Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 407

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 407: Dragon Tongue Orchids

Blacksnake Residence was boisterous and it was the most flourishing island of East Sea with numerous merchant ships coming and going. This place had a variety of unique buildings, good wines and delicacies with lingering taste and red-light district that could make people enjoy themselves so much as to forget to go home, but the most bustling place was still vast Blacksnake Mansion which auctioned all kinds of treasures. Just in terms of scale, it was far bigger than Treasure Gathering House of Cyan Sand Island.

In the early morning, when some people were still sleeping, the auction of Blacksnake Mansion would already start.

Unlike most auctions, Blacksnake Mansion generally chose to auction in the morning instead of the evening. Many people would leave hastily early in the morning to take a boat and leave after the auction because compared to Cyan Sand Island, the public security of this place was clearly much worse. Especially at night, all kinds of bad characters were active. If someone knew that you were carrying a huge sum of money or carrying some kind of treasures, then you might suddenly die anywhere at any time. According to the rumor, some criminals were under Blacksnake Mansion of Blacksnake Clan, so, even if everything was known perfectly, they could only suffer losses in silence.

Early in the morning, Blacksnake Mansion welcomed an honored guest. Blacksnake noble son Mei Chuanfeng who always held himself aloft in Blacksnake Residence came along with a large group of bodyguards just as in the past. But, what amazed everyone was, there were two people wearing black robe and a big bamboo hat walking in the front of this group. Their face couldn’t be seen, but from their build, one could determine that one was a man and the other was a woman. And always arrogant Mei Chuanfeng was strangely walking behind these two people with a respectful face.

Who were these two black robed people? What kind of background did they two have for Mei Chuanfeng to be so respectful?

Could it be that they were great elders of Blacksnake Clan that guarded Blacksnake Villa? Or, the patriarch of Blacksnake Clan who was confined to bed for many years because of qi deviation?

People were shocked, but they didn’t dare to comment. Only after this group of people walked far away, everyone began to make remarks in succession, guessing the identities of those two black robed people.

“In the virtuous room, serve the best tea, they are the honored guests of this noble son, if there is the slightest bit of neglect, then…… humph!”

Mei Chuanfeng coldly instructed and personally led Ghost King Dusen and Redline Lady Chu Hongniang to the largest compartment of Blacksnake Mansion. And soon after that, servants served a steaming hot tea with fear and trepidation. There was a small maid who seemed to be less than 15-years-old among the servants. She was so nervous that she staggered and dropped the serving tray with teacups to the ground, and some drops of hot tea splatter on Chu Hongniang.

The eyes of Ghost King Dusen shone with pallid light, but before he took action, Mei Chuanfeng jumped up and ferociously slapped this small maid as he shouted, “Where did this sl*t come from? Guards, drag out and behead her for me!”

Mei Chuanfeng flew into a rage. Who was Chu Hongniang now? She however was the inverse scale of Ghost King Dusen. And if this Ghost King was angered now, then let alone seizing the throne of patriarch, he might not even able to keep his little life!

“Stop, it’s just a few drops of tea, I am fine, let her go!”

Chu Hongniang coldly shouted, stopping the personal guards of Mei Chuanfeng.

At this moment, although Ghost King Dusen had untied the rope tied around her, she didn’t know what means he used but her cultivation was sealed. In addition, her hands and legs felt weak, just walking was hard enough, it was impossible to run away. And thinking that she might be captured by this Ghost King for the rest of her life, she involuntarily gave up all hopes, and she thought to commit suicide by biting off her tongue, but again recalling her missing husband Bai Rulong and her daughter, she gritted her teeth and persisted, longing for a miracle.

“Thank you, madam.”

That small maid bowed to Chu Hoangniang and rushed over to clean the fragments on the ground.

“No need to clean, just leave!”

Chu Hongniang urged. This devil, Ghost King Dusen, was moody. If this small maid didn’t leave now, then she might not return alive. Fortunately, perhaps, he was in a rare good mood, or, he considered the face of Chu Hongniang, Ghost King Dusen unexpectedly didn’t act out violently and let this small maid leave. Chu Hongniang breathed a sigh of relief and Mei Chuanfeng at one side also similarly breathed a sigh of relief, secretly wiping the cold sweat from his forehead. It seemed that he was more nervous than Chu Hongniang.

Slowly, the number of people in Blacksnake Mansion increased. And before, Ghost King Dusen and others finished drinking their tea, the auction of today began.

At the beginning, the items auctioned were relatively common things, basically were just some armors and weapons. Although each had a distinguishing feature, their grade was not high, the best one was only yellow grade. The desire of people to obtain these items were not strong, no need to talk about experienced and knowledgeable Ghost King Dusen. He didn’t even look at them and he gradually became somewhat impatient.

Upon seeing this, Mei Chuanfeng whispered something in the ear of his trusted subordinate. Then, the latter took his order token and left hastily to find the manager of this Blacksnake Mansion. Soon, the foreplay of this auction was hastily completed and the main course of this auction began.

The host on the platform clapped his hands and some people holding an antique small wooden box walked over. When this wooden box was opened, three completely red medicinal herbs appeared in front of people and a dense fragrance spread all over this auction hall, intoxicating all people. What was even more amazing was, the roots of those three medicinal herbs were intact and they resembled three lifelike small dragons. And when the lid had opened, they had even heard a dragon roar.

“These are three best ten thousand years Dragon Tongue Orchids. They were discovered by a loose cultivator in a volcanic crater that had existed for millions of years and he snatched them from the mouth of a fire dragon. Refining just one of this Dragon Tongue Orchids, the efficacy will be equivalent to cultivating for a thousand years. These three are sold together, the starting bid is 50,000 top-grade crystal stones.”

The host briefly introduced the efficacy ad origin of these three medical herbs, then gave time to the people present.

The auction hall that was somewhat cold and cheerless just a moment ago quickly seethed with excitement. Just one could increase their power by thousand years, this kind of treasure was simply priceless for any cultivator. And with three of them present here, it meant that their power would increase by three thousand years, one could well imagine the temptation of this treasure. The gaze of all cultivators present became hot.

“Dragon Tongue Orchid?”

Redline Lady Chu Hongniang raised her head and looked at those three medical herbs at the platform. Then, her eyes slowly shone as she recalled the words said by Ye Chuan in the sea dragon boat. In the future, to save her son Jiajia and make him regain consciousness, she needed several worldly treasures, one of them just happened to this Dragon Tongue Orchid that could only be encountered not sought!

“Wife, do you like those medicinal herbs?” Seeing the current appearance of Chu Hongniang, Ghost King Dusen happy as he asked. Once upon a time, a similar scene was deeply engraved in his mind. Even though he had become an ice-cold zombie from a heaven-defying loose cultivator, then experienced millions of years, becoming Ghost King, he still vividly remember this scene. Even if he wanted to forget, he couldn’t forget it.

“53,000 crystal stones!”



In the auction hall, the people were bidding higher and higher.

Chu Hongniang didn’t speak and coldly ignored Ghost King Dusen. But, she was continuously staring at those medicinal herbs on the platform. And thinking about her poor son who was frozen over in the stone coffin, tears couldn’t help flowing down her eyes.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    So sufficiently powerfull cultivator can become zombie and, eventually, even Ghost King.

    I wonder if Ye Chuan will meet friends/enemies from his previous life turned into ghosts.

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