Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 416

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 416: Junior Apprentice Sister, you are naughty again

The huge sea dragon boat had been waiting at the other side of the snake forest for a long time. And after Plague Archfiend and White Dragon Sage boarded the ship, sea dragon boat quickly sailed away.

Swish, swish, swish, numerous bodyguards of Mei Chuanfeng chased after them stepping on their flying sword, unfortunately, sea dragon boat had already turned into a small dot far away at this moment, and disappeared in the distant horizon in front of their eyes.

“Damn it!”

Mei Chuanfeng gnashed his teeth and cursed furiously. At this moment, his face was twisted and sullen.

In this battle, his life was saved, but it was exceptionally embarrassing. In Blacksnake Mansion, he was again made into a blockhead in money matters and thoroughly lost his face in public. In addition, after chasing to snake forest, he was almost killed instead. If it was not for Ghost King Dusen arriving at the critical moment, then he might have already turned into a corpse in the wilds.

“Noble son, do you want to mobilize blacksnake warships to chase after them?” A trusted subordinate proposed.

“No, let that kid Ye Chuan live a few more days!”

Mei Chuanfeng coldly rejected the suggestion, then turning around, he angrily walked away.

Although he hated Ye Chuan to his bones, he still had more important matter he needed to do next. The grand sacrifice ceremony was right around the corner and it was most important to think of a way to take advantage of this occasion to start a rebellion and seize the patriarch throne. When that time comes, Blacksnake Clan and Blacksnake Residence would be under his control, and it would not be too late to mobilize the huge army of Blacksnake Clan to deal with Ye Chuan!

Mei Chuanfeng left in a hurry with a gloomy complexion, but he was prepared fully for the next plan.

The sea dragon boat was very fast and it quickly disappeared on the sea level, but it hadn’t sailed far away, rather had stopped at a deserted island not far away from Blacksnake Residence.

After White Dragon Sage boarded the ship, he didn’t utter a word. He just went to a corner and sat cross-legged. He didn’t even change his bloodstained white robe and began to cultivate on the spot. He was still sitting straight, but he was covered in blood and his sword was missing. He also looked wan and sallow with lonely appearance, but ignoring everyone, he cultivated with determination.

Ye Chuan walked over to the deck and looked at the sea waves.

In this battle, they unexpectedly saved a sea demoness warrior, but they failed in short. Ghost King Dusen was far more shrewd and powerful than they had imagined. Now, they knew that it was even harder than reaching the sky to save Redline Lady Chu Hongniang. Moreover, with such an expert aiding him, it was extremely difficult to kill Mei Chuanfeng too.

Now, should they continue to stay here and sought a solution or make a detour to South Sea and continue to go to Lost City, the Holy Land of Sea Demon Clan?

Ye Chuan remained silent, hesitating in his heart.

He knew that the so-called Blacksnake Demon God was very likely to be related to Blacksnake Monarch, the formidable enemy of his previous life. Now, he had even more important task, i.e., to think up a way to sabotage the sacrifice ceremony of Blacksnake Clan. This point coincided with the objective of Mei Chuanfeng.

If he continued to stay, then he might win over valuable time by preventing the arrival of Blacksnake Monarch, but the slightest bit of carelessness might completely wipe out their entire group. Sage realm Ghost King Dusen was truly too powerful. There was no one around that could deal with him. Even if State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng and Heavenly Yao Sect’s White Haired Yao Empress together might not be the opponent of this Ghost King.

What about that Seventh Elder?

If that Seventh Elder came here, can he suppress Ghost King Dusen, this heaven-defying evil spirit?

Ye Chuan thought, suddenly recalling cyan robed Seventh Elder who appeared and disappeared mysteriously in the rear mountain of Cloud Mist Sect.

Even until now, this cyan robed Seventh Elder was still the most incomprehensible person he had seen. When he was in Xiushi realm, he couldn’t see through the cultivation of Seventh Elder, and even after condensing eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans and breaking through to Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, he was still unable to see through him.

