Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 411

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 411: Probe

“Wife, your friend has come to save you. Interesting, such an attack is truly rare.”

Ghost King Dusen suddenly said. He was sitting in the compartment looking on unconcerned. He appeared as if he had no intention to make a move.

The guards on the platform however were greatly shocked and their complexion change greatly. There were still many guests who had not left Blacksnake Mansion, but at this moment, they also looked pale and they were shivering, squeezing at one corner.

In the blink of an eye, green waves spreading outside the door changed into vine sea that blotted out the sky and covered the earth and gushed in, like countless snakes.

“What is this?”

“Help, captain, help me……”

The guards screamed in panic and lost their wits. And in the brief moment, they lost their chance to run away. The entire platform was surrounded by that terrifying vines. After that, one scream after another resounded, followed by silence. Then, those thousands of vines bound the iron bars of that big iron cage, and the iron bars issued cracking sounds being unable to bear the heavy burden.

Within one breath of time, the guards in the platform collapsed in the poll of their blood and those strange vines began to break that solid big iron cage, releasing that locked up sea demoness warrior Hai Qing.

The merchants and overseas loose cultivators squeezing together at one corner were greatly frightened seeing this scene. Even a Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert, seeing these countless vines, they were frightened. At that time, a loud alarm went out in Blacksnake Mansion. Someone had quickly sent out a signal to Blacksnake Villa to request reinforcement. Soon, a large number of Blacksnake Clan’s experts would arrive here. But, before the reinforcement arrived here, this ocean of vines became the graveyard for the guards of this Blacksnake Mansion. Outside the door, many guards rushed over upon hearing the news, but they didn’t dare to approach in fear.

After saving Hai Qing, those strange vines stopped, and after a few moments, they began to gush towards the luxurious virtuous room as strange laughter resounded in the sky.

Old Demon of Mount Yin who was hiding outside the door began to make probing attack at Ghost King Dusen.

Since Ye Chuan had already lured away Mei Chuanfeng and the experts of Blacksnake Mansion, he began to save people according to the plan. First, he had intentionally crushed the guards on the platform in the presence of all to lure out heaven-defying expert Ghost King Dusen, then other people would make a move to save Chu Hongniang. But, Ghost King Dusen unexpectedly didn’t take the bait. It appeared as if he had no intention to make a move. So, with no other choice, Old Demon of Mount Yin had to carry out the second plan, which was to take the initiative to attack.

Countless vines rushed towards the compartment where Ghost King Dusen and Chu Hongniang were located.

Upon seeing this, the merchants and overseas loose cultivators screamed, fearing it was their turn next. As for Ghost King Dusen in the compartment, he was calm and composed. Only when countless vines reached near the compartment, he coldly snorted, “Interesting, truly interesting, wife, your friend truly has big guts, now, you say, should your husband kill him or be lenient?”

Ghost King didn’t seem to use any technique, he just flicked his finger casually and a hint of cold qi streak across the sky. But, in the next moment, those countless vines stopped as if the time had frozen. Next, a cold wind blew over and those thickly dotted vines broke into pieces and fell to the ground. It seemed those vines were completely frozen.

Outside the door, at one corner roughly 120 meters away from Blacksnake Mansion, Old Demon of Mount Yin let out a muffled groan and staggered back, then shooting out a hundred meter vine to coil around the eaves of the roof, he quickly swung away from one roof to another while gritting his teeth. Now, his legs were dead straight and stiffened, he couldn’t even bend his knees, moreover, a layer of ice covered his body, he was frozen just like the vines in Blacksnake Residence.

Just a casual attack of Ghost King Dusen made Old Demon of Mount Yin taste the bitterness.

For ordinary cultivators, a peak Daoist Master realm expert was already enough for them to look up to, and some couldn’t even reach that height even after cultivating painstakingly throughout their life. But, for Ghost King Dusen who was already in Sage realm, a peak Daoist Master realm expert was not even an opponent! Moreover, this was already him showing leniency considering the face of Chu Hongniang, otherwise, Old Demon of Mount Yin would have frozen to death.

Old Demon of Mount Yi who could kill all over in former days trembled. He felt that all the blood and qi within his body were frozen, and he was about to regress into his original vine form. He even felt as if his cultivation was destroyed. So, gritting his teeth, he immediately ran away as far as possible. Now, he finally understood why Ye Chuan had repeatedly told him to not act rashly.

“Here I was thinking why the attack of that person was so unique, as it turned out he is a vine demon.”

In the private compartment, Ghost King easily saw through the true form of Old Demon of Mount Yin who was running away, and said, “Interesting, wife, who is that friend of yours called something Ye Chuan? He was actually able to rope in this kind of expert. Looking at his cultivation, it is not up to much, merely is Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, even inferior to this vine demon. Can it be that he is the personal disciple of some heaven-defying expert or he has some kind of extremely powerful background?”

Ghost King Dusen became very curious about the identity of Ye Chuan. He vaguely felt as if he was unexpectedly unable to see through Ye Chuan. It was very normal to have this kind of feeling towards fellow Sage realm experts, but this youth was only Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, so it was very strange.

“He is the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect and also the future Sect Master, what, afraid?” Looking at Ghost King, Chu Hongniang intentionally revealed the identity of Ye Chuan. On one hand, it was to protect Ye Chuan, making Ghost King Dusen have some misgivings; and on the other hand, using this pretext, she wanted to probe whether she could put pressure on Ghost King Dusen with the reputation of Cloud Mist Sect.

In these last few years, Cloud Mist Sect had steadily deteriorated, but they had a long history and inheritance. Millions of years ago, it was counted as one of the very best sects. Since Ghost King had been sleeping underground for a long time, perhaps, when he was active millions of years ago, Cloud Mist Sect was still very powerful and Ghost King Dusen might also have learned that Cloud Mist Sect was powerful by coincident at that time.

Sure enough, the complexion of Ghost King Dusen changed, “What, Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect? Cloud Mist Sect, Ye…… Chuan……, this name, it seems……”

The eyelids of Ghost King Dusen jumped up as if he recalled something. He felt like he had heard the name Ye Chuan millions of years ago, but he couldn’t clearly remember at this moment, and when he thought harder, he felt dull pain as if his head was going to explode.

In the bamboo forest of Cyan Sand Island, Ye Chuan and Mei Chuanfeng had woken him up in advance, and at that time, he happened to meet Redline Lady Chu Hongniang by coincidence, that made him endlessly excited, but that also caused him some negative effects. He could only remember parts of the matters happened millions of years ago and he couldn’t think much as thinking much made him have a headache. This was the aftereffect of waking up in advance and also was the consequences of cultivating Ghost King Sutra.

At that moment, suddenly a whistling arrow soared towards the sky at a distant place, then it exploded, changing into fireworks which faintly condensed into a huge ghost face. Moreover, the sea breeze brought along sad and shrill screaming sounds which were somewhat familiar.

“Not good, it’s that boy Mei Chuanfeng!”

Ghost King Dusen exclaimed and without thinking much, he reached out to grab Chu Hongniang and jumping out of the window, he quickly flew towards the source of that sound.

Even when all the guards inside Blacksnake Mansion had died, Ghost King Dusen was indifferent, but he couldn’t stay still when Mei Chuanfeng was in danger. In any case, they at least had a cooperating relationship at this moment. Without the tribute of Mei Chuanfeng, where could he easily obtain so much blood and qi, moreover, where could he find 8,000 virgin boys and virgin girls?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Looks like this technique to turn into Ghost KIng is just so-so if it makes those who practices it dumber.

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