Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 40

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 40: What’s with your expression?

By the extremely vicious intimidation of Flame Devil, the whole body of fatty Zhao Dazhi trembled, and even after a good while, he was rather scared out of his wits, and he was dying to immediately leave this place.

But Ye Chuan was completely opposite, continued to leisurely wander around the Ghost market, as if nothing had happened, and was also fearless that Flame Devil would chase after them. So fatty was helpless, he was forced to have his heart in his mouth and follow Ye Chuan wandering around the Ghost Market.

After turning around few corners, Ye Chuan stopped in front of a grotto.

This grotto didn’t have any decoration, but definitely was sufficiently large. It was three times larger compared to the ordinary grotto, and there was a great variety of items for sale. There were dazzling flying swords, pitch-black as if ink heavy armor, and also various kinds of pills. And the person standing inside this grotto was a bony old man. His cheeks didn’t have any flesh, and had a triangular face. And all customers of this place didn’t have a good complexion, as well as he was looking at all these people as if they owed him 300 taels of silver.

Originally Ye Chuan wanted to walk past this grotto too, but suddenly, Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body softly jumped, reacting to a vague power fluctuation. He immediately stopped and looked towards the stall of this old man.


Ye Chuan lightly exclaimed. Cyan Lotus Lamp could sense the existence of a treasure nearby, he knew this point long ago, but the stall of this old man was full of things, so how was he going to find the real treasure?

Ye Chuan took a quick glance at the wide variety of displayed items, and slowly, his gaze fixed at an unassuming small bag in one corner. Inside the bag, there was a small amount of soil mixed with a number of pale cyan colored seeds. Seeing this, his eyes flashed with surprise, then deep uncertain.

“This is the old man of Five Style Sect. His nickname is Exploiter Hu. If he can then he would sell even a piss pot at an exorbitant price. He specialized in cheating, it is impossible for anyone to buy anything from him at a cheap price.” Fatty Zhao Dazhi stepped forward and warned in a whisper.

He often came to this Ghost Market to wander around, so he was very familiar with the situation here. And all along he had never bought anything from this Exploiter Hu, even to the extent that when passing by here, he would quicken his steps.

Although Flame Devil was also trying to sell those crystal stones at sky high price, but his crystal stones were also truly of top quality. But Exploiter Hu was different. It’s already been a long time since he had come to Ghost Market, but he was very greedy, and don’t know how, he would get the disciples of Five Style Sect use their identity to frequently extort a number of unpopular flying swords and pills in a cheap price, then disguising them as a treasure, he would sell them at high prices, especially cheating the people who are unfamiliar to Ghost Market.

“Is that so?”

Ye Chuan indifferently smiled, then turning around, he walked over. After that picking up a flying sword and examining it all over, he asked, “Old man, what’s the price of this flying sword?”

“843 taels of silver.” Exploiter Hu looked over and stiffly answered.

“This costs more than 800 taels of silver? 80 should be more like it!”

Fatty shook his head, the flying sword held by Ye Chuan obviously was a shoddy product. A light was flowing on the surface, but inside was ordinary jade stone without any energy fluctuation, simply cannot be considered any magic weapon. Only a blockhead in money matters would buy it. But this old man Exploiter Hu still pretended it to be a rare treasure, and had the appearance of not caring whether he buys or not. Unaware people would definitely be deceived by his current act.

“What about this ring, what’s its cost?” Ye Chuan put down the flying sword and he picked up a ring with a smile.

“1,200 taels.” Exploiter Hu answered.

“Can you offer a discount?”

“There’s nothing to bargain over here.”

“What about this long whip?”

“2,700 taels.”

“What about this rod?”


As soon as Exploiter Hu opened his mouth, fatty Zhao Dazhi was so angry that he wanted to immediately walk away, but Ye Chuan didn’t agree, and merely asked the price of the items with a smile. Slowly, Exploiter Hu got so angry that it was unbearable.

The things Ye Chuan took a fancy upon was honestly too many, although the quality of the flying swords was bad, he would happily look at them for a good while. He practically asked the price of all the things in the stall, completely ignoring the complexion of Exploiter Hu. This was the first time this Exploiter Hu who was known as the extremely slick person had the impulse to chase away the customer, but he endured and restrained himself.

“What about the price of that bag of soil?” Ye Chuan looked towards the small bag in one corner and patiently asked, nearly making Exploiter Hu spat out a blood.

