Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 401

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 401: Bai Rulong

The huge sea dragon boat turned around and headed for the distant East Sea.

Compared to ordinary boats, the speed of sea dragon boat was much faster, but even after sailing for three days and three nights, they couldn’t see even the shadow of that merchant ship hijacked by that Ghost King Dusen. On the contrary, they discovered that the islands on the way were all eroded by inexplicable dark power and many evil creatures had climbed out from the bottom of the sea and had invaded and occupied the islands located on the way. As for the original inhabitants of these islands, either they were besieged by those evil creatures or were eroded by that pitch-black energy. Even some overseas loose cultivators who had been in seclusion for many years were unable to escape and turned into devils that killed everyone around them. All along the way, the sea dragon boat suffered many attacks from many of these devils.

The power of this Ghost King was far beyond anyone could imagine. Just seeing the changes en route, both Sea Demon warriors and disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were terrified. Ye Chuan was also shocked, but he became even more determined to go to East Sea.

On the fourth day, sea dragon boat finally entered the East Sea and also entered the periphery of Blacksnake Clan’s territory.

From this point on, the islands en route looked nothing different. It seemed that that Ghost King had finally restrained his aura or he was finally able to freely control the dark power within his body. All along the way, sea dragon boat no longer ran into the attacks of overseas loose cultivators who had transformed into devils, but slowly another type of trouble appeared. They frequently encountered the harassment of Blacksnake Clan’s warships.

Perhaps, they got some news to expand the limit of their defense, or perhaps, they were going all around to capture virgin boys and virgin girls, the distinctive Blacksnake warships of Blacksnake Clan were sailing everywhere. This kind of boats was not big and it could accommodate only a dozen or so people, but the speed was fast. Looking at them from far away, these boats resembled huge black seabirds flying above the sea. So, they were commonly known as Blacksnake Airship.

Not long after entering East Sea, sea dragon boat encountered several blacksnake boats, and when they saw sea dragon boat, the warriors of Blacksnake Clan got excited. Every one of them held swords and rushed towards them, attempting to hijack sea dragon boat. Overseas World was full of the slave trade. Sea Demon Clan, regardless of male or female, all looked outstanding, so they had always been best-seller goods in the slave market. Just one sea demon could fetch sky high price.

The rampant warriors of Blacksnake Clan had always been extremely vicious, but, when they boarded the sea dragon boat, they however were dumbfounded. A large group of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples was waiting for them and they welcomed them with dragon headed flying crossbows.

Ye Chuan was unwilling to deliberately complicate an issue and hoped to rush over to East Sea, but he also will never be softhearted on the warriors of Blacksnake Clan who didn’t have eyes and jump in front of him. The closer they got to the lair of Blacksnake Clan, Blacksnake Island, they encountered more fellows without eyes.

On the fifth day, at daybreak, the warriors of Sea Demon Clan suddenly screamed. Walking over to the deck and watching, they saw a dozen or so blacksnake boats in front of them and sharp arrows whistled towards them. It seemed they had coincidentally encountered a group of blacksnake boats, or Blacksnake Clan learned the position of sea dragon boat, thus, they gathered elite troops to intercept.

“Speed up, detour from the northern side, shake them off!” Sea Demon Patriarch gave orders.

The huge sea dragon boat accelerated and under full power, it was faster than those blacksnake boats.

But, another group of blacksnake boats appeared from the north and two groups of blacksnake boats made a pincer attack from the front and back. The complexion of sea demon warriors became tense, but they jumped into the sea to prevent the warriors of Blacksnake Clan from launching a surprise attack. They didn’t fear to jump off the boat, they only feared that this boat would be damaged. This was the final sea dragon boat of Sea Demon Clan, it would be troublesome if it was destroyed and sunk.

“Prepare dragon headed flying crossbows and kill them!”

Zhu Sijia ordered and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect quickly used dragon headed flying crossbows and flying swords to attack. But, the two groups of blacksnake boats were approaching closer and closer and a large scale battle was on the verge of breaking out. Ye Chuan also held Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, preparing to take action. Even Plague Archfiend Abasi who suffered from seasickness and feared water also headed to the deck preparing to battle.

