Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 41

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 41: Pitiful woman

“Aiyo, aiyo……”

This woman fell to the ground. And on one side, she rubbed her bare leg and on the other side, she cried, as if she was injured heavily.

“Fatty, what’s with you, are you blind or something? You bumped into others just like this, now that she is bruised, who will take the blame, you?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, and with stern righteousness and dead earnest, he lectured fatty Zhao Dazhi who had an innocent face, while turning a deaf ear to the crying in pain sound of this exquisite girl.

Fatty blushed with shame, and when he wanted to say something, Ye Chuan gave him a hint with his eyes, and he immediately kept his calm without getting excited.

This woman looked very beautiful, although she was small, exquisite and a little short, but she had a curvy body, and wore especially bold clothing. On the upper part, she revealed half of her breast, and in the lower part, she revealed her two shining white long legs. And if one would lower their head, it seems they would be able to clearly see her thighs too. Her skirt cannot be any shorter. Any people that saw her would definitely drool, and if they saw her once, then they would feel like seeing her again. But thinking about it, this woman came too suddenly, and happens to coincidentally collide like that, this truly was somewhat strange.

Fatty reacted but still couldn’t help but looked at the body of this exquisite woman several times.

Sure enough, seeing these two people weren’t taking the bait, this woman no longer pretend. Snorting, she jumped up, “Hey, brat, what did you say? Here a person is bruised, yet you two didn’t help, you two are too excessive!”

“I’m sorry, my junior apprentice-brother is fat, so his reaction was a bit slow, and was not able to dodge timely, bumping with you.”

Ye Chuan made a formal apology, but his face had an indistinct smile, while sizing up this woman. Then leading fatty, he swaggered off.

Although he made an apology, but how come these words sound blandness?

Fatty thought with a smile, after Big Senior Apprentice-Brother straightened out his thoughts, his sarcasm was truly one of a kind, making him readily acknowledge his inferiority.

This exquisite woman got even angrier, then chasing after them while stamping her foot, she said to Ye Chuan walking in the front, “Hey, walking away just like this? In any case, Cloud Mist Sect is also an ancient sect, but as a Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of this grand sect, aren’t you taking advantage of your position to bully people, also especially bullying a weak woman?”

“Who are you?”

Ye Chuan stopped his steps, and he became a bit more alert. And knowing his identity was exposed, he coldly smiled, “Young lady, are you really a weak woman?”

“Five Style Sect, Liu Hong.”

This exquisite woman held her head high putting on airs, and stared at Ye Chuan with her big eyes. And her breasts seemed to be about to jump out from her small clothing.

The eldest daughter of Five Style Sect’s Sect Master, Liu Hong always was enthusiastic as fire, flirtatious, sexy and bold. Who doesn’t know her in entire Cloud Mist Mountain range?

Fatty suddenly realized, and subconsciously took several glances at the breast of Liu Hong again. This woman was not tall, but her boobies were truly too big ah, instead of getting taller, her domain was breast. No wonder, there was a rumor that, the breast of the golden daughter of Five Style Sect, if seen by male disciple, they would drool, and if seen by female disciples, they would be torn by grief and indignation.

“I don’t know you.”

Ye Chuan indifferently said, then continued on walking, nearly causing fatty who was secretly thinking of how to strike up a conversation to pass out.

With such great beauty who could cause all the people drool in front of him, who could coldly turn a blind eye like this?

Amazing, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother truly is Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!

“Halt, this miss still hasn’t finished talking!”

Liu Hong stomped, and again blocking Ye Chuan, she fished out silvers and threw them on the ground, “There is a rumor outside, Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan suddenly got enlightened, as it now seems, this really isn’t fake, and you didn’t even bat an eyelid in front of Flame Devil. Take out that bag of soil of just now, here are 300 taels of silver, this miss wants it.”

This woman isn’t simple! Ye Chuan became even more alert, “Sorry, it’s not for sale!”

