Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 392

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 392: Blacksnake phantom

“30,001 crystal stones.”

The voice of Ye Chuan resounded once again.

Because of the encounter with Redline Lady Chu Hongniang, he already found Blacksnake Clan not pleasing to the eye. But it was not possible for him to deliberately change their route to East Sea to go and look for Blacksnake Clan to make trouble for the time being because he had to escort Sea Demon Clan to their ethnic Holy Land, Lost City, and return as soon as possible. But, he coincidentally met these people of Blacksnake Clan, so he didn’t mind killing their prestige.

In any case, it was not the first time he incurred hatred with Blacksnake Clan. At that time in underground Ghost Market of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, he had snatched Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed from the hands of Blacksnake Clan’s Dark Tree Monarch. So, even if he didn’t go to find trouble with this Blacksnake Clan, one day, Blacksnake Clan will definitely come to his doorstep to look for trouble.

“Amazing, who exactly is he? Even Blacksnake Clan didn’t enter his eyes.”

“Listening to his voice, he is a young man and he has the mainland accent. He should be a person that has just come from the mainland. Either he has a powerful background or he is a rookie that has just embarked on his cultivation path that doesn’t understand anything. He basically might have never heard about the ruthlessness of Blacksnake Clan.”


In the auction hall, people couldn’t help talking in whispers, guessing the identity of Ye Chuan.

In the private room of Blacksnake Clan, the expression of this leader youth involuntarily changed, then he raised the price once again, “Top-grade crystal stones, 60,000 pieces!”

The leader youth was angry and directly doubled the price. It appeared as if he was one of the core members of Blacksnake Clan who held the power in their hand. The experts of Blacksnake Clan standing behind him were extremely respectful to him.

In the auction hall, there was a commotion once again.

60,000 top-grade crystal stones! A single underground mine absolutely couldn’t yield so many top-grade crystal stones! After all, unlike millions of years ago, now, the worldly spiritual qi had become thinner and thinner, in addition, good spirit mines had already exhausted. With so many top-grade crystal stones, one could directly buy an island and become Island Master.

In the auction hall, there were many Island Masters that came from afar to buy treasures, every one of them was wealthy, but compared to Blacksnake Clan, every one of them was inferior. They were immediately scared by the background of this youth of Blacksnake Clan.

“60,001 pieces.”

The voice of Ye Chuan resounded again. His voice was completely indifferent without any anger and fear as if he was not the one who was involved in this bidding war.

Although the people here were frightened by the notoriety of Blacksnake Clan, Ye Chuan however was indifferent.

This moment, everyone understood that Ye Chuan was fearless. Even if he was just a rookie who had just made his debut and he didn’t know the ferocious name of Blacksnake Clan, after the youth of Blacksnake Clan bid 60,000 top-grade crystal stones, any average person in the position of Ye Chuan would have understood that he had encountered a person he couldn’t afford to offend, then shrink back. But, Ye Chuan still raised the price by one crystal stone indifferently. This showed that he had come here preparing to go against Blacksnake Clan. He truly must have a powerful background.

The people were silently waiting for the good play.

In the vast sea, this was the first time someone dared to challenge the authority of Blacksnake Clan and slap them on the face in public. Now, everyone wanted to see how this challenge would end and who Ye Chuan was.

In this period of time, the dark hand of Blacksnake Clan had extended to the South Sea. They had kidnapped a large number of virgin boys and virgin girls, breaking many families. A lot of people were already unable to stand by and watch, merely, under the pressure of the despotic power of Blacksnake Clan, they didn’t dare to speak their mind even though they were angry. Now, someone had finally come to ruthlessly suppress the prestige of Blacksnake Clan, this was most welcomed!

Another wave of dense killing intent soared from the private room of Blacksnake Clan.

All the experts of Blacksnake Clan held the hilt of their sword with killing intent. They were ready to make a move and the energy fluctuation within their body was climbing higher. Most of them were Rank 7 Daoist Master realm experts and there even were quite a few peak Daoist Master realm experts.

A number of timid loose cultivators and adventurers began to quickly withdraw from this hall, wanting to stay away from this conflict. But, even more people stayed here. They were excited, eager and also deeply concerned.

If the group of Ye Chuan didn’t have a very powerful strength or background, then they were dead this time. Just after taking a step outside this Treasure Gathering House, they might immediately turn into incomplete corpses under the sword of Blacksnake Clan. Even if Treasure Gathering House came to protect them, they might not be able to leave this Cyan Sand Island alive.

The guards of Treasure Gathering House were clearly nervous, but they were similarly holding their sharp sword, watching the people of Blacksnake Clan alertly.

Unlike general loose cultivators or Island Masters, Blacksnake Clan was one of the overlords that ran amuck in all seas. The slightest bit of carelessness and the trio of Ye Chuan would die here today, that in turn will destroy the reputation of Treasure Gathering House. Like this, in the future, no one would be able to explain this to Master Zhai who was in seclusion cultivation.

“60,001 top-grade crystal stones, is there any higher big? If there isn’t, then this Diamond Bamboo Boat will……”

The grey robed middle-aged man on the platform wiped the sweat from his forehead, then prepared to hammer down to decide Ye Chuan as the new owner of this Diamond Bamboo Boat. Usually, he would have tried his best to trick people to raise the price, but now, he couldn’t wait for this auction to end as soon as possible.

A sinister snort suddenly came from the private room of Blacksnake Clan.

The youth who had just suppressed his subordinates could no longer control himself and made a move. His invisible divine sense suddenly hit the grey robed middle-aged man on the platform. The latter felt pain on his chest as if an invisible hammer had ruthlessly pounded his chest, thus, he was unable to speak out the remaining words. After that, with beads of sweat flowing down from his forehead, he collapsed and curled up in pain.

After inflicting a heavy injury to that grey robed middle-aged man, this sinister divine sense didn’t disappear, instead turned towards Ye Chuan. In this big auction hall, the clothing of everyone fluttered even though there was no wind, and everyone felt extremely uncomfortable in their chest, moreover, they could smell a special foul smell of a poisonous snake as if a deadly poisonous snake was lurking in the dark. Some sharp-eyed people saw that the invisible divine sense of this youth was getting more and more powerful, and it unexpectedly turned into a poisonous snake phantom, then flew towards Ye Chuan as fast as any flying sword.

A divine sense technique, a deadly attack!

The skill of this black-robed youth exceeded the imagination of everyone. He was unexpectedly a peak Daoist Master realm heaven-defying expert who could step into Half-Sage realm at any time!

It’s over, this youth that went against Blacksnake Clan cannot withstand it!

People were shocked and they sighed in their heart.

The cultivation base of Ye Chuan seemed not bad, he seemed to be around Rank 3 Daoist Master realm. But this move of the black-robed youth was very sinister and vicious. Even Rank 7 Daoist Master realm grey robed middle-aged man on the platform was unable to withstand it, how could trifling Rank 3 Daoist Master realm withstand it?

Ye Chuan didn’t resist, he just stood behind the window as if he was petrified in fear. And he also appeared as if his cultivation base was not strong enough to feel the approaching danger.

Hiss! The poisonous snake phantom accelerated and condensed more and more. Now, it appeared as if it had changed into a true poisonous snake when arrived in front of Ye Chuan. Its one bite might be able to poison even peak Daoist Master realm expert to death!

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