Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 413

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 413: Ghost King Sutra

“Enough, to kill noble son Mei Chuan, did you all ask this lordship?”

A cold voice suddenly came from far away, and a cold qi spread all over this snake forest. On the ground, the crawling poisonous snakes suddenly entangled together and quickly fled underground or the crack of stones. Those snakes who were a bit slower were immediately frozen stiff as if they had entered the hibernation.

Not good, Ghost King Dusen is here!

The eyelid of Ye Chuan jumped and he got nervously. At the same time, Mei Chuanfeng however excitedly roared with laughter, “Hahaha, came, Ghost King came, Ye Chuan, just you wait, you brat, you are dead, hahaha……”

Since he was able to return from the gate of hell, the complexion of Mei Chuanfeng became ferocious and glaring at Ye Chuan, he was endless excited.

Under his leadership, Ye Chuan unexpectedly had a Half-Sage realm expert, this truly was beyond his expectation, but, what about it? He, Mei Chuanfeng, had a Sage realm bodyguard, who can kill him?

Ye Chuan paused for a moment, but immediately afterward, he suddenly accelerated towards Mei Chuanfeng. His eyes suddenly became ice-cold without any emotions, then a red light flashed in his hand as he wielded his Dragon Slaying Flying sword, wanting to pierce through the glabella of Mei Chuanfeng, turning him into a dead snake.

Ghost King Dusen had yet to appear, but just his aura alone made Half Sage realm Plague Archfiend Abasi trembled. As for Zhu Sijia, she quickly gave orders to retreat. But, at this time, Ye Chuan didn’t retreat, he initiated a fiercer attack, wanting to first kill Mei Chuanfeng.

The sword light flashed and streak across the sky along with a whistling sound.

Instantly, Mei Chuanfeng could no longer laugh, his eyes were opened wide and his mind practically became a blank space.

Who dared to kill him in front of Sage realm Ghost King?

Anyone normal wouldn’t dare to do so as one could well imagine the consequences of angering Ghost King Dusen. But, Ye Chuan was different, he rushed forward and didn’t play his cards according to common sense.


The sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword vibrated rapidly and the buzzing sound resounding in the sky. Instantly, the distance between the flying sword and the glabella of Mei Chuanfeng was only half an inch and in next second this sword would pierce through his forehead!

Two cold fingers suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chuan and clamped the sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword between them. Ghost King Dusen truly appeared out of the thin air along with dense ghostly qi. He was still holding Redline Lady Chu Hongniang in his bosom. His speed was so high that it exceeded everyone’s imagination.

A hint of cold qi quickly spread rapidly from Dragon Slaying Flying Sword to the five fingers of Ye Chuan’s right hand. Immediately afterward, his fingers were frozen stiff and lost their feelings, then his palm, wrist and elbow……, that terrifying cold qi spread rapidly throughout the body of Ye Chuan. Once that cold qi spread to the chest and froze the heart, even peak Daoist Master realm expert might not be able to escape death.

Just causally using his fingers, Ghost King Dusen displayed the might of a Sage realm expert. This kind of technique was beyond the imagination of the cultivators below Sage realm. The strength of Ye Chuan far surpassed the cultivators of the same realm, but in front of Ghost King Dusen, he similarly couldn’t withstand a single blow. The sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword was so close to Mei Chuanfeng, but he was unable to move at all. Moreover, let alone killing Mei Chuanfeng, in an instant, now, he was facing fatal disaster.

“Your Excellency, be careful, quickly leave!”

A huge figure rushed over and suddenly pushed Ye Chuan away, and directly faced the pressure of Ghost King Gusen.

At the critical moment, Plague Archfiend Abasi stepped forward bravely and faced Ghost King Dusen who had heaven-defying cultivation base.

Although he was also outstanding, Sage realm and Half-Sage realm still had a very big gap, and it was hard to stride across that gap. When Ghost King Dusen had arrived, Plague Archfiend Abasi was so frightened that he was dying to run away, but seeing Ye Chuan was in danger, he rushed up without any hesitation.

“Eh, a Half Sage realm toad from the world beyond the highest heaven? Tsk tsk, interesting, truly didn’t expect that after millions of years, Wilderness World has become even more splendid.”

Ghost King Dusen exclaimed in surprise, and sizing up three-eyed toad Abasi in front of him, he became even more interested in the identity and origin of Ye Chuan.

In Blacksnake Mansion, he had encountered a peak Daoist Master realm vine demon with unique innate skill. Now here in snake forest, he met even more powerful three-eyed toad, how did Ye Chuan subdue these evil spirits?

Ghost King Dusen scanned Ye Chuan who was not far away, and the feeling of not being able to see through him became all the more intense.

From his memory, he knew that the successive Big Disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that had a long inheritance weren’t simple, but for a trifling Rank 3 Daoist Master having such powerful followers, how did Ye Chuan accomplished this? Even those few top-notch experts of Cloud Mist Sect that were famous millions of years ago, they didn’t have such ability when they were still in Daoist Master realm.


Ye Chuan ordered, then turned around and fled.

Immediately after seeing Ghost King Dusen had arrived with Chu Hongniang, Ye Chuan knew that Old Demon of Mount Yin had failed, losing the best chance to rescue her. Moreover, he also could no longer assassinate Mei Chuanfeng. Now, if they didn’t retreat, then they would either have heavy casualties or even their entire group might be wiped out.

The cold qi spread across the sky suddenly intensified.

And a layer of ice dregs appeared on the skin of all the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect including Ye Chuan and Zhu Sijia, moreover, their hands and legs became numb and stiff, losing their sensation. As for the snakes who were a little late to hide, they were directly frozen into ice, then shattered into pieces.

On the snowland with heavy snowfall, people could be frozen stiff, and when the temperature continued to drop, the vitality of people would be extinguished and even unfreezing in the future would be of no avail; in addition, when the temperature falls sharply in an extremely short period of time, the flesh and blood of the human would be frozen solid and scatter upon touch.

Ghost King Domain!

With a thought, Ghost King Dusen used a powerful technique of Ghost King Sutra, instantly changing this snake forest into a death domain. And the first to be affected weren’t the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, they were the numerous bodyguards of Mei Chuanfeng as well as unfortunate overseas loose cultivators who had rushed over after hearing the news.

Chu Hongniang was also trembling and her teeth chattered as she was about to be frozen solid. Although a warm current was continuously coming from the palm of Ghost King Dusen, she was still on the verge of death.

The terrifying and sinister cold qi reduced a little as feeling the discomfort of Chu Hongniang, Ghost King Dusen took the initiative to absorb this cold qi. After that, Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia and others slowly began to regain their sense of touch, returning back from the gate of hail.

“In the Ghost King Domain of this lordship, all flesh and blood are the tribute of this lordship, offer your qi, blood and soul.”

Ghost King Dusen coldly scanned around, then stretching out his hand towards Ye Chuan, he grabbed the air. In his eyes, other than Mei Chuanfeng and Chu Hongniang, everyone on the scene was his prey, and the higher the cultivation of the prey the better. But, he didn’t try to kill Half-Sage realm Plague Archfiend Abasi first, rather he wanted to kill Ye Chuan first. Because he couldn’t see through Ye Chuan, he subconsciously wanted to kill Ye Chuan first!

Cloud Mist Sect is very powerful with many experts, but so what? Absorbing blood, qi and soul of Ye Chuan to rapidly increase his cultivation and step into the peak Sage realm as soon as possible was the most important matter!

Ghost King Dusen’s killing intent soared, and like an ancient demon god that had crawled out from the grave, no one could match him!

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