Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 399

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 399: The might of Ghost King


Ye Chuan pulled Redline Chu Hongniang and quickly ran away from this place.

Every Ghost King was an expert of Sage realm. The longer they had lived, the more terrifying they were. Some even retain their fate technique and a portion of memories before their death, which was even more terrible. They were heaven-defying existence.

If Ye Chuan was still Heaven Concealing Great Sage, then the appearance of this kind of special ominous domain and encountering this kind of Ghost King was all he could wish for, but now, with only Rank 3 Daoist Master realm cultivation, even if he had treasures that protect him, they were useless. The other party could easily crush him.

“Running? After disturbing the slumber of this lordship, do you think that you can run away?”

Ghost King smiled and with black light circulating around his Ghost King Cloak, he disappeared without a trace, then Ye Chuan who was retreating suddenly collided against Ghost King.

In an instant, Ghost King had teleported behind Ye Chuan and he seemed to be standing still there, waiting for Ye Chuan to collide against him. It was unknown what technique he used but after the collision, the complexion of Ye Chuan became green and his entire muscles involuntarily trembled.

“Noble son, noble son Ye, what happened?”

Redline Lady Chu Hongniang was also very nervous, but she still pressed the back of Ye Chuan and injected her vitality into his body. And at that moment, she discovered that there was a layer of translucent ice all over his body. His entire body was frozen stiff.

Only a touch nearly took his life away. The cultivation of this Ghost King, what kind of realm had it reached?

Chu Hongniang turned pale and became nervous like never before.

Ye Chuan left out a muffled groan and slowly returned to normal under the help of Chu Hongniang but his heart was still trembling. He already knew how powerful a Ghost King was. In his previous life, he had once crashed his way through the Ghost King Palace of a Ghost King and personally cut off the latter’s head, seizing the latter’s life technique in passing. As for this Ghost King in front of him, it couldn’t be considered that he had lived for a very long time, but his cultivation was vaguely above that Ghost King he had encountered in his previous life!


In the bamboo forest, a cold wind blew out of nowhere, and Ghost King Robe this Ghost King was wearing again shone with a black light. He wanted to kill Ye Chuan, Redline Lady Chu Hongniang and Blacksnake noble son Mei Chuanfeng, these three people. But, he made his move against Ye Chuan first as he wanted to kill Ye Chuan first.

Along these three people, the cultivation of Ye Chuan lowest, but it might be coincidence or Ghost King might have considered Ye Chuan was the most dangerous person among these three, he decided to make a move against Ye Chuan first.

“Noble son Ye, watch out, quickly run!”

Chu Hongniang moved sideways and stood in front of Ye Chuan, then the remaining red thread in her hands shot out and wrapped around the neck of Ghost King, but before she could be happy, her hands and legs suddenly became cold, and on the contrary, Ghost King caught the red thread and pulled it without moving.

This Ghost King with unfathomable cultivation base easily dealt with the attack of Redline Chu Hongniang, then, to the surprise of everyone, he just stood there blankly, watching Chu Hongniang who was standing in front of Ye Chuan. Moreover, a hint of warmth unexpectedly flashed through his ghastly and cold eyes as he muttered, “Wif…… wife, you……, it’s truly you, wife……”

This Ghost King who had just awakened from his slumber, after clearly seeing the appearance of Redline Lady Chu Hongniang stood there in a daze while muttering. He also knitted his brows, seemingly, he was recalling his long-lost memory fragments covered in dust.

“Let go!”

Redline Lady Chu Hongniang did her utmost to pull off the red thread this Ghost King was grabbing, but she could do nothing. She turned her head and looked at Ye Chuan who was seriously injured, then suddenly made a startling movement. She directly rushed towards Ghost King and attacked his chest while saying, “Noble son Ye, quickly run away and help me take care of Jiajia, quick!”

Just after a round of attack, Chu Hongniang knew that she was far from being the opponent of this Ghost King. Even if her husband who was known as White Tiger Sage was present here, they together still wouldn’t be the opponent of this Ghost King, even running away would be impossible.

Thus, in order to stall Ghost King and make a chance for Ye Chuan to run and to repay the kindness of Ye Chuan saving herself and her son, Chu Hongniang decided to rush forward!


Ye Chuan reached out wanting to stop Chu Hongniang, unfortunately, he only caught a piece of Chu Hongniang’s clothing.

Now far away, Mei Chuanfeng reacted quicker. Taking advantage of this occasion, he quickly ran away like a mad.

He knew that Redline Lady Chu Hongniang was powerful, but even a peak Daoist Master realm expert couldn’t withstand a single attack of this Ghost Han and he also wasn’t the opponent of this Ghost King. Once this Ghost Kind woke up from his daze, it would be impossible to run away!

A black light flashed and Mei Chuanfeng stepped on his snakelike flying sword, desperately running away like mad. Now, what Ghost King Cloak, what hatred, everything was already tossed away, he only had one thought in his mind, that was, immediately escape from this bamboo forest and go as far away as possible form this Cyan Sand Island.

After making a debut many years ago, Mei Chuanfeng had seen many powerful experts. Some of them were overseas loose cultivators who had lived in seclusion for thousands of years and had amazing cultivation base. But, in front of this Ghost King, all of them pale into insignificance by comparison.

“In my Ghost Domain, all living beings are the slaves of this lordship, do you still think that you can run away?”

Ghost King who seemed to be in a daze suddenly made a move. Using his unique Ghost Domain, a gruesome black halo quickly spread out. Then, Mei Chuanfeng who was desperately running away stepping on his flying sword suddenly paused and flew back to the front of this Ghost King as if he was being pulled by an invisible force. Then, this Ghost King bit in his neck and red blood continuously flowed into the body of Ghost King. “Tsk tsk, truly is a rare delicacy, I haven’t tasted this kind of blood for a long time. Boy, offer your flesh, blood and spirit, and let this lordship get back to shape, hahaha……”

Ghost King clicked his tongue in praise as he sucked the blood and vital energy of Mei Chuanfeng. Then, his emaciated body slowly began to become full as he roared with laughter.

“Little Long’er!”

Ye Chuan suddenly swayed violently, then leaving behind afterimages, he retreated and used peerless style technique to dodge that terrifying Ghost King Domain.

A robust demonic dragon suddenly rushed out from the bamboo forest and directly holding Ye Chuan in his mouth, it soared away. And just after one human and one dragon took off, the entire bamboo forest below was shrouded with that terrifying black halo. In addition, the ghostly aura gave rise to countless ghost phantom which turned into a death domain with evil qi all over. A hundred meters away from that grotto, middle-aged adviser Left Sword didn’t even have time to turn around and run for his life. His entire body suddenly shook as this black light eroded his vitality, and after he died, he became an ice-cold zombie.

“Eh, a demonic dragon?”

Ghost King looked up and exclaimed in surprised seeing Little Long’er in the sky.


The atmosphere around this place suddenly changed and a huge face suddenly appeared in the sky, wanting to shallow both Ye Chuan and Little Long’er! This huge face was nearly half as big as this Cyan Sand Island. Instantly, everyone on Cyan Sand Island woke up with a start and seeing this huge face with an opened mouth in the sky, they trembled. Even people in the merchant ships more than 100 miles away from this island, seeing this face with an opened mouth, they had their heat in jitters and they quickly turned around their ships to leave this place.

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