Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 402

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 402: Blacksnake Residence

On the seventh day, at the beginning of the night, Ye Chuan and his group finally arrived at their destination, Blacksnake Residence.

This was a huge island, or one could say that it was a continent in the sea. Although it was not comparable to Heavenly Fire Continent in size, it was much larger than other ordinary islands and it had millions of people living here. This island was the largest island in the entire East Sea and also was most prosperous, in addition, it was the lair of Blacksnake Clan.

With the cover of the night, sea dragon boat docked at one inconspicuous corner of this island, moreover, since it was a flat boat, it was hidden under the dense seagrasses. Just like in Cyan Sand Island, Sea Demon Clan didn’t dare to disembark, only the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect quietly disembarked and went ashore under the moonlight. Zhu Sijia led Old Demon of Mount Yin and others to replenish the essential materials. And Ye Chuan and Little Long’er disguised themselves and went towards Blacksnake Villa of Blacksnake Residence, preparing to find out the whereabouts of Chu Hongniang and also look into the circumstance of Mei Chuanfeng.

Under the dim moonlight, many small alleys were shrouded in darkness.

Like most of the cities in mainland, Blacksnake Residence also had many slumps. There were ragged and old houses very close to each other and the passage was narrow and dark. In addition, the ditches along the road emitted unpleasant odors. The poor accounts for the vast majority of wherever they were.

Ye Chuan and Little Long’er wearing a big bamboo hat walked through winding and twisting alleys, especially taking remote paths.

When they arrived at the territory of Mei Chuanfeng, they became even more careful than when they were in Cyan Sand Island.

Miaow, a big black cat suddenly jumped in front of them. It was big and fleshy and its eyes emitted dim green light. In addition, it had sharp claws. It ferociously stared at Ye Chuan and Little Long’er, then pounced onto them. Not only it didn’t fear human, but it also wanted to take the initiative to attack.


Little Long’er let out a low dragon roar and slightly emitted a hint of his demonic dragon aura. Immediately after that, that big black cat turned around and instantly jumping over a ten meters tall tree, it disappeared into the night. It was faster than a Xiushi realm cultivator.

The two people continued to advance and became even more cautious.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, didn’t you feel that that big black cat of just a moment ago was somewhat abnormal?” After walking for a little while, Little Long’er was unable to endure and broke the silence.

“Mmm, it clearly is already demonized.”

Without lowering his speed, Ye Chuan continued to advance forward in a constant pace and indifferently said, “Not only that black cat, many living beings of Blacksnake Residence have already been demonized and eroded by dark power. Every place a Ghost King goes, he would bring a disaster in that place. Moreover, the longer he stays in one place, the more the people of that place will be affected. If this continues, then it will not take long for this Blacksnake Residence to turn into a Ghost Domain that prohibits living beings.”

Ye Chuan was calm. This change of Blacksnake Residence was already within his expectation. He flicked his finger and a fly buzzing around their head fell to the ground. The head of this fly was much larger than usual flies, and there was two budges on its head that resembled a pair of tiny horns. Its appearance was strange and its temperament was fierce, clearly was also eroded by dark power and mutated.

Little Long’er was inwardly scared and closely followed behind Ye Chuan.

As a demonic dragon, he was tough physically and superior innately, but his disposition was similar to an ordinary seven or eight-year-old child. He had never seen such a strange thing. Ye Chuan however was almost exactly the opposite, he had experienced unknown numbers of stormy waves in his previous life. He just indifferently crushed a mutated lizard and continued to advance forward without any change in expression. Behind him, Little Long’er however was screaming in his heart.

AOO! A howl of a wolf suddenly came from the dark. Shortly afterward, chaotic screams resounded along with a female voice screaming for help and wailing. This noise was coming from another alley not far away from them.

“Not good, there is a dog that is demonized, let’s go!”

Ye Chuan suddenly sped up and rushed towards a seven or eight meters tall wall. And when was about to collide with this wall, he instantly jumped over this wall. Little Long’er also followed closely behind. The two people, one in the front and the other in the back, jumped over a wall and landed on the other dark alley, then, they jump to the roof and quickly rushed forward towards the origin of that noise.

At one courtyard, a big black dog had ferociously pushed down a young girl. The clothing of this young girl had already been torn to shreds and she was half naked. The family members of this young girl held pickaxe, sickle and other farm tools, then rushed forward while screaming to save this young girl, but this demonized dog didn’t retreat in fear rather pounced forward. Not only they were unable to save this young girl, a middle-aged man also was bitten by this black dog. A large piece of his shoulder flesh was torn off by this black dog and blood flowed out, but the blood was black in color as if he was poisoned. Now, the family members could only wail helplessly.

“Little Long’er!”

Ye Chuan coldly called out and Little Long’er immediately rushed forward, then without transforming into a demonic dragon, he directly punched.


The demonized dog opened its mouth to bite. It still didn’t move away from that young girl. It was unwilling to give up halfway. Dong, this demonized dog was sent flying away by the punch of Little Long’er.

Little Long’er was angry, and as if a shadow, he chased after this demonized dog. Even without transforming into a dragon, his power was astonishing. After three punches and two kicks, this strong demonized dog collapsed in its pool of blood and stopped moving. As for Ye Chuan, he didn’t make any move, he walked over to the wounded middle-aged man, then after examining his wound, he threw down a bottle of medicinal pills and said, “You are poisoned with corpse poison, orally take one pill per day.”

After instructing, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er turned around and left, quickly advancing towards Blacksnake Villa. Behind, those people finally came back to their senses and they wanted to express their thanks, but they discovered that Ye Chuan and Little Long’er had already disappeared without a trace.

After taking several more twists and turns, Ye Chuan increased his speed. The matters were worse than he had expected. The cultivation of that Ghost King who had woken up in advance was rising steadily. Perhaps, he was getting energy from the Ghost King Cloak he was wearing or perhaps, he absorbed a large amount of blood and qi.

Yes, Ghost King Dusen must have absorbed a lot of blood and qi, in exchange, no need to mention he spared Mei Chuanfeng, he also used a heaven-defying technique to help Mei Chuanfeng rise his cultivation base.

Mei Chuanfeng, that bastard was using Ghost King!

Ye Chuan roughly understood what was going on, and his complexion became ice-cold.

Who was Mei Chuanfeng? He was a cruel and ruthless person who only had strength and power in his eyes. In addition, he had even gone to Cyan Sand Island to kidnap 8,000 virgin boys and virgin girls, he naturally didn’t care about the life of average people of this Blacksnake Residence. With the help of this local thug, the danger of Ghost King suddenly magnified by several times.

“Little Long’er, swallow this pill.”

Ye Chuan took out two pills that neutralize corpse poison, then handing one over to Little Long’er, he swallowed the remaining one to be prepared, just in case. Now, Blacksnake Villa that was located halfway up the mountain was not far away from them, moreover, he could sense powerful auras in that villa. It seemed there were many experts there, and the dark power was also the strongest there, clearly, Ghost King Dusen was also there.

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