Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 398

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 398: Slumbering for millions of years

A series of violent attacks were becoming more and more ferocious, but Ye Chuan kept guarding and dodging. Sometimes, he was agile and vigorous like a cheetah, and sometimes, he was like a light, weightless leaf.

The two people entered into an intense battle in the depth of this bamboo forest, and invisible shockwaves rolled up the bamboo leaves fallen to the ground and the bamboo trees around also began to make creaking sounds. But the light Ghost King Cloak on the ground was absolutely still as if the worlds inside and outside this grotto were completely separated by an invisible restriction. And the other mysterious matter was, the sinister aura was getting even denser.

Ye Chuan was solemn in his heart. He had been continuously paying attention to the chance of this Ghost King Cloak, and he increasingly felt that something was wrong with it, so he wished to leave this place, but this Mei Chuanfeng was tangling with him like a madman, he was unable to get rid of him.

“Hahaha, brat, don’t think of running away, today, you are dead, hahaha!”

Mei Chuanfeng roared with laughter and seeing through the thoughts of Ye Chuan wanting to turn around and run away, he initiated even more ferocious attacks.

First, kill Ye Chuan, then enter the grotto to pick up that Ghost King Cloak, tonight was perfect!

“Noble son Mei Chuan, stop going too far, don’t force me. If you want that cloak inside the grotto, then take it away, no one wants to contend for it with you.” Ye Chuan dodged the snakelike flying sword of Mei Chuanfeng, and seeing that there was no end to this entanglement, his eyes shone with pallid light looking at Mei Chuanfeng.

Having misgiving for that indescribable danger, Ye Chuan didn’t dare to fight here, but since this Mei Chuanfeng was pestering him so much, even a clay figurine would erupt!

“Hahaha, this noble son will push you to the dead end, what can you do? If you have the ability, then use it, and if not, then go to hell, hahahaha……”

Mei Chuanfeng didn’t restrain himself and used all his power to kill Ye Chuan as if he was mad, and his attack became more and more ferocious.

Ye Chuan retreated a few steps back and looking at Mei Chuanfeng who was sticking to him like a shadow, he coldly snorted and just when he was about to use his Dragon Slaying Flying Sword to start the counterattack, a hint of red light suddenly streak across in the night sky. That was a red thread and it accurately wrapped around the neck of this Mei Chuanfeng, then putting for the strength, a deep bloody mark appeared on the latter’s neck.

“Mei Chuanfeng, drop dead!”

A powerful scream resounded as a woman rushed out from the bamboo forest.

Redline Lady Chu Hongniang hastily rushed forward and pounced onto Mei Chuanfeng regardless of her safety. She wanted to kill her because her children were kidnapped by the people under this Mei Chuanfeng. Among those kidnapped children, only her son was rescued but he was on the verge of death and he had to be frozen over. As for her daughter, she however was still missing. Chu Hongniang was dying to eat his flesh and drink his blood!

The snakelike flying sword of Mei Chuanfeng cut off the red thread wrapped around his neck and then he used his hand to feel around his neck, only to have his hand dye red with his own blood. His neck was nearly cut off by this red thread. Then, turning his head and seeing the figure of Chu Hongniang, he was greatly surprised and his complexion changed greatly.

Unlike Ye Chuan, Redline Lady Chu Hongniang was a peak Daoist Master realm expert. Her cultivation was far higher than Ye Chuan’s!

The remaining half of the red thread in the hands of Chu Hongniang suddenly became straight, and like a javelin, they ferociously stabbed towards the chest of Mei Chuanfeng. In her hand, even an ordinary thread turned into an amazing killing weapon. Mei Chuanfeng’s complexion changed and he hastily used his flying sword to block her attack, but his back was wide open to Ye Chuan.

And at that moment, Ye Chuan who had just been dodging his attacks without counterattacking suddenly emitted a violent energy fluctuation as he circulated eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body.


The heart of Mei Chuanfeng thumped and noticed that something was wrong as he finally recalled that Ye Chuan was still standing behind him, so he wanted to dodge, but he was already too late.