“Noble son, what do you see with your eyes? This is a bag of seed, where is the bag of soil?” Exploiter Hu fumed with anger, he really was unable to bear and said ferociously, “This bag of seeds are not for sale, if you buy items worth 1,000 taels of silver, you will get a seed as a complimentary gift.”

“Oh, it was like that, pretty good, you really know the proper method to operate. How much is the cost of this bag of soil? I’ll take it.” Ye Chuan smiled, then shot a glance at dumbstruck fatty, then the latter hurriedly took out silvers from his bosom.

“Boy, you……”

Exploiter Hu was so angry that his bread stuck up, he had never met such poking fun at other people. And just when he was about to open his mouth to curse, he saw the slivers in the hand of fatty, then he immediately swallowed back the curses, and said while waving his hands, “Noble son, you have a great vision, 3 taels of silver, and as a complementary gifts, you can take those seeds too.”

“You want 3 taels of silver for a bag of soil?”

Fatty was not happy at all, and his teeth itched. One was more outrageous than the other.

There were so many flying swords, pills and other treasures, but Ye Chuan unexpectedly liked a bag of soil. Ye Chuan was already outrageous enough like this. But he had never thought that this old man Exploiter Hu was even more outrageous. There was soil like that everywhere, but giving it such a price, really deserved to be called Exploiter Hu.

“Fatty, don’t complain, go, bring back this bag of soil to feed the fish, economize the food. Although your family has rice stores, and there are many rice, but being able to economize a little, isn’t that great?”

Ye Chuan took the little bag from Exploiter Hu, then turning around, he walked away.

Behind, the face of fatty became red, and understood that Ye Chuan still hadn’t forgotten his boasting. As for Exploiter Hu, he was all smiles. Although this business was a bit small, but was absolutely profitable. A small bag of soil selling for 3 taels of silver, who would believe in that? Where can you find this kind of sucker again?

Ye Chuan was also happy. He took out a seed and carefully looking at it for a while, he increasingly became excited. After that quickly putting away the bag, he no longer looked at the stalls, and left with large strides.

Exploiter Hu was still very complacent, little did he imagine that the business deal he had made today was the most deficit business transaction throughout the history. If he knew what these seeds were, then perhaps he would wail without tears in regret.

Originally Fatty Zhao Dazhi was still grumbling, thinking whether Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan was intentionally jesting or not, but seeing the excitement on the face of Ye Chuan, he understood to some extent, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what profoundness does this bag of soil hide?”

“The soil is not worth a fart.” Ye Chuan smiled unfathomably.

“That is to say, the real profoundness lies in those seeds?” Fatty cross examined.

Ye Chuan looked at fatty, he had never thought that the sense of this fellow who seems too fat to move was actually not slow. “Mhm, very probably.”

“Then isn’t that old man Exploiter Hu……, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, in the end, what are these seeds?” Fatty excitedly said. And thinking of how Exploiter Hu had no choice but to suffer in silence, he felt very comfortable.

“I also don’t know, but if I am not wrong, then the value of these seeds are far higher than those flying swords. Fatty, this seed is a gift for you, properly grow it.” Ye Chuan gave a seed to fatty.

“Thank you, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

Fatty was wild with joy, and hastily hid that seed carefully. After following after Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, he was pleasantly surprised again and again. Not long ago, due to the Marrow Cleansing Pill given to him by Ye Chuan, he was able to breakthrough, now he got a precious mysterious seed, where else can he find this kind of benefit?

This fatty Zhao Dazhi who once used to completely disregard this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother like others, but currently he felt deep gratitude and respect towards Ye Chuan from the bottom of his heart.

Two people secretly quickened their steps, and after turning around a corner, suddenly was about to collide head-on with a small and exquisite woman. Before they could clearly see the other’s appearance, snow white neck reflected in the eyes of Ye Chuan. Perhaps she accidentally stepped on a smooth stone, or perhaps she was walking too fast, unable to stop her footsteps, she was staggering towards Ye Chuan to collide.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, be careful!”

The fatty behind suddenly cried out in alarm, and as if lightning spark, he got between them. Ye Chuan however saw a trace of disdain flashing in her eyes. Sharp-sighted and deft, without reaching out her hand to support herself, she deliberately waited for the final moment, to suddenly dodge to one side, thus the tragedy appeared.

This woman’s petite however curvy body lost her control and collided against the fatty meat of fatty. And the big bamboo hat on her head rolled down to the ground, revealing a beautiful face.

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