Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 397

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 397: Ghost King Cloak

After carefully walking through this bamboo forest for roughly an hour, Ye Chuan and Little Long’er finally arrived at the inner part of this bamboo forest.

Now, there was a ghastly grotto in front of these two people.

This grotto looked nothing unusual and since there were no traces of artificial carvings, this should be a natural cave. They also couldn’t sense any hidden evil spirits inside. They could only see a piece of black cloak lying inside. And that gloomy aura which made people had their heart in jitters was coming from this cloak.

“Eh, Ghost King Cloak?”

Ye Chuan was knowledgeable. He quickly recognized what this was and exclaimed in surprise.

Ghost King Cloak, it was something only a Sage realm Ghost King could refine after living for at least more than one million years. And after wearing it, one could turn into a Night King, perfectly concealing one’s track and aura, moreover, one could teleport within a limited range. It was even more powerful than Peerless Style Technique!

Here, there was no Ghost King, was only this evil item sealed here?”

Or to say, an incomparably powerful Ghost King had died here, leaving behind only this Ghost King Cloak?

Ye Chuan took a few steps forward, but he suddenly stopped.

Originally, he had determined that a powerful Ghost King had come into being in this bamboo forest, so he didn’t dare to let Zhu Sijia and others follow in. Even he himself also carefully entered here to just take a look. He was ready to retreat at any time. But to his surprise, there was no Ghost King inside, only a piece of Ghost King Cloak.

This however was a treasure on the same level as Heaven Burning Furnace. Wearing this Ghost King Cloak and wielding Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, who could stop his ambush everywhere under the heaven?

The eyes of Ye Chuan gradually became scorching hot and his breathing also became heavy.

As a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, there was no treasure he had never seen before, but now in this next life, although he was doing everything all over again, ordinary treasures still didn’t enter his eyes. But, this Ghost King Cloak was different, even when he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, this kind of treasures was something that could only be found not sought.

The heartbeat of Ye Chuan accelerated and he was itching to immediately rush over and pick up that Ghost King Cloak, but his reason was suppressing this impulse.

This Ghost King Cloak was not simple. If it was truly thrown like this on the ground without any restriction and guards, then someone else would have already discovered it and taken it away, how could it be his turn?

His reason and instinct that he had refined through countless stormy experiences made Ye Chuan calm down. This was his greatest wealth in this world and it was inexhaustible. He completely suppressed this impulse in his heart. And sure enough, Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body gradually pulsated and become hot, reacting to a strong danger. The danger was coming from this Ghost King Cloak that was silently laying on the ground.

This is a trap!

Ghost King Cloak was the bait, rushing over to pick it up was just courting death!

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone and he didn’t rush over to get a hold of that Ghost King Cloak instead retreated a few steps. In addition, he also instructed Little Long’er to hide away.

An indistinct sneer resounded within this bamboo forest as if someone was furious because Ye Chuan didn’t swallow the bait. But, it also resembled that someone was laughing at Ye Chuan’s timidity. However, listening carefully, it appeared as if this was just an illusion too.

Ye Chuan was tense. He silently prepared himself and also raised his guard. As for Little Long’er, he trembled and not daring to speak much, he quickly retreated to hide away and also prepared to provide for Ye Chuan support from the back.

At that time, along with the sounds of footsteps, a powerful aura came from the dark.

Ye Chuan looked up and saw a familiar figure.

Blacksnake noble son Mei Chuanfeng was unexpectedly coming over from the opposite side of this bamboo forest, and seeing Ye Chuan, he was also pleasantly surprised, then he roared with laughter.

“Hahaha, hahahaha, brat, you are also here?”

Noble son Mei Chuanfeng couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart and laugh heartily. Then, looking ferocious, he said: “Heaven’s will, Heaven’s will, I didn’t expect that today this noble son not only encounter a peerless treasure, but also can fulfill my wish by killing you, hahahaha……”

Mei Chuanfeng was endlessly excited. It was unknown whether because it was dark inside the bamboo forest or other reasons, the handsome face of Mei Chuanfeng was somewhat twisted, looking even more gruesome at this moment. In addition, his eyes were sharp and frightening, thus, he gave a bad vibe. He appeared as if he was possessed by evil or he himself was an evil demon.

“Yes, it’s a peerless treasure, congratulation, noble son Mei Chuan.”

Ye Chuan sneered and he clearly sensed the difference of this Mei Chuanfeng, so he became even more alert and retreated a few more steps back and said, “Noble son Mei Chuan, misunderstanding, everything is a misunderstanding. I just came to take a look, I don’t have any interest in this treasure inside the grotto. Feel free to take it away. In addition, if you truly like that Beauty Reef, then I can give it to you as a present, and hereafter, we will keep out of each other’s affairs, how about it?”

In this strange bamboo forest, he discovered this strange Ghost King Cloak, then encountered this abnormal Mei Chuanfeng, the more Ye Chuan thought, the stranger Ye Chuan felt and he slowly retreated.

“Hahaha, the cloak in the grotto is naturally mine, could it be that it’s yours? As for that Beauty Reef, I naturally want it, but I also want your life, hahaha!”

Mei Chuanfeng roared with laughter and suddenly rushing forward, he swung his hand, and a cold wind blew towards Ye Chuan. This cold wind seethed and instantly condensed into a blacksnake phantom, then a fishy smell spread throughout the sky.

Blacksnake Scripture!

The complexion of Mei Chuangfeng became ferocious and he used the deadly move of Blacksnake Clan to attack. This arrogant person wanted to quickly kill Ye Chuan and then go to the grotto to take away that Ghost King Cloak.

He didn’t know what was going on tonight but from the moment he stepped into this bamboo forest, his heartbeat had accelerated. He felt as if someone was calling him, so he had come all the way here. Originally, he had thought that he had run into some kind of big devils, but arriving in front of this grotto, he discovered that there was a peerless treasure in it. Even from so far away, he had sensed the aura of this peerless treasure and had come all the way here, moreover, it was readily available at this moment, genius, he was truly a genius! Not only a genius, how could a normal genius sense the aura of a treasure from so far away? How could they have such a good fortune?

Mei Chuanfeng was very excited and aggressive.

Ye Chuan suddenly swayed and using Cyan Feather Technique, he dodged this blacksnake phantom.

With his doughty body and current cultivation level, he could easily block this attack of Mei Chuanfeng. Although the latter was a peak Daoist Master realm expert and Ye Chuan was not his opponent in a head-on battle, he could still easily fight head-on for a few rounds. But, Ye Chuan didn’t dare to take a risk at this moment. If he accidentally got injured, then he might not be able to leave this bamboo forest along with Little Long’er.

“You truly have some skill, come again, if I don’t kill you tonight, then I am not Blacksnake noble son, hahaha……”

Ye Chuan was careful, but Mei Chuanfeng was very aggressive. He suddenly took out a snakelike flying sword and rushed forward as if he would never stop unless he killed Ye Chuan.

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