys and virgin girls who were less than 8-years-old.

In order to prepare for this sacrifice ceremony, Blacksnake Clan had committed countless sins.

After making up his mind to stay, Ye Chuan began to cultivate in seclusion on this deserted island, conserving strength and preparing for the operation three days later. As for collecting and analyzing intelligence, advance preparation for the operation and other matters, he left all for Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others to handle.

In the battle of snake forest, Ghost King Dusen had displayed his overwhelming strength, making Ye Chuan fully realize the shortcomings of his party.

As long as Ghost King Dusen was still around, both assassinating Mei Chuanfeng and rescuing Chu Hongniang was impossible. White Dragon Sage Bai Rulong had left by himself, without thinking, Ye Chuan knew that he had gone to look for Ghost King Dusen to save his wife and daughter with all his might. But, this trip was fraught with grim possibilities.

Now, not only Ye Chuan wanted to sabotage the sacrifice ceremony of Blacksnake Clan, but he also wanted to rescue a person, thus, Ye Chuan was feeling a heavy pressure. But, the greater the pressure, the calmer he became. Although his group didn’t have sufficient strength and was at disadvantage position, it was also not like they were at a complete disadvantage, the biggest advantage was they were in the dark and they could take the initiative. In addition to this, another advantage was, his group had the reinforcement of Sea Demon warriors. Even if this operation failed, they could immediately retreat to the sea.

A pure worldly spiritual qi entered his body and slowly moisturize his blood vessels and tempered his physique. Then, the body of Ye Chuan lightly trembled and all of his pores stretch opened.

This nameless deserted island was completely surrounded by sea, but the concentration of worldly spiritual qi was not bad and this island was full of lush and verdant bamboos. When the sea breeze blows, the rustling sounds of the leaves coordinate together with sea wave sounds. This place was quiet and elegant like a utopia above this mortal world. And cultivating here gave twice the result with half the effort as if this truly was the legendary island of the immortals.

Ye Chuan had been continuously sitting cross-legged on the ground in meditation, cutting off all the distracting thoughts. In his dantian, a new qi cyclone was becoming denser and denser, showing the sign of condensing a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman. Unfortunately, even after cultivating for one day and one night, and repeatedly attacking the bottleneck, that qi cyclone only had a little change. It was still unable to make a breakthrough.

“Cultivation requires great effort, but good luck is even more important, unfortunately…..”

Ye Chuan opened his eyes and sighed with pity.

It was almost time for the sacrifice ceremony, and he would very likely face Ghost King Dusen, that heaven-defying evil spirit, again. And at this moment, let alone advancing by leaps and bounds, just making a little progress also had great significance. Still, even though he had many powerful techniques, he was unable to use most of them, thinking this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Hualala, the sound of sea waves never stopped.

The majority of people had already disembarked and were temporarily stationed at this deserted island, but looking at the camp, one could see that people were gathered at one place. They were intentionally staying far away in order to avoid disturbing the cultivation of Ye Chuan. In the vicinity of Ye Chuan, only Little Long’er was sitting on one reef to protect Ye Chuan.

A faint cyan light flashed and from the Cyan Lotus Lamp, Ye Chuan took out Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, Dragon Binding Chain, Iron Blooded Banner….., all of his treasures and began to sort out.

The might of Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets he had obtained in God Burial Valley was far beyond the imagination of average people. Achieving success in the cultivation of this technique, one would obtain great strength, but the progress was slow. To breakthrough every small realm, he needed good luck and he should also be well versed. And as Heaven Concealing Great Sage, Ye Chuan had rich experience and was sufficiently well versed, but good luck couldn’t be sought.

Ye Chuan carefully sorted out the treasure inside his Cyan Lotus Lamp, then after carefully examining them, he put them back one after another.

Dragon Slaying Flying Sword that could piece through huge dragons, does it still have a hidden secret or destiny?

Ye Chuan caressed the hilt of Dragon Slaying Flying Sword and shook his head. This however was the flying sword given to him by Seventh Elder.

What about Dragon Binding Chain?

Ye Chuan reached out and pick up Dragon Binding Chain, then brandished it. This long chain suddenly became dead straight and stabbed a hole through a big tree in the front. It was able to take the offensive as well as the defensive ground, unfortunately, even after sensing it carefully for a while, he couldn’t sense any profound mysteries.

Dragon Binding Chain won’t work, and Iron Blooded Banner also won’t work as he had already condensed a banner talisman after refining it. Ye Chuan shook his head in succession. Suddenly, his movement stopped as he touched a small crystal man. This small crystal man was completely cyan in color. Touching it, his heart palpitated, that was the aura of the world beyond the highest heaven.

In the past, his spirit had sunk into this cyan small crystal man and had made a spiritual tour, peeping at the scenery of the world beyond the highest heaven’s one corner. But, after he had accidentally obtained this cyan small crystal man in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, a series of disturbance had come after another, so he didn’t have time to sort out the space inside Cyan Lotus Lamp, thus, he quickly forgot about this unique treasure.

There was not much time before the sacrifice ceremony began, and cultivating normally, he was unable to breakthrough his bottleneck. So, if he linked up his spirit with the world beyond the highest heaven again and absorb the energy of the world beyond the highest heaven, then could he……

Ye Chuan suddenly had a thought, then using a technique, Ye Chuan slowly closed his eyes and his spirit sunk into this cyan small crystal man on his palm.

A marvelous feeling suddenly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan.

His body felt light and his spirit suddenly arrived at a strange place.

It was dense and dark under heaven. Below, there was a dark and deep vast sea with water darker than an ink, above, there was a heavy layer of black cloud. There was no sign of life all around and there was a violent energy fluctuation in the air. Crash, a black sea wave ferociously slammed against the cliff and strong invisible shock wave spread all around.

The spirit of Ye Chuan felt ice-cold as if he had fallen into an ice cave. Even though his spirit was far more powerful than other cultivators in the same realm, his spirit nearly fell apart and disperse in this strange world beyond the highest heaven.

A faint cyan light suddenly shrouded Ye Chuan’s spirit from head to toe.

Cyan Lotus Lamp within the body of Ye Chuan shone and a faint cyan light followed his spirit and illuminated the world beyond the highest heaven around his spirit. Then, his ice-cold spirit felt a hint of warmth. The eyes of Ye Chuan shone, and after looking all around, he calmed down and began to absorb the energy around him.

The cyan small crystal man on the palm of Ye Chuan suddenly became boiling hot as a fine and continuous violent energy came out from this cyan small crystal man and seemed into the body of Ye Chuan. Instantly, Ye Chuan trembled and his robe fluttered even though there was no wind. In addition, the flesh of his arms twisted as if this violent energy wanted to shred the hands holding this cyan small crystal man to shreds.

Little Long’er guarding in the vicinity suddenly turned around as he noticed the unusualness in the air, then seeing cyan small crystal man in the hand of Ye Chuan, his complexion changed greatly.

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