Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 394

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 394: Beauty Reef

After the owner of Diamond Bamboo Boat was decided, the fourth treasure was revealed.

This was as a coral reef. What was amazing about it was, it was naturally a humanoid shape. Looking from far away, it vividly looked just like a half lying girl with a well-proportion figure.

Many people in the auction hall exclaimed in amazement.

Seeing the top experts of Treasure Gathering House had arrived, noble son Mei Chuanfeng endured, moreover, the people who were prepared to run away at any time also stayed there and carefully looked at the coral reef at the platform.

“This is a beauty reef. It was salvaged from the sea near Hidden Celestial Island. It is unknown how old it is and what effect it has. The starting price is 8,000 top-grade crystal stones.” That grey robed middle-aged man briefly introduced this item. His talking speed was very fast as if he wanted this auction to end fast.

Noble son Mei Chuanfeng had personally arrived at Cyan Sand Island, this was unexpected and also an astonishing news.

But for the residents, traveling merchants and loose cultivators of Cyan Sand Island, this was absolutely not a good news. No one wanted to meet Mei Chuanfeng, this god of plague. And what was even more discouraging was, the latter was really temperamental and he had flared up in auction hall. The longer this auction dragged out, the more chances that there would be mishaps. Originally, he had prepared to grandly introduce this beauty reef, but now he finished it with just a few sentences.

People were silent, no one dared to utter a word.

With noble son Mei Chuanfeng here, who dared to bid first? As that might offend this temperamental god of plague.

“10,000 crystal stones!”

The voice of noble son Mei Chuanfeng resounded. But, Island Masters who boasted about their wealth still remained silent, not daring to bid higher.

All people silently watched towards the private box of Ye Chuan.

“10,001 crystal stones.”

Sure enough, the indifferent voice of Ye Chuan resounded and added along with a smile, “Noble son Mei Chuan, this noble son has taken a fancy upon this beauty reef, be sure to not vie with me.”

Come, come again!

Still adding one crystal stone to bicker!

The noble son Mei Chuan was out of breath. He stood up and gritted his teeth, but, he didn’t continue to raise the price even after a long time.

Since Ye Chuan had said that he had taken a fancy upon this beauty reef and he was determined to win it, the more no one believed in it, whoever believed in it was a stupid fellow. If he had truly taken a fancy upon it, then would he have said like that?

Just a moment ago, Mei Chuanfeng had bought Diamond Bamboo Boat at a very high price, he would not be a blockhead again, right? Although Blacksnake Clan didn’t need to worry about crystal stones, he didn’t have infinite numbers of crystal stones he could spend as he pleased. This beauty reef’s appearance was unique and amazing, noble son Mei Chuanfeng also wanted to buy it, but with Ye Chuan here, this fellow who was especially rising the price, he had no choice to give up on this item.

Noble son Mei Chuanfeng was in a dilemma, worrying about personal gains and losses. He had the mind to vie for it, but he didn’t want to become blockhead in money matters again. Seeing he was silent, everyone remained silent not daring to raise their head.

“Well, 10,001 top-grade crystal stones, this beauty reef belongs to this noble son now.”

The grey robed middle-aged man gave the final word, then someone brought this beauty reef to the private room of Ye Chuan, quickly settling the account. Then, a few of the remaining treasures were introduced. Noble son Mei Chuanfeng had some regret, unfortunately, it was already too late to raise the price, so he felt somewhat stuffy in his heart. Thinking about how Ye Chuan obtained the beauty reef just adding a crystal stone, his mood became bad.

On the platform, the auction continued, several outstanding treasures were displayed. Finally, after an ancient flying sword was displayed on the platform, the atmosphere of this auction hall was again pushed to the peak. Slowly, people began to bid madly again as if they had forgotten the threat of noble son Mei Chuanfeng.

After buying beauty reef, Ye Chuan no longer made a bid and also no longer evaluated the treasure displayed on the platform. The auction was not over yet but he quietly left with Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er. When they left the private room, he just happened to see the door of the neighboring private room was slightly open. From there, he caught the glimpse of a woman in a pink dress who had a sword hung on her waist. Her eyes were big and she was ferociously glaring at Ye Chuan.