At that time, a small wooden boat suddenly appeared at the distant. Only a white robed man was standing on it. He was tall and straight with a sword hung on his waist. And he alone rushed towards the group of blacksnake boats. Also, that small wooden boat didn’t seem to have any formations, but its speed was faster than blacksnake boats.

The group of blacksnake boats quickly fell into chaos. The warriors rushed to the deck and shot arrows towards that white robed man. But, no amount of arrows could stop that white robed man. He boarded the boats and quickly, screaming sounds resounded in succession along with sword qi sweeping all over. Not a single warrior of Blacksnake Clan could block the attack of this white robed man. In less than half an hour, the entire army of Blacksnake Clan was wiped out. Now, corpses were floating on the sea dying this area of sea red.

On sea dragon boat, sea demon warriors and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were tense. They were nervous and also surprised. They wondered from where this peak expert suddenly popped up from. Just looking at the tall and straight figure of this white robe man, Plague Archfiend Abasi also narrows his eyes and became solemn. He could sense that this person was not any inferior to him. This white robed man who killed all around was also Half-Sage realm heaven-defying expert like him.

After killing all the warriors of Blacksnake Clan, this white robed man suddenly jumped towards sea dragon boat and needless to speak, the people on the sea dragon boat became even more nervous.

“No need to fear, he is White Dragon Sage, Redline Lady Chu Hongniang’s husband Bai Rulong!” Sea Demon Patriarch suddenly said.

Although this old man was old, his eyes were sharp. He quickly recognized the identity of this white robed man when he approached. Sure enough, although the speed of this white robed man was fast and he approached sea dragon boat, they didn’t feel any malicious or killing intent from him. In addition, when he was 10 meters away, he suddenly flew higher and landed on the deck of this sea dragon boat.

Then, looking at everyone, this white robed man asked, “May I ask, who is noble son Ye?”

“I am, you are……, husband of Chu Hongniang, Bai Rulong?” Ye Chuan stepped forward and looking at Bai Rulong, he recalled a person. That person was Nan Tiandu who had stayed behind to guard Cloud Mist Sect. These two people were similarly tall and straight and similarly cold in manner. Merely, White Dragon Sage had a good long-standing reputation, but Nan Tiandu had yet to display his brilliance in front of common people and he needed further training.

“Yes, I am Bai Rulong, noble son, thank you for saving the life of my wife and son. Jiajia, where is she, can you take me to see him?” The cultivation of Bai Rulong was heaven defying and he had a cold temperament, but he greatly respected Ye Chuan. And after boarding the ship, he was impatient to see his son.

“White Dragon Sage, you know everything?” Ye Chuan was somewhat surprised, but he quickly brought Bai Rulong inside the cabin.

“I have already received the letter of Hongniang. Mei Chuanfeng has already returned to Blacksnake Residence four days ago, and no need to speak that his cultivation had risen rapidly, he quickly grasped the power of Blacksnake Clan. You need to be careful, noble son. Jiajia, I will trouble you all to help take care of him for a period of time.”

Bai Rulong looked at his frozen son inside the crystal coffin. Then, turning around, he jumped back to his small wooden boat and sail away quickly, leaving behind only those words. When Ye Chuan and others chased back to the deck, he had already reached far away, becoming a small white dot on the sea surface. He was going to the lair of Blacksnake Clan alone to rescue his wife and daughter. All along the way, he had already killed countless experts of Blacksnake Clan, in any case, he killed one when he saw one.

Four days ago, Blacksnake noble son Mei Chuanfeng had returned to Blacksnake Residence. In other words, he and Ghost King had only spent one day to arrive here from far away Cyan Sand Island.

The complexion of Ye Chuan and Sea Demon Patriarch changed simultaneously, in addition, another bigger doubt appeared in their mind. Wasn’t Mei Chuanfeng caught by that Ghost King, how could his cultivation suddenly skyrocket, could it be that……

The eyebrows of Ye Chuan jumped up. This trip to East Sea had become even more dangerous.

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