Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 403

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 403: A big chess game

After instructing Little Long’er to wait outside for his signal, Ye Chuan sneaked into Blacksnake Villa alone.

It was called villa, but its area was even larger than most of the sects. There were mountains, rivers and even lakes within this villa. In addition, there were also big and small paths within this mountain villa, and patrolling guards with torch frequently walked past those paths. In the sky, there was obscure energy fluctuation, naturally, there were invisible restrictions.

Ye Chuan wearing black robe and big bamboo hate silently entered this villa as if a ghost. His tall and straight body appeared as if it didn’t have any weight and he easily avoided the patrolling guards and restrictions all along the road.

In Blacksnake Villa, there were countless detection restrictions. If any other person was in the place of Ye Chuan, then, even if he was peak Daoist Master realm expert, he would also not be able to sneak in without anybody knowing like Ye Chuan. As Heaven Concealing Great Sage who once concealed the heaven with his hand, there were not many restrictions he had not seen, so easily avoided the restrictions within Blacksnake Villa. In Blacksnake Villa, there were also many restrictions that were already lost in mainland, but they didn’t pose a problem for him. If he had brought along Little Long’er, then it might not be so easy.

Under the dim light of night, Ye Chuan passed through buildings, holding a piece of torn cloth.

This was the piece of cloth torn from the clothing of Redline Chu Hongniang when they were in the bamboo forest of Cyan Sand Island. Relying on this piece of cloth, Ye Chuan carefully wandered around Blacksnake Villa, looking for the whereabouts of Chu Hongniang. Since Ghost King Dusen was in Blacksnake Villa, Chu Hongniang must also be somewhere here. But, beyond his expectation, even after looking for a long time, he was unable to find the whereabouts of Chu Hongniang. He could vaguely feel a weak response, but he was unable to accurately pinpoint her position.

Ye Chuan stopped. He understood that the matters were more difficult than he had imagined.

Clearly, either Chu Hongniang was imprisoned deep underground or someone had used some kind of restriction on her, making her aura very weak. Now, it was impossible to find her with only this piece of cloth.

A fire illuminated the front and a group of patrolling guards walked over with a torch. Seeing this, Ye Chuan immediately hid in a bush.

“Third brother, did you see something?” A short guard walking in the front felt like he saw something, so raising the torch in his hand, he scanned all around.

“I saw an assassin, he had three heads and six arms.”

The tall guard walking behind laughed and patted the shoulder of the short guard as he added, “I didn’t see anything, what is there? It is only a gust of wind. Who doesn’t have eyes and dare to sneak into our Blacksnake Villa? Even if someone sneaked in, what is this place? This is this sleeping quarters of Blacksnake noble son, there are layer upon layer of restrictions. Who can come here without anybody knowing? Don’t stand there stupidly, let’s go!”

“Exactly, Aizi must have entangled with that prostitute for a long time, so he is weak and he began to see things, hahaha……”

A few guards laughed and went away. That short guard shook his head and also thought that that was just his misconception, then he followed after them. And after they left, Ye Chuan slowly walked out from the dark.

“Sleeping quarter of Blacksnake noble son Mei Chuanfeng?”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and looking all around, he quickly discovered a sumptuous palace and a cold smile appeared on his face.

Late at night, the other places of this Blacksnake Villa was blackened and quiet, but this sumptuous palace was still lit up. Ye Chuan quietly used Cyan Feather Technique and quietly arrived outside this palace like a gust of wind, then he hung down from the eaves of this palace and looked inside via window. Sure enough, he saw a familiar figure.

On the platform of the hall, there was a big bed that could accommodate more than a dozen people together. A fine gauze was hung half way down the bed and one could indistinctly see several beautiful half naked women on the bed. In the midst of these women, there was a young man. He was handsome, merely the sinister air he was emitting made people uncomfortable. That young man was none other than Blacksnake noble son Mei Chuanfeng. Below on the hall, a few trusted subordinates were standing. Sensing the energy fluctuation within their body, all of them were peak experts.

