Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 391

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 391: Blacksnake

“Heh heh, what a strong spirit, I like it!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin smirked and suddenly issued a noiseless roar with his spirit.

Bang! Along with the crisp sound, teacups in front of the three of them exploded and the sound of window curtain fluttering resounded

Then, from the next door private room, several muffled groans came in succession along with a faint smell of blood. It seemed someone was injured.

The collision of spirits had always been the most dangerous.

A few people of next door had sent out their divine sense to scan them. Although sweeping through them once with their divine sense was fine, they however continued to scan them repeatedly. This in itself was very rude action. Who was Old Demon of Mount Yin? How could he endure this kind of rude action? He immediately counterattacked.

After that, on the wall, suddenly green sprouts appeared which immediately became denser. This was the unique skill of Old Demon of Mount Yin. These sprouts could instantly transform into dangerous vines.

“Kakaka, who is so daring? Dare to be so rude in front of this lordship, come out.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and the green sprouts on the wall began to grow. But just when he was about to come into blows with the people next door, Ye Chuan grabbed him and shook his head, “Rhodes, okay, end it here.”

It was necessary to teach rude fellows some lesson so as to avoid some people reaching for a yard after getting an inch, but, Ye Chuan didn’t want to escalate things tonight.

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin bowed accepting the order of Ye Chuan and those vines that had just grown on the walls disappeared as if they were never there before.

A cold snort came from the next door, it was a female voice, followed by an old man’s voice saying something. Then, the killing intent of the next door slowly dissipated, and both sides became silent.

The auction was going on. The price of that dagger rose from 800 top-grade crystal stone to more than 3000. Finally, it was bought by a wealthy Island Master. No one noticed that invisible conflict between the two rooms.

In the vast sea, there were many islands, but the overwhelming majority of them were unsuitable for survival. All the islands with a pleasant environment and a slightly larger area were generally under the domination of natives or loose cultivators. So, all the people that were able to become the Island Master had extraordinary strength. No one was willing to easily fight in this kind of tyrants’ territories. Moreover, since the Island Master himself had placed the bid, who would dare to outbid him.

The grey-robed middle-aged man brought out the second treasure.

The second treasure was a golden suit of heavy armor, commonly known as golden armor. Allegedly, it was fished up when salvaging the sunken boat several thousand years ago. The grey robed middle-aged man tested it on the spot, showing a common flying sword was unable to stab through it. There was not even a scratch on it. According to the appraisal of Treasure Gathering House, it ranked higher than the dagger of just a moment ago in Overseas Weaponry List.

After this grey robed middle-aged man finished introducing this treasure, people began to make bids. This time, more people participated, and in an extremely short time, its price rose to more than five times more than its starting price. The people of next door also bid. As soon as they opened the mouth, they bid 8000 top-grade crystal stones which frightened the whole audience and also won this bid. After obtaining this item, the cold snort of a women came from this room, seemingly, she was provoking others.

The complexion of Old Demon of Mount Yin was not good. As for Ye Chuan, he just laughed it away, no longer evaluating the items displayed.

After the dagger and golden armor, the third treasure appeared on the stage.

Exceeding all expectation, the treasure this time was unexpectedly a boat. According to the appraisal of Treasure Gathering House, this entire boat was made with a type of bamboo called Diamond Bamboo and it could accommodate 5 people. Although it was very light, it was 11 times faster than ordinary boats as there was an ancient formation on the boat. This speed was already comparable to the speed of ordinary flying swords.

In the overseas world, boats were the most useful tool. No one would use a flying sword to fly. This boat quickly attracted the attention of many people and its price soared to more than 10,000 top-grade crystal stones. Then, there was one wealthy Island Master who directly bid 20,000 top-grade crystal stones, unfortunately, someone else bid higher.

“23,000 top-grade crystal stones.”

A sinister voice came from the private room located at the northwest corner. Looking from far away, one could see a group of black robed people standing in the room via translucent window curtain. They had a big bamboo hat on their head and were wearing a black battle robe with a curved snake embroidered on their left and right cuffs. In addition, the atmosphere around them was so gloomy that it could make people shudder.

Blacksnake Clan!

The noisy auction hall instantly became silent and no one dared to raise the price. Even the wealthy Island Masters were also silent.

Blacksnake embroidered on the cuffs was the special mark of Blacksnake Clan. There were many Island Masters that dominated an island in this hall, but no one dared to compete against this Blacksnake Clan which dominated the entire East Sea.

Even the room next door was very quiet, not daring to utter a sound.

In the vast sea, the notoriety of Blacksnake Clan was well known. Not need to mention in East Sea, even in South Sea, their ferocious name was wide spread. No one dared to provoke this kind of overlord.

“23,001 top-grade crystal stones.”

The voice of Ye Chuan resounded.

The entire audience was stunned and all of them coincidentally looked over. Unfortunately, they only heard the voice of Ye Chuan, couldn’t see the facial features of Ye Chuan because of the big bamboo hat.

Even after the people of Blacksnake Clan make a bid, there unexpectedly was a person that compete with them, moreover, raising the prince by only one crystal stone, this clearly showed that he was rising the bid only for the sake of arguing.

Everyone were shocked, even the grey robed middle-aged man who was on the platform was stunned and he was unable to guess the origin of Ye Chuan. The people of the next door private room also exclaimed, then became silent, not daring to provoke anyone.

The complexion of the people of Blacksnake Clan became very bad.

This was not the first time they were participating in the auction of this Treasure Gathering House. Every time their Blacksnake Clan opened their mouth, no one would dare to utter a word in fear. The experts of Blacksnake Clan were already accustomed to this, but with the sudden appearance of someone who dared to compete with them, moreover, raising the price by only one top-grade crystal stone, this was clearly slapping their face in public!

The sounds of sword unsheathing resounded one after another as the experts of Blacksnake Clan unsheathed their swords in succession looking ferocious. The atmosphere of the auction house instantly became heavy and even the people that were talking in whispers shut their mouth in fear that they would attract a disaster upon themselves.

The grey robed middle-aged man on the platform squinted his eyes and secretly signaled, then a group of guards rushed in from outside.

Even wealthy Island Masters didn’t dare to provoke notorious Blacksnake Clan, but Treasure Gathering House was fearless. In addition, they couldn’t shrink back at this moment, otherwise, the credibility of Treasure Gathering House would be destroyed.

“30,000 crystal stones.”

The sinister voice resounded again.

In the private room, a young man who seemed to be the leader shook his head and the experts of Blacksnake Clan laid down their swords in succession.

The people’s gaze again moved towards the private room where Ye Chuan’s group of three were staying. It was reasonable for Blacksnake Clan not erupting on the stop. But, they didn’t dare to make a move within Treasure Gathering House didn’t mean they would not make a move outside Treasure Gathering House. Now, they were watching how Ye Chuan’s group of three would respond, will they dare to raise the price again? Or, since this circumstance was anything but reassuring for them, would they silently leave this place quickly?

If other people were in their current position, then they would have turned around and left immediately, not daring to remain here a second longer. Provoking Blacksnake Clan basically meant the death sentence.

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