This feeling of people staring was very bad, Ye Chuan made a prompt decision and rushed forward. Liu Hong also wanted to step forward to block the way, but a kind of invisible force appeared in front of her body and blocked her, so she could only look at Ye Chuan brushing past her helplessly.

In the dim underpass, suddenly a cold wind blew.

And Ye Chuan who was rushing forward suddenly stopped his steps, and fatty Zhao Dazhi, rushing behind him, who didn’t make any preparation nearly collided against Ye Chuan.

“Who’s there, come out!”

Ye Chuan secretly gestured, signaling fatty to be careful, and his eyes flashed with pallid light.

“Not bad, not bad, you really have some skill. Who said that the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Cloud Mist Sect was a good-for-nothing waste?”

The air suddenly distorted, and slowly an expressionless black robed person appeared. He was tall and big with a handsome face, but his coldness gave uncomfortable feeling to others.

Wind Style!

Displaying Style Skill of Five Style Sect, this black robed person suddenly appeared out of thin air. With his Rank 3 Xiushi cultivation, he displayed the might of this secret technique.

With Black Claudron Sect’s cultivation technique, their disciples were good at fighting at close quarters, but Five Style Sect was almost exactly the opposite, they pursue one attack certain kill principle, their disciples were best at long distant attack and assassination.

Seeing the figure of this black robed person, fatty Zhao Dazhi suddenly trembled involuntarily, and exclaimed: “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Five Style Sect, Gushan Leng?”

“Yes, I am Gushan Leng.”

This black robed person Gushan Leng was obviously very satisfied with the reaction of fatty, “What did junior apprentice-sister Liu Hong said just now? What did she ask you two to take out, take it out on your own. Junior apprentice-sister Liu Hong taking a fancy upon your thing is your honor.”

“What if I say no?”

Ye Chuan smiled, and he completely didn’t have tension and restlessness of fatty. On the surface, he maintained his composure, but within his body, he began to rapidly circulate Heaven Swallowing Talisman, secretly brewing a deadly attack.

Rank 6 Wuzhe versus Rank 3 Xiushi, the gap between them were too big. The pressure of Gushan Leng directly hit his face trying to seize the advantage, but Ye Chuan also didn’t back down.

In the dim underpass, suddenly they were ready to fight.

Seeing a fierce battle was about to erupt, Liu Hong walked up, then looking at Gushan Leng and Ye Chuan who were ready to fight for a while, she shouted, “Stop, Ghost Market strictly forbids private battles. As Cloud Mist Sect and Five Style Sect’s Big Senior Apprentice Brother, do you two want to take a lead to violate this law? Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, forget it, I was merely teasing them just now, it’s just a bag of soil, what do I do with it?”

Liu Hong who had triggered the conflict suddenly took the initiative to step up and dissolve the conflict between the two sides. With her exquisite looks, and also that too delicate voice, made people unable to refuse her.

“Humph, since junior apprentice-sister spoke this way, this young master will spare your life for now. Brat, Great Competition is right around the corner, I hope, at that time, you will have the ability to take few more strikes, don’t let me down. If a grand Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of a sect died in a single slap, then that would be too boring. Hahaha……” Gushan Leng stepped aside and holding onto the slender waist of Liu Hong, he roared with laughter looking at Ye Chuan.

“Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.”

Ye Chuan looked at cute and well-developed Liu Hong, and secretly thought it was a pity. Then quickly left with fatty Zhao Dazhi. Such an exquisite and charming woman with a different kind of bearing compared to Zhu Sijia, but it’s too pity, she nevertheless is fickle and lascivious, and was bowing to such pig-headed Gushan Leng.

The onlookers were increasing, so Ye Chuan hurried to leave.

After accidentally obtaining these mysterious seeds, in his eyes, these seeds were more valuable compared to all the treasures in the Ghost Market added together. Although Gushan Leng was aggressive, but at this moment, it was not necessary to lower himself to the same level as him. The longer he delayed, the more easily these mysterious seeds will attract the attention of the observant and conscientious person, and loss will outweigh the gain.

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