A blood-red flying sword ferociously pieced through the back of Mei Chuanfeng until its tip became visible from the other side. Immediately after that, an earth-shaking momentum poured in as Ye Chuan’s ferocious palm attack landed on his back. Mei Chuanfeng vomited a mouthful of blood and his body was sent flying as if a kite with a broken string. In that instant, his internal organs seemed to have been shattered.

Ye Chuan had always been careful and been wary of that indescribable danger, thus, he was unwilling to fight against Mei Chuanfeng, but, once there was a chance, he immediately initiated a ferocious attack using the strength of 144,000 jin. Just Dragon Slaying Sword had already inflicted a heavy injury to Mei Chuanfeng, adding his palm, this was directly taken half of his life!

A scream resounded throughout the night sky of this bamboo forest.

Mei Chuanfeng screamed in pain, and he just happened to fall right in front of the grotto and rolled to the front of that Ghost King Cloak. Then, opening his mouth, he vomited the blood which sprayed all over that Ghost King Cloak.

A kilometer away, the complexion of middle-aged adviser Left Sword who had been looking all around for Blacksnake noble son suddenly changed and he rushed over hastily towards the origin of that scream.

“Mei Chuanfeng, go to hell!”

Redline Lady Chu Hongniang screamed and holding the remaining red thread, she wanted to rush over and cut off the head of Mei Chuanfeng taking the advantage of this chance, but, a powerful big hand suddenly caught her shoulder.

“Don’t go, be careful!”

The complexion of Ye Chuan was solemn and he stopped Chu Hongniang who was eager to take her revenge.

“You two are truly ruthless enough, just wait for me to wear this cloak, then I will kill both of you. However powerful you are, this treasure is mine! With this treasure, you two are dead, hahaha……”

Mei Chuanfeng roared with laughter as he crawled up. Even though he was just barely alive at this moment, he was still ferocious and his killing intent was dense as ever. But, just after he spoke, he suddenly felt something was wrong. Ye Chuan and Redline Lady Chu Hongniang didn’t rush over to kill him taking advantage of this situation, rather they were standing there motionlessly with a great change in their complexion.

At that moment, an indescribable feeling came from behind him.

Mei Chuanfeng noticed that this was anything but reassuring and he slowly turned around. Instantly, his hands and legs became ice-cold and his heart nearly jumped out of his mouth.

The cloak which was lying loosely on the ground unexpectedly rose slowly as if an invisible person was wearing it. In addition, the temperature of the surrounding fell rapidly and an ice-cold wind blew over bringing along an indistinct sneer. This sound appeared as if it was coming from the depth of the ground and also from beside their ears.

Mei Chuanfeng shivered and his teeth chattered. He wanted to run away but his legs were soft. At this moment, if he didn’t know something was wrong with this cloak, then he must be an idiot.

Damn it! It was no wonder that that brat Ye Chuan didn’t dare to get close to the grotto even though he had arrived first here. He had even said that he was not interested in this cloak. As it turned out, he had already sensed the danger and was intentionally making him have this bad luck. This damned brat!

Mei Chuanfeng was scared and hated Ye Chuan to the extreme as he had just looked at him stepping on a trap with cold eyes. This brat was too sinister!

“Who are you? Did you wake this lordship up? Did a million years passed?”

A faint voice came from the deep underground.

Inside the grotto, a phantom slowly appeared inside Ghost King Cloak and a peerless energy fluctuation spread all around. Mei Chuanfeng was unable to even stand up as his legs had gone soft and helplessly watching this phantom gradually becoming clear, he trembled even more violently.

A Ghost King who had been slumbering for an unknown number of years come into being in advance!

The guess of Ye Chuan wasn’t wrong, this place really had a terrifying Ghost King. Excitedly rushing over just after seeing this Ghost King Cloak was courting death!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Staying here to watch s also courting death to be honest. That Ghost King could very well kill off everyone present indiscriminately.

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