Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 408

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 408: Pain

“90,000 crystal stones!”

An unfathomable voice resounded and the entire Blacksnake Mansion calmed down.

Mei Chuanfeng made the move. Like always, he made a big bid. In order to please Ghost King Dusen, he was very generous.

In these past few days, in order to win over the experts of the clan, he had spent a large amount of crystal stones and treasures. Now, the savings he had accumulated in secret for a long time were almost spent all. Thus, at this moment, using 90,000 crystal stones was painful to Mei Chuanfeng. This was not a small amount for him, but for overall situation, he had to grit the teeth and be generous.

“90,000 crystal stones? Who is it?”

“Shoos, lower your voice, didn’t you see who is in the above virtuous room?”

In the auction hall, everyone talked in whispers, and seeing Mei Chuanfeng standing in the compartment, no one dared to make the higher bid. Competing against this well-known ferocious Mei Chuanfeng, whether one had enough crystal stones or not was the secondary matter, the first matter was everyone wanted to live.

Everyone gave up the bidding. Ten thousand years old Dragon Tongue Orchid was a rare treasure but without life, what good was a treasure?

But, some people were not afraid of death. When the host was preparing to announce that these three Dragon Tongue Orchids now belong to Mei Chuanfeng, a lazy voice resounded, “90,001 crystal stones.”

The entire Blacksnake Mansion became quiet again. This time, it was absolute silence. Everyone could hear their heartbeat.

Who, who actually dared to contend against Mei Chuangeng?

The bid was not much more, only one crystal stone more, wasn’t this provoking deliberately?

Everyone present was shocked. They only knew that that lazy voice had come from the dark compartment closest to the entrance and no one could be seen inside.

The complexion of Mei Chuanfeng sunk. On his own territory, someone actually dared to provoke him in public, wasn’t his forcing him to flip out?

A ferocious murderous intention erupted out from the body of Mei Chuanfeng, and he looked just like a blood-thirsty tiger. Everyone present, from ordinary servants to peak Daoist Master realm experts, instantly felt a powerful pressure. Compared to the last time in Cyan Sand Island, the cultivation of Mei Chuanfeng had had not decreased rather had increased greatly, there were even the signs of breaking through to Half-Sage realm.

The complexion of Redline Lady Chu Hongniang became somewhat pale, but she just bit her lower lip without uttering a word. She just looked at those Dragon Tongue Orchids with more regrets and reluctance. It was very rare to encounter a single Dragon Tongue Orchid, but here was three of them. If she missed this change to obtain, then she might never find them again.

Ghost King Dusen also didn’t say anything, merely, his complexion became much colder. He seemed even more dissatisfied. Since this little thing, Mei Chuanfeng, was unable to hand even this small matter, he was too disappointed!

“120,000 crystal stones!”

Mei Chuanfeng gritted his teeth and forcibly suppressing his anger and killing intent, he directly increased the bid by 30,000 crystal stones.

The entire Blacksnake Mansion boiled over.

Everyone was shocked, and they looked towards that darkened compartment in succession.

“120,001 crystal stones!”

The lazy voice resounded again without fearing the identity and background of Mei Chuanfeng.

Amazing, still dared to continue!

In that darkened room, who was there?

People were shocked even greater and they began to make remarks in succession. In Blacksnake Residence, the ferociousness of Mei Chuanfeng was very well-known, but no one had ever imagined that there was even more ferocious person here.

The killing intent of Mei Chuanfeng rose higher.

Mei Chuanfeng was so angry that he gritted his teeth and pulling out his sword, his murderous intent became denser. Every time when the bid was increased by one crystal stone, he was reminded of one person. That person was none other than Ye Chuan in Treasuring Gathering House of Cyan Sand Island. In addition, this voice was also somewhat familiar. But, when he thought about it, it was very unlikely to be him. What place was Blacksnake Residence? Even if that brat Ye Chuan dared to sneak in, he wouldn’t dare to show his face in public.

“150,000 crystal stones!”

Mei Chuanfeng ferocious spat out these words, and his face was twisted as he gritted his teeth. After thinking over again and again, he still tolerated it. Firstly, in any case, Blacksnake Mansion was also the façade and treasure bowl of Blacksnake Clan, it was not appropriate for him to kill here. In addition to this, Ghost King Dusen had come out today with Redline Lady Chu Hongniang looking for happiness, and he didn’t want to kill which might provoke the anger of Ghost King Dusen.

“150,000 crystal stones, is there any higher bid? Since there is no higher bid, these three Dragon Tongue Orchids belongs to Blacknake Noble Son!”

After shouting a few times, the host on the platform quickly decided the owner of these three medicinal herbs.

This time, that lazy voice didn’t resound, seemingly, he was frightened by the extremely high price of 150,000 crystal stones and he didn’t dare to continue to bid higher.

“Amazing, in the end, Blacksnake noble son is amazing!”

“Originally, I thought that a river dragon has appeared, and it turned out to be so. In this Blacksnake Residence, Blacksnake Noble son is the most powerful!”

People began to make remarks and the Blacksnake Mansion slowly began to seethe with excitement.

Mei Chuanfeng was a person with a high cultivation base. He was able to hear the praise of people, but he was truly bleeding in his heart. For trifling three Dragon Tongue Orchids, he spent 150,000 crystal stones. Thinking about it, he was already vexed and feeling pain when he was spending 90,000 crystal stones for them, but now, he paid twice as much for them!

“Investigate, immediately go and investigate who is in that darkened compartment!” Mei Chuanfeng turned around and ordered one of his bodyguards with dense killing intent.

It was not appropriate to make a move in this Blacksnake Mansion, but once they were outside, he wouldn’t have any misgivings to make a move. All the crystal stones he had spent today, he would snatch them back!

A few experts of Blacksnake Clan hastily left, but the auction continued without any obstruction.

Several bald-headed big fellows carrying a big box walked up on the platform. Then, they lifted the red cloth covering the big box and a graceful woman appeared in front of people. She was wearing a spacious robe, but one could clearly see her figure, in addition, her appearance was exquisite, her sink was glossy and smooth, and her legs were damp.

A woman of Sea Demon Clan appeared in front of people. She was locked in a big iron cage for people to watch and scramble for.

“Hai Qing? Heavens, how could Hai Qing……”

In the darkened room near the entrance gate, Sea Demoness Hai Lili exclaimed, recognizing the young woman in the big iron cage. Immediately after that, she firmly covered her mouth, not daring to utter a sound. But, his left hand subconsciously grabbed the hand of Ye Chuan in nervousness. The sea demoness Hai Qing on the platform was the rare female warrior of Sea Demon Clan. She was also the maid who had served her for many years, and suddenly seeing her here like this, how could she not be nervous?

Eh, a sea demoness?”

In the mist luxurious compartment, Redline Lady Chu Hongniang also exclaimed, looking at terrified and helpless sea demoness in the big iron cage. When she was seriously injured and drifting in the sea with her son Jiajia, she thought that she would die, but later, thanks to Ye Chuan on the sea dragon boat, she was saved along with her son. Naturally, she was very grateful to Ye Chuan, but she also felt that she owed Sea Demon Clan for their kindness. And suddenly seeing a beautiful sea demoness here like this, she couldn’t help worrying about her.

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