As it turned out, this woman of next door private room who had been provoked was this woman in pink!

Ye Chuan just smiled, ignoring the provocation of this woman in pink, then quickly left Treasure Gathering House along with Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er, merging with the crowd. Outside the gate, there were two black robed people with a big bamboo hat. Upon seeing the trio of Ye Chuan, their eyes flashed with pallid light, then one of them turned and entered Treasure Gathering House to report to noble son Mei Chuanfeng. As for the other one, he followed the trio of Ye Chuan from the distance.

In order to take precaution against the trio of Ye Chuan leaving quietly, the noble son Mei Chuanfeng was already prepared long ago. Not long after, numerous experts with dense killing intent rushed out of Treasure Gathering House. At this moment, the trio of Ye Chuan was still leisurely loitering around the night market of Cyan Sand Island.

“Your Excellency, did you truly take a fancy on that beauty reef? Does it have any profound mystery?” Old Demon of Mount Yin asked.

“No, I also didn’t see any profound mystery in it, but, having such a unique appearance, isn’t that enough to pique interest?”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “When we return from this trip, Nan Tiandu and others might have already dug out a big canal. At that time, we can dig a big lake at the foot of the mountain, and place this beauty reef in it to cultivate some fishes and shrimps. Besides, it only cost 10,001 crystal stones, in addition, that whatever damned snake must be very pleased in his heart.”

A hint of a smile appeared on his face, but there was something he hadn’t spoken. He really wanted to dig a big lake at the foot of the mountain, but it was not to cultivate some fishes and shrimps, rather to cultivate a huge snake.

White Lady in Heavenly Pond of Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan had never forgotten about it.

In the past, the situation of Cloud Mist Sect was not appropriate, but after the canal was dug out, he could dig out a large lake with clear waters which could be the home of White Lady. Like that, in the future, if he found Heavenly Yao Sect not pleasing to eyes, he could just kidnap their sect’s guardian, White Lady, shaking the foundation of Heavenly Yao Sect.

“Kekeke, Your Excellency, you are too evil.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily, imagining the dejected appearance of that Mei Chuanfeng.

“Big brother Ye Chuan, the people of Blacksnake Clan are chasing us.” The sharp eyes of Little Long’er quickly discovered the experts of Blacksnake Clan and he was somewhat nervous.

“It is so crowded in this night market, wait for them to catch up, if they didn’t catch up, then how can we kill them? Let’s go, go to the coast.”

Ye Chuan sneered and walked towards the coast where sea dragon boat was docked.

While he was still in the auction hall, after knowing Mei Chuanfeng had personally come to Cyan Sand Island, Ye Chuan had made up his mind to kill all the people of Blacksnake Clan in one fell swoop in this Cyan Sand Island.

This time, Blacksnake Clan had come to South Sea to kidnap 8,000 virgin boys and virgin girls. It was very likely that this Mie Chuanfeng was personally leading this operation, doing countless bad things here. And since he had finally met a big shot of Blacksnake Clan, this was a good opportunity he couldn’t miss. Like this, not only he would be helping many people, Redline Lady Chu Hongniang would have a chance to personally take revenge.

“Keke, Your Excellency, after capturing this Mei Chongfeng, should we steam him in broth or deep fry him?” Old Demon of Mount Yin was excited, itching to have a go. What he liked the most was this kind of intense large-scale battle as he could take opportunity of the occasion to absorb energy essence, blood and flesh of the opponent experts. The more he slaughtered, the quicker his cultivation would rise.

“I prefer stewing, let’s eat snake soup tonight by stewing all of them in one pot.”

Ye Chuan laughed and his speed became faster and faster. And not long after, they left the night market and set out towards the dark and remote wilderness.

From behind, mixed and disorderly footsteps came. Noble son Mei Chuanfeng and his group also accelerated chasing after Ye Chuan without any misgivings. Seeing this, Ye Chuan patted the shoulder of Little Long’er and whispered some instructions in his ear. Then, Little Long’er transformed into a dragon and flew away to inform Zhu Sijia and others to prepare in advance.

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