Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 393

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 393: Noble son Blacksnake

A thin figure suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chuan, then with a slap, this ferocious blacksnake phantom dissipated.

Little Long’er stood out, helping Ye Chuan block this strange attack.

Others were afraid of the poison of this blacksnake phantom and even Old Demon of Mount Yin had some misgivings, but Little Long’er was completely fearless. Every demonic dragon was had an innate skill since birth. Their body was doughty and they don’t need to fear all kinds of poisons. Even the terrifying poisonous mist of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was ineffective against him, let alone this trifling blacksnake phantom.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Chuan didn’t even move. He just coldly watched this blacksnake phantom until it was scattered by Little Long’er.

After refining half-Dragon Physique and condensing eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans, his body had also become particularly doughty and he didn’t need to fear the poison of this blacksnake phantom. Merely, with Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er standing behind him, he didn’t need to personally make a move to stop this trifling blacksnake phantom.

In the auction hall, everyone was surprised, then, they subconsciously cheered and applauded.

This applause was for amazing Little Long’er and also for standing tall and straight Ye Chuan.

In many years, this was the first time people had seen someone opposing Blacksnake eyes. Moreover, not only they daringly suppressed Blacksnake Clan in public, but they also directly destroyed the ferocious attack of Blacksnake Clan!

Just a child follower was already so powerful, who exactly was Ye Chuan standing by the window?

People became all the more curious about the identity and background of Ye Chuan, and they began to guess.

Seeing Blacksnake Clan who had been doing all kinds of evil being suppressed so ferociously, everyone was delighted! Many loose cultivators already found this Blacksnake Clan not pleasing to eyes, so seeing them being suppressed like this, they were very happy.

In the entire auction hall, only the people of Blacksnake Clan had a sullen face.

In the private room of Blacksnake Clan, the complexion of leader youth was gloomy. He slowly took off his big bamboo hat, revealing his handsome face, then he sinisterly said, “It turned out to be a hidden great expert, excuse me for my impropriety, I am noble son Blacksnake, Mei Chuanfeng, I wonder how I should address this noble son?”

The black robe youth had a handsome face but his voice was sinister with a cold qi, and the more one looked at his face, the more uncomfortable one felt as if he was a poisonous snake. Seeing he had taken the initiative to take off his big bamboo hat to show his face, the other experts of Blacksnake Clan shivered and all of them hung down their head, not daring to breathe heavily.

Noble son Mei Chuanfeng rarely showed his true face in front of other people. Every time he took the initiative to take off his big bamboo hat, it meant that he was angry to the extreme and was prepared to kill all around him!

No one knew more about the behavior of Mei Chuangeng than these bodyguards of Blacksnake Clan. Each one of them lowered their head not daring to utter a sound for fear that they would court disaster. At this moment, if they carelessly made improper remarks, then they would definitely lose their life.

“What, noble son Blacksnake, Mei Chuanfeng? He……, he is……”

“Finished, today, something big is going to happen in this Cyan Sand Island!”

In the auction hall, the complexion of everyone changed greatly. Hearing the self-introduction of this black robed youth, everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

There were countless experts in Blacksnake Clan, and like many sects, they were divided into the outer and inner disciple. Generally, people only see outer disciples or outer elders. They went all around in an expedition, enlarging the territory of Blacksnake Clan, so their death rate was very high. The death of outer disciples and outer elders of Blacksnake Clan was frequent, but the inner disciples were different.

The inner experts of Blacksnake Clan rarely came out, but each one of them was a powerful expert. Once they came out, they would give rise to foul wind and rain of blood, putting people into misery and suffering. And this noble son Mei Chuanfeng was elite among the inner disciples. According to the rumor, he was below just the patriarch in Blacksnake Clan. As for his cultivation base, he had already broken through to peak Daoist Master realm and he was so ferocious that no opponent had ever escaped alive from him. More than ten years ago, there was an Island Master who unknowingly enraged this devil, the result, tens of thousands of people were killed by him in the space of one night, not leaving behind any living beings!

All the people in the auction hall immediately turned around and left hastily.

And some people, when they reached the gate of Treasure Gathering House, they immediately ran wildly and when they reached the coast, they boarded their boat to leave this place. This auction hall that was overcrowded with people just a moment ago instantly became much emptier. Only some people stayed behind but they also retreated far away to one side, preparing to run away at moment notice.

Just the name of noble son Mei Chuanfeng scared of so many people and now, no one dared to cheer and applaud.

In the private room, the complexion of noble son Mei Chuanfeng was clearly much better, and seeing the reaction of the people, a complacent smile appeared on his face as he was very satisfied with the reaction of people.

“What damned blacksnake, never heard of it.”

But the indifferent words of Ye Chuan made the complexion of complacent noble son Mei Chuanfeng turn purple. Moreover, Ye Chuan added, “60,001 top-grade crystal stones, can you bid higher or not? If not, then sit down, this Diamond Bamboo Boat is mine.”

The mighty name of this Noble son Blacksnake scared many people, but Ye Chuan was indifferent. Moreover, he hadn’t spoken nonsense because he had truly never heard of noble son Mei Chuanfeng, merely, even if he had truly heard of it, nothing would have changed.


Noble son Mei Chuanfeng was so angry that his face turned red and his killing intent soared along with the energy fluctuation within his body. But, when he was preparing to attack, from the corner of his eyes, he saw three white bearded old men slowly entering the auction hall, and a heavy pressure spread all over. These three old men were peak Daoist Master realm experts and they were wearing the dress of Treasure Gathering House, clearly showing that they were the peak experts of this Treasure Gathering House.

Should fight or not?

Noble son Mei Chuanfeng hesitated and forcibly held himself back. Now, the opponent was not only the trio of Ye Chuan with unknown origin, but also Treasure Gathering House within unfathomable power. In any case, Treasure Gathering House would not let anyone publicly make trouble in the auction hall. If this was East Sea, then he would not have any misgivings, as a pair of fists couldn’t withstand four fists as the experts of his clan could rush over upon hearing the news, but this was South Sea, so he had no choice but to think over.

Cyan Sand Island was the lair of Treasuring Gathering House. It was deeply rooted here, and as a powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts, noble son Mei Chuanfeng also had misgivings in his heart to fight here.

“90,000 top-top grade crystal stones!”

After hesitating for a moment, noble son Mei Chuanfeng finally shouted while gritting his teeth in anger. He had decided to take the treasure first. As for everything else, that could wait until they leave Treasure Gathering House. When they were outside Treasure Gathering House, he could do whatever he wanted without any misgivings.

“Heh heh, you are truly rich, I bid……”

Ye Chuan sneered and when everyone was thinking he was about to raise the price again, The tone of Ye Chuan changed, “It is just a boat made up of bamboo, it would fall apart with just a wave, might as well have a dugout canoe instead of it. Noble son Mei Chuan, since you like it so much like this, then I give it to you, take it.”

Ye Chuan’s tone was as if he was giving away this Diamond Bamboo Boat to noble son Blacksnake for free. Hearing this, Mei Chuanfeng who had just suppressed his anger turned red and wanted to vomit blood, realizing the plot of Ye Chuan. This thing that could be bought with 10,000 to 20,000 top-grade crystal stones, he bought it with 90,000 top-grade crystal stones. Who wouldn’t hate this?

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