Soon, Ye Chuan shook his head and discarded this unrealistic thought. Thinking about it, it was impossible to make Seventh Elder leave the mountain. At that time when State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng had come to Cloud Mist Mountain Range and killed everywhere, Seventh Elder still didn’t have a move. Now, requesting him to come so far away at overseas to deal with Ghost King, how was that possible?

Light footsteps came from behind him. Ye Chuan turned around and saw Zhu Sijia who had changed into white battle robe walking over.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, something seems to be wrong with White Dragon Sage. Like this, it is very likely that his qi will deviate, shouldn’t you persuade him?” Zhu Sijia walked over and whispered in the ear of Ye Chuan. Her eyes were filled with sympathy and compassion looking at White Dragon Sage.

His son was seriously injured and was lying frozen in the stone coffin. His daughter’s whereabout was unknown and his wife was taken away and couldn’t be saved. Anyone who suffered such a disaster would collapse. White Dragon Sage had already stepped into Half Sage realm,  and he had always detached himself from this overseas world, but, even a man of such a high standing and cultivation base, after such a sudden disaster became silent.

“No need, it is not easy for a Half Sage ream expert to have a qi deviation. Besides, who is White Dragon Sage? Other than Chu Hongniang, I fear no one under the heaven can convince him.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and looked at worried Zhu SIjia. Then, reaching out his hand, he gently hugged her waist and softly said, “Jiajia, someday, if you encounter the disaster like Chu Hongniang and was snatched away, then I, this senior apprentice brother, will also become insane and desperate. Moreover, if someone kidnaps our children, then I will fight against whoever the other party is regardless of anything. In contrast, White Dragon Sage is already very rational.”

A hint of fragrance coming from the body of Zhu Sijia entered the nose of Ye Chuan and seeped into his internal organs. This was a sweet fragrance that made people refreshed, and it was also like a fine wine that was brewed for a long period of time, making people drunk without drinking wine. For a moment, Ye Chuan who had already experienced many beauties in his previous life fell into a daze.

“So hateful, who wants to have a child with you?”

Zhu Sijia blushed and struggled to free herself from the big hand of Ye Chuan. But to her surprise, not only Ye Chuan didn’t loosen his hand, on the contrary, he pulled her into his bosom, then kissed her forehead. And just with this, the Zhu Sijia collapsed softly in the bosom of Ye Chuan and she no longer had any strength in her body. Then, she subconsciously hugged Ye Chuan and rubbed her face against his chest.

This time, going out to the sea, Ye Chuan didn’t know when he could return, and honestly speaking, normally, Zhu Sijia would be staying behind in the sect, considering the situation as a while, but she was unable to endure thinking she would be apart from Ye Chuan for such a long time, so discarding everything and regardless of everyone’s dissuasion, she followed Ye Chuan to go to the sea together with him. As it now seems, choosing to go to the sea together was the right choice.

Tightly hugging Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia felt that there was no regret in her life. Since she could stay together with the person she liked, everything else was secondary.

“Junior Apprentice Sister, you are naughty again, believe or not, this big senior apprentice brother will smack your buttocks.”

Ye Chuan smiled evilly and really spanked her. Suddenly, the pert buttocks of Zhu Sijia swayed and at the same time, they two recalled that time when Ye Chuan had just returned to the sect. At that time Zhu Sijia had brought along Fatty Zhao Dazhi and others to look for Ye Chuan to vent her anger, the result, Ye Chuan caught them and she was spanked.

“Big senior Apprentice Brother……”

Zhu Sijia pretended to be angry, but she was not angry in her heart. What’s more, even though she was spanked, she felt very sweet in her heart. And she subconsciously raised her plump buttocks as if she was waiting for Ye Chuan to spank again.

Heavy footsteps suddenly came from behind.

Plague Archfiend Abasi strode over, holding a black flying sword in his hand. He looked impatient as if he wanted to quickly speak something to Ye Chuan, the result, he unexpectedly saw a scene he shouldn’t have seen.

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