“Noble son, matters have already been arranged, Sixth Elder has already received the gifts we sent. Merely……, merely Sixth Elder seemed to be not satisfied, he ignored the gifts.” A black robed middle-aged man standing at the left side said. He was somewhat hesitating for fear that he would infuriate this Blacksnake noble son. He also didn’t dare to raise his head and look at those several beauties on the bed. But, his throat was a little dry as he was secretly coveting those beauties on the bed, however, he didn’t dare to raise his head even if was given the guts of leopard.

The sexuality of snakes was very indiscriminate, in this respect, Blacksnake Clan had always been making others bristle with anger. They would lay hands on all the people, ignoring moral principles and ethics, and Blacksnake noble son Mei Chuanfeng was an outstanding person among them. All the women he took a fancy upon were first-class beauties. Without looking at them, just listening to their faint breathing, these trusted subordinates standing below felt extremely thirsty and they felt hot.

“Humph, that insatiable old dog!”

Blacksnake noble son coldly snorted, then stretching out his hand, he pinched one woman and said, “But, like this is also good, I am not afraid of that old dog being greedy, I just fear that he will not receive. Go, double the amount of gift, then deliver them to that old dog again. Be sure to make him support our operation.”

“Yes, noble son!”

The black robed middle-aged man bowed, accepting the order and then added, “Third Elder’s place, this subordinate went there several times but I was refused. Tonight also, I was chased away. Noble son, you see……”

“Recently, Blacksnake Residence has not been peaceful and tranquil. Many demonized living beings had appeared. In addition, I heard that the experts of some clans had already been killed. Truly is a pity, heh heh.” Mei Chuanfeng sneered and holding beauties in both hands, he suddenly pressed the head of a woman towards his lower part, ignoring the trusted subordinates below.

“Okay, this subordinate understand what to do. But, the cultivation of Third Elder is high and several powerful bodyguards follow around him all year round, so when we make a move, I fear……” The black robed middle-aged man understood the meaning of Blacksnake noble son.

“I’ll take care of it, as long as you all deal with this matter without leaving any clue, it is fine. I have a Sage realm expert working for me, whoever I want dead would be dead, hahahaha…… This Blacksnake Residence is mine, I am well-deserved patriarch!”

Mei Chuanfeng roared with laughter and tightly grabbed the twin peaks of a woman and the latter shed tears in pain. But it appeared as if the more unbearable the pain and the more miserable a women looked, the louder Blacksnake noble son laughed.

The middle-aged man wiped the sweat from his forehead. From the time Mei Chuanfeng returned from Cyan Sand Island, his cultivation had reached higher and he had become even more insolent and lawless. “Noble son, there is another matter, according to the report of Blacksnake guards, White Dragon Sage has come all the way to Blacksnake Residence. I fear he wants to sneak into our Blacksnake Villa and create a disturbance. In addition, the youngster surnamed Ye, whom you had ordered to keep a close eye on, has suddenly disappeared without a trace, it is very likely that he has also arrived at Blacksnake Residence.”

“Ye…… Chuan……, finally, that brat is coming. This noble son has been waiting for him for a long time. It is good that he came, hahahaha…..”

Mei Chuanfeng suddenly turned around and sat up. Now, he was gritting his teeth as his eyes emitted pallid light.

He had succeeded in swindling Ghost King Dusen, and using a large number of tributes, he had made him his butcher’s knife. Now, he was in the next big chess game, ready to launch internal strife to ascend onto the throne of Patriarch. Although he had already been designated as the next Patriarch, he was already very impatient, he couldn’t wait any longer. These past few days, he had a great harvest, and the certainty had gotten bigger and bigger, making him be wild. The only matter that made him displeased was Ye Chuan.

If he could smoothly ascend to the throne of Patriarch and kill that brat Ye Chuan, then how perfect his life would be!

Mei Chuanfeng emitted dense killing intent. He was looking forward to personally chop the head of Ye Chuan to vent off all his anger.

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