Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 409

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 409: Daylight robbery

“Wife, do you want to but this sea demoness as a maid? Good, that is a good idea.”

Ghost King Dusen quickly noticed the change in the expression of Redline Lady Chu Hongniang. Then, he nodded with a smile. As for Mei Chuanfeng at one side, he was screaming in his heart and he wanted to vomit blood.

For thousands of years, because various forces were suppressing and killing, the activity space of Sea Demon Clan had become smaller and smaller, and the number of people within this clan also had decreased drastically. Dragon Tongue Orchids was a treasure that could increase the power of the cultivators, but a beautiful sea demoness was a completely different type of treasure. Especially, many rich and arrogant Island Masters who led a befuddled life, for them, she was a great treasure. According to the legend, taking the virginity of sea demoness not only tasted peerlessly delicious, in addition, but they would also have the possibility of inheriting the innate skills of Sea Demon Clan. Where could they find another such treasure?

After the brief surprise, the people in the auction hall became crazy. The price of this sea demoness warrior, Hai Qing, quickly rose from 70,000 crystal stones to 160,000 crystal stones, which was higher than those three Dragon Tongue Orchids.

The complexion of Mei Chuanfeng was very ugly and cursing secretly, he reluctantly rose his sign and said, “170,000!”

After waiting for a while, Mei Chuanfeng finally made a move. This time, he only increased the bid by 10,000 crystal stones. He no longer dared to increase the price by several ten thousand crystal stones. After spending more than 100,000 crystal stones just a moment ago, not he didn’t have much crystal stones and he couldn’t bear spending more crystal stones.

The auction hall quickly became quiet.

Some rich people could still raise the price, but seeing Mei Chuanfeng was the one that made the bid, they had no choice but to think over.


A lazy voice resounded from the darkened room near the entrance gate.

This time, the price was not increased by one crystal stone, the price was increased by full 30,000 crystal stones. This move was much more generous than Mei Chuanfeng. It appeared as if previous bids were just a test, and now he was truly making a move to obtain this sea demoness warrior.

Mei Chuanfeng became gloomy and his complexion sank as he spat several words, “210,000!”


A lazy voice resounded again, directly raising the price by 60,000 crystal stones, astonishing people. Immediately after that, people turned pale with fright. Mei Chuanfeng also became silent.

270,000 crystal stones, what kind of matters could be done using this amount of crystal stones? There were plenty of women, but crystal stones were limited resources, a large number of crystal stones were needed to rope in experts for the clan.

Mei Chuanfeng hesitated for a bit. He was unwilling to offend Ghost King Dusen, but he also didn’t want to be a blockhead in money matters and spent so much crystal stone like this, thus, he was in a very difficult predicament. Now, for the first time, he unexpectedly was anxious about crystal stones.

In the darkened compartment near the entrance gate, Hai Lili and others were also shocked looking at Ye Chuan.

“Your Excellency, do you truly want to save this sea demoness warrior regardless of anything? We……, do we have so many crystal stones?” Old Demon of Mount Yin looked at Ye Chuan and said. He was also surprised, but he was also uncertain. With the style of Ye Chuan, how could he be a blockhead in money matters? With 270,000 crystal stones, how many elite disciples could be trained?

“No, let alone 270,000, we don’t even have 70,000.” Ye Chuan replied straight away.

“Noble son, then why did you……” Hai Lili asked. She was frightened out of her wits and her thoughts were in chaos. She wanted to beg Ye Chuan to save Hai Qing on the platform regardless of anything, but she was embarrassed to do so.

“I want to save people, but it is impossible to spend so many crystal stones. Even if I had so many crystal stones, I wouldn’t squander like that. Don’t forget what we are doing today.” Ye Chuan replied.

Hai Lili was still somewhat confused. Old Demon of Mount Yin however laughed and said, “Your Excellency, aren’t you doing this to make that Mei Chuanfeng vomit blood, kakaka!”

“Rhodes, you all, move out first, it is nearly the time.”

Ye Chuan instructed Hai Lili, Old Demon of Mout Yin and others to leave quietly and make the move according to the plan.

“270,000 crystal stones, 270,000, is there any higher bid? 270,000……” On the platform, the host shouted loudly, preparing to slam the hammer.

“280,000 crystal stones!”

At the final moment, Mei Chuanfeng gritted his teeth and said. In order to fawn and please Ghost King Dusen, he reluctantly toughened his scalp and made the bid.

The auction hall instantly became quiet, and everyone looked towards the darkened compartment where Ye Chuan was located.

The anger and resentment of Mei Chuanfeng had already reached the extreme level at this moment. Now, how would Ye Chuan react? Will he stop and cower or would he continue to compete against angry Mei Chuanfeng?


A lazy voice came from that darkened compartment again. Then, the silent auction hall instantly seethed with excitement.

Increasing the price by 100,000 crystal stones, the prince reached 380,000 crystal stones, this was absolutely the first time since the establishment of Blacksnake Mansion. This was not an auction of some kind of ancient great killing weapon, it was the auction of just a woman, who would pay such an extravagant price?

Everyone couldn’t help making remarks and speculate the identity and background of Ye Chuan.

“Impossible, this person is clearly here for creating a disturbance!”

Mei Chuanfeng didn’t make a bid again, he directly jumped out from his private room in anger, then with dense killing intent, he roared in a stern voice, “Who is there? Come out for this noble son!”

In an extremely short period of time, the price nearly reached 400,000 crystal stones, and Mei Chuanfeng who had always been rich and arrogant was unable to keep up. He also didn’t believe that someone could pay such a high price for a woman, so he directly went berserk and flipped out. The large group of Blacksnake Clan experts also followed after him. Seeing this, the people who were discussing spiritedly hastily retreated to one side.

“Mr. Me Chuanfeng, not seeing for just a few days, did you forget this old friend?”

Along with a lazy voice, a tall youth came out of the darkened room and slowly took off the big bamboo hat he was wearing, revealing his not that handsome but the more one looked the more eye-catching face. At this moment, he had a hint of a smirk on his face.

It was the time, so Ye Chuan no longer played with Mei Chuanfeng and came out openly.

“Ye Chuan, it’s you! It’s really you, you brat!”

Mei Chuanfeng was so surprised that his eyes were wide open and he gnashed his teeth.

Just a moment ago, he had some doubts, merely, he was not sure. If an average person had a great enmity with him, then how could he dare to act wildly in this Blacksnake Residence, but he forgot that Ye Chuan was not an average person. This fellow was clearly a demon, he was even fiercer than a great devil and more cunning evil spirit than a thousand-year-old fox.

“Kill him!”

Mei Chuanfeng holding the snakelike flying sword took the lead to rush forward ferociously. Now, his eyes were bright red while gritting his teeth, vowing he would kill Ye Chuan today. Then, tying up his corpse in front of everyone, he would let his corpse bask in sun for seven days and seven night!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I still wonder what Ye Chuan is relying on. Can it be that he made such a big breakthrough with his cultivation last night that he can oppose Ghost King head on?

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