Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 395

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 395: Death Bamboo Forest

Setting foot on the remote wilderness, noble son Mei Chuanfeng’s group clearly accelerated. But, no matter how much they accelerated, they were unable to catch up to them. There was always a constant distance between them. If they increase a bit of their speed, then Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin would also increase their speed by little, and if they slow down a bit, then they two would also slow down.

“Noble son, something is wrong, there is very likely to be a trap in the front!” Someone quickly noticed the abnormality and were worried.

If an average person had noticed that a large group of Blacksnake Clan’s experts was chasing him, then he would have already run desperately, how could they maintain such a consent distance as if he was leading them somewhere?

Ye Chuan with unknown origin made these experts of Blacksnake Clan have misgivings,

The more unknown the matter, the more people feared, regardless of the overseas world or mainland, this was the same principle. And anyone who was daring enough to compete against noble son Blacksnake in auction hall was naturally not anyone average.

“Humph, what if there is a trap? When did our Blacksnake Clan fear traps and schemes of others? We will directly crush through everything! Chase, no matter how many people they have, kill all of them, don’t leave a single one!”

Noble son Mei Chuanfeng gnashed his teeth and stepping on his black flying sword, he flew at full speed chasing after Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin.

This flying sword was not ordinary. It had a distinctive outer appearance, it resembled a snake winding around a chopstick and was as fast as lightning.

“Chase, keep up the pace!”

“Noble son has ordered, don’t leave a single one behind!”

The experts of Blacksnake Clan shouted and used flying swords in succession. With over a hundred of them together, they looked vast and mighty as they flew after Noble son Mei Chuanfeng with dense killing intent.

Many of these experts of Blacksnake Clan were great devils that roamed around the seas, killing people like flies. They were accustomed to tyrannize, so reaching the remote area of Cyan Sand Island, they didn’t have any misgivings to wantonly kill people.

In Cyan Sand Island, there were many powerful auras. Perhaps, they were the top expert of Treasure Gathering House, or perhaps, were overseas loose cultivators living in seclusion, they clearly noticed the movement of this side but no one showed themselves, they just watched quietly. Now, over a hundred experts of Blacksnake Clan were shouting and chasing after Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin, stepping on their flying swords. The distance between them gradually decreased, and they prepared to make a deadly move. Once they reached a bit close, they would immediately attack to kill them.

But Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin in the front suddenly accelerated.

Old Demon of Mount Yin shoot out a long vine from his palm which coiled around stones or trees in the front, then he would swing forward rapidly. As for Ye Chuan, he didn’t have a unique skill like Old Demon of Mount Yin, he just put forth the strength on his legs and ran, but he was even faster than Old Demon of Mount Yin. These two people didn’t use a flying sword, but now, they were even faster than the experts of Blacksnake Clan who were using flying swords. After a little while, Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin entered into a bamboo forest and disappeared.

This was a very luxuriant bamboo forest. Although it didn’t cover a large area, the trees were flourishing and dese, nothing could be seen inside.

The pursuing troops with dense killing intent suddenly stopped and someone quickly lit the torch.

“Noble son, this situation is getting worse, we must be careful.”

An adviser looking middle-aged man stood out and warned Mei Chuanfeng again. “Just now, the speed of those two people is clearly beyond the capabilities of Daoist Master realm experts. They are clearly hiding their strength. If we continue to chase, then we will fall into their ambush. Noble son, it is better to immediately send out the message and call together all experts of our clan here in South Sea, then search for them early in the morning tomorrow.”

They were able to run faster than flying sword, what kind of cultivation was this?

The complexion of this middle-aged adviser was ice-cold, but there was a hint of uneasiness in his eyes, and the experts around also seemed somewhat restless. That speed of Ye Chuan had made these arrogant experts of Blacksnake Clan have misgivings.

Mei Chuanfeng didn’t speak, he just sized up this bamboo forest for a while with a gloomy face, then coldly said, “Tomorrow? Wait until tomorrow to search them? By then, they might have already reached thousands of miles away in the sea, how will you find them?”

His voice was sinister with an inexplicable chill.

When the voice of Mei Chuanfeng was still ringing in the ears of others, Mei Chuanfeng suddenly rushed and disappeared in the bamboo forest. He himself was already powerful enough, even if there truly was a trap inside, he was confident that he could escape unscathed.

Since he made a name for himself, no one had ever dared to disrespect him like this. If he didn’t kill Ye Chuan tonight, then he would be sullen for his lifetime, and because of this, his cultivation might even be stuck for his entire lifetime.

“Chase, protect noble son!”

The middle-aged adviser gritted his teeth and led everyone into this bamboo forest.

Many torches illuminated this dark bamboo forest, and the speed of people was very fast. But in the blink of an eye, Mei Chuanfeng who had taken the lead to enter the forest was nowhere to be seen.

A cold wind blew. No one knew from where it was blowing, but people couldn’t help shivering with cold. This was not the frequently seen cold rather was a kind of inexplicable coldness as if they had entered into an ancient tomb. Looking around, only branches and leaves of bamboo could be seen, and it appeared as if every bamboo here was a ghost that was coldly looking at them, the uninvited guests.

“Divide into ten groups with ten people each, and as soon as the noble son is found, retreat from this place.”

The middle-aged adviser orders with tense complexion.

With the absence of Mei Chuanfeng, he was the leader of this group now. And as a great devil who had run amuck in four seas, he was too familiar with this aura. This was yin qi of dead land, very ominous. Either there were some evil things buried below this bamboo forest or there was a heaven-defying evil spirit with death attribute hidden here.

“Yes, Your Excellency Left Sword!”

The experts of Blacksnake Clan accepted his orders, then dividing into ten groups, they spread out and entered deeper into this bamboo forest to look for Mei Chuanfeng. Everyone was tensely holding their sword and were very alert. Being able to be the bodyguard of noble son Blacksnake, all of them were elites of the clan. Without that middle-aged adviser saying anything, they knew that something was wrong with this bamboo forest.

After watching them leave, the middle-aged adviser Left Sword also led a few guards and left. Although his heart was in jitters, he toughened his scalp and went deeper.

Meanwhile, at one side of this bamboo forest, Ye Chuan was also tense. He suddenly raised his right hand to signal Zhu Sijia and others to stop.

“An aura of strong specter, Ghost King, I am sure this is the aura of a Ghost King. After millions of years, can it be that Wilderness World again gave rise to another Ghost King?”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and he slowly calmed down. Although he was still tense and feeling restless, there was also a hint of excitement.

All under the heaven, no one was more familiar with this aura of bamboo forest than him, this former Heaven Concealing Great Sage. He had causally chosen this place to bury Mei Chuanfeng, but to his surprise, he unexpectedly encountered a slumbering Ghost King!

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