Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 406

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 406: The eve of the fierce battle

Returning to the sea dragon boat, Ye Chuan quickly made the preparation.

First of all, he dispatched people to look for Redline Lady Chu Hongnang’s husband Bai Rulong, preparing to cooperate with them. Then, he sent some people to spy on the terrain of Blacksnake Mansion to prepare for an ambush in advance.

Ye Chuan had several objectives to come to East Sea this time.

Now, he had already determined that the so-called Blacksnake Archfiend was very likely either Black Snake Monarch, the formidable enemy of his previous life, or his clone, or at least there was some kind of relation, he had to destroy the sacrifice ritual of Blacksnake Clan to prevent the arrival of Blacksnake Archfiend; Secondly, he had already discovered the whereabouts of Redline Lady Chu Hongniang, and they would be coming out of Blacksnake Mansion tomorrow, that would be the best chance to save her. And if he was lucky enough, then he would be able to kill Mei Chuanfeng too!

Everyone quickly hot busy. Sea Demon Patriarch led his clan warriors to protect the sea dragon boat and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect disembarked group by group, making preparation in advance. As for Ye Chuan, he took a bath and changed his clothes, then, in a secret room, he lit white sandalwood and closed his eyes to rest, preparing for the fierce battle of tomorrow.

A fine and continuous worldly spiritual qi seeped into the body of Ye Chuan, then dragon shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman, Buddha Talisman, Iron Blooded Banner Talisman………, all the Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body spun, and pure energy tempered and refined his bones and muscles. In his dantian, another vague qi cyclone had appeared at an unknown time and there was a sign of a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman condensing. This showed that the next breakthrough was near at hand. But, even after absorbing a lot of worldly spiritual qi, this new qi cyclone didn’t have much change. According to past experience, if he wanted to condense a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman, then just cultivating in seclusion was not enough, luck and accumulation were also needed.

Hualala, a sea wave sound resounded but Ye Chuan still sat still in his cabin.

But, with more and more worldly spiritual qi entering his body, slowly, in the sky above sea dragon boat, an energy vortex appeared as the worldly spiritual qi within the radius of one kilometer drawn here.

Give me power, let me breakthrough!

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged without any movement, but he was roaring in his heart. He thirsted for even more worldly spiritual qi, thirst for even more powerful strength and also thirst for the breakthrough to condense a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman.

Originally, he planned to go about things steadily and surely, and consolidate every realm, but now, since the situation was pressing, he was unable to keep to conventional ways and cultivate slowly.

State Teacher was ferocious, Heavenly Yao Sect was powerful, the pressure of Ghost King was monstrous and Mei Chuanfeng was overbearing, but, compared to Black Snake Monarch, the enemy of his former life, they paled into insignificance. If the so-called Blacksnake Archfiend was truly Black Snake Monarch, then his life was in danger. Once the other party came to this Wilderness World and discovered his whereabouts, then he would not have a place to take shelter even if fled to the ends of the world. Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin, Plague Archfiend, and other followers together would not be able to stop even a finger of this Black Snake Monarch.

Ye Chuan felt pressure like never before and this made him thirst for power like never before. He swallowed worldly spiritual qi like a whale swallowing water.

The complexion of Sea Demon Patriarch who had stayed behind to protect the sea dragon boat changed, and the respect he had towards Ye Chuan increased, in addition, he was greatly shocked.

There was an energy vortex in the sky above sea dragon boat, but including him, no one here could absorb even a tiny bit of this worldly spiritual qi. All was plundered by Ye Chuan. When the latter was cultivating with determination, no matter how much worldly spiritual qi there was, it seemed to be insufficient. Just the aura of one Heaven Swallowing Talisman could frighten other people. At this moment, if someone walked into the secret room of Ye Chuan, then they would discover that he had entered into half dragon state, and he was vibrating so rapidly that afterimages could be seen. Now, he seemed to have transformed into a true dragon, and the afterimages of a dragon, Buddha, human faced snake, Iron Blooded Banner and others floated behind his head. There was one afterimage of one Heaven Swallowing Talisman. And it appeared as if the eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans wanted to evolve into eight powerful avatars.

This Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets he had found in the nameless tomb of God Burial Valley displayed a greater mystery.

Ye Chuan had a premonition, cultivating like this, he would surely far surpass his previous self in the future. One Heaven Swallowing Talisman gave him 18,000 jin of strength and also an avatar, and someday, when he reached the pinnacle of cultivation and condense 108,000 Heaven Swallowing Talismans, then who can fight against him?

Under this unprecedented pressure, Ye Chuan cultivated in determination, then he suddenly held his head high and roared. Then, eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans evolved into avatars phantom and soared towards the sky, then looked down at the entire Blacksnake Residence. A violent aura with heaven destroying and earth exterminating momentum spread all around.

Powerful auras suddenly erupted from every corner of Blacksnake Residence. Practically all Daoist Master realm experts instantly sensed this aura of Ye Chuan’s eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans. Unfortunately, when they rushed out, the phantoms in the sky had already dispersed. Moreover, Ye Chuan quickly restrained his aura and energy fluctuation, then quietly closing his eyes, the energy vortex in the sky above sea dragon boat also dispersed rapidly. Just after everything had calmed down, several powerful divine senses swept over, instantly, all people within the radius of several kilometers felt ice-cold and no one dared to move. They felt as if a huge mountain was about to ruthlessly crush them. Sea Demon warriors hiding in the sea dragon boat were also sweating profusely, fortunately, these powerful divine senses slowly dispersed after scanning all over several times and not finding anything peculiar.

It was deadly silent around sea dragon boat. All living creatures continued to hide in the dark and didn’t dare to move. Even the sounds of sea waves seemed to have disappeared. Only after a long time, croaking sounds of some frogs resounded and the surroundings slowly returned to normal. Moreover, a hint of grey dawn appeared at the horizon. At that time, a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect flew over stepping on his flying sword and rushing to the secret room where Ye Chuan was staying, he said, “Reporting……, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, spies have reported back, no one could find the race of White Dragon Sage.”

Creak, the door of the secret room opened automatically. Ye Chuan was still sitting cross-legged on the ground, and he said, “What about Blacksnake Mansion? Is everything ready?”

“Under the command of Miss, everything is ready.” The disciple of Cloud Mist Sect answered.

“Good, now, transmit my order, the plan is not changed.” Ye Chuan instructed as he looked at the distant sea from the window.

Since they couldn’t come into contact with White Dragon Sage, that was truly a pity, but, this was the golden opportunity to rescue Redline Lady Chu Hongniang and also assassinate Mei Chuanfeng. He couldn’t miss this chance.


The disciple outside the door bowed accepting the order, then stepping on his flying sword, he flew away.

Sea Demoness Hai Lili had arrived here at an unknown time and coincidentally hearing the report of this disciple, she was worried and then, hesitating for a bit, she walked to the front of Ye Chuan and said, “Noble son Ye, in today’s operation, I want to go together with you.”

“Regardless of success or failure, today’s operation is very dangerous. If you go, then there is very likely that you will never return, Hai Lili, aren’t you afraid?” Looking at Hai Lili, Ye Chuan didn’t answer and he also didn’t refuse.

“Not afraid, Miss Jiajia is not afraid, why should I be afraid?” Hai Lili answered.

“Then, what about your grandfather? Even if you are not afraid, will you grandfather let you go with me?” Ye Chuan asked again.

“No one can stop me from the matter I have decided. Besides, I have already vowed to follow noble son Ye throughout this life.  If noble son met any mishap, then I also cannot live.” Hai Lili took off her robe, revealing that she was already wearing battle uniform inside. She had a soft and weak tone, but one could feel her determination.

A faint sighing sound came from outside.

Sea Demon Patriarch had also come over, and hearing the words of his granddaughter Hai Lili, he understood that it was useless to stop her, so he helplessly turned around to leave. He could restrain many sea demon warriors, but he couldn’t restrain his only granddaughter Hai Lili. Now, he could only pray that Ye Chuan would return alive after this battle at Blacksnake Mansion.

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