Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 390

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 390: Treasure Gathering House

In the hall of Adventurer Alliance, when people were still in a heated discussion, the group of Ye Chuan however had arrived at the very interesting place, Treasure Gathering House.

On Cyan Sand Island, there were many pubs and various kinds of inns and stores, but there was only one place to buy and sell treasures. That was this Treasure Gathering House located at the most prosperous Cyan Sand Street. It monopolized all treasure sales and purchase of this island. Traveling merchants and adventurers who came and go always brought all kinds of worldly treasures, cultivation techniques or various kinds of strange things. If they wished to get them off their hands, then they could only sell to Treasure Gathering House. One could well image its profit.

No one knew who the owner behind this Treasure Gathering House was, and no one knew how many treasures were here. This treasure store seemed to be have emerged overnight several hundred years ago. In the past several hundred, there were people who opened similar treasure store, but either they suffered a huge loss and went bankrupt or they suddenly closed down.

Furthermore, in these several hundred years, many great devils who ran amuck in these seas intruded this Treasure Gathering House in an attempt to rob the treasures inside. But the result, they were never seen again.

Regardless of how powerful an expert was, they became obedient once they entered this Treasure Gathering House. More than a hundred years ago, a well-known loose cultivator who was named Old Ancestor Fire Dragon talked wildly saying he would exterminate Treasure Gathering House in the space of a night, the result, he was exterminated overnight, and his corpse was tied in the coast for entire three days and three night.

Half-Sage realm Old Ancestor Fire Dragon died just like that.

Since then, the loose cultivators became well-behaved here, they no longer dared to become wanton in Treasure Gathering House. And slowly, the reputation of Treasure Gathering House became more and more resounding, finally becoming the symbol of Cyan Sand Island. Many boats stopped at this Cyan Sand Island. One reason was this island had a freshwater lake and they could replenish water and other necessary items here, and the other reason was they could trade treasure here in Treasure Gathering House. There were quite a few people who even came from afar to especially sale treasures or purchase some treasures. The background of this Treasure Gathering House was unfathomable, no one dared to provoke it, but it would never cheat anyone in the business transaction. This was absolutely the best place to trade in this chaotic and disorderly overseas world.

The trio of Ye Chuan had just entered Treasure Gathering House and a servant quickly came to greet them and led the way. This servant was refined and courteous, and just because this trio of Ye Chuan was wearing ordinary clothing, he didn’t look down on them. He clearly asked about the demand of these three people, then brought Ye Chuan and others to a private room. After that, he left closing the door.

Treasure Gathering House was said to be a treasure shop, but compared to the auction houses of the mainland, it was by no means inferior. The auction hall had the minimum accommodation capacity of 2-3000 people, in addition, there were more than 50 different sized private rooms. It was larger than underground Ghost Market in the vicinity of Cloud Mist Sect. If underground Ghost Market was said to be a big stall, then this place was a huge shopping mall. It was luxuriously decorated. Perhaps, even Azure Dragon Prefecture under the domination of Azure Dragon Sect didn’t have such an auction house.

“Everyone, welcome to our Treasure Gathering House.”

A middle-aged man wearing grey robe walked up to a platform and looking all around the hall, he said, “It is time, let’s start the auction. The first treasure to be auctioned is this 8000 years old dagger, take a look everyone!”

The grey robed middle-aged man lifted the red cloth from the tabletop and a sharp danger appeared in front of everyone. It was glimmering with pallid light. Even the people sitting several meters away could feel chill from this dagger.

Good dagger!

Ye Chuan who had closed his eyes after entering the private room suddenly opened his eyes.

Even though this danger was 8000 years old, there was no mark of the passing of time on it. It was so sharp as if it was just forged. This was a killing weapon that was suitable for close combat fighters. It was best for assassins. In addition, there was a rune engraved on it and it was emitting a sharp and powerful energy fluctuation, clearly was a treasure, much more powerful than an ordinary flying sword.

“In the ranking list of overseas, this dagger ranks 1327. It is the 8000 years old final masterpiece of Weapon Refining Master Emperor Pu Feiyang before his death. The starting price is 800 top-grade crystal stones, and one should raise 50 top-grade crystal stones each time.” This grey robed middle-aged man briefly introduced the origin of this dagger and then gave time to the guests present in the hall.

“Rank 1327 in weapon ranking list? This is absolutely a treasured killing weapon!”

“No wonder, as it turned out to be the masterpiece of Great Emperor Pu, moreover, it is his final work before his death, no wonder this blade is so sharp!”

The people in the auction hall got excited and the price rose rapidly. Soon, the price reached 1700 top-grade crystal stones from 800.

No one doubted the origin and the value of this dagger because all the items from this Treasure Gathering House had never been fake.

“Your Excellency, should…….”

Old Demon of Mount Yin was eager to make trouble. As an old evil spirit, he had a lot of resources. A thousand or two top grade crystal stones was an astronomical figure to the ordinary cultivator, but it was nothing to him. As long as Ye Chuan nodded his head, he would immediately buy this dagger.

“It is sharp enough, unfortunately, its flexibility is insufficient. If you seriously use all your strength to stab an expert, if it is unable to pierce through the body of the opponent, then it would break. The cultivation of that Great Emperor Pu should not be more than Rank 7 Daoist Master realm, so although he had great attainment in reining weapon, his cultivation was insufficient to reach the higher level, it’s a pity, it’s a pity!”

Ye Chuan shook his head and said feeling a pity.

The dagger on the platform, at first glance, the eyes of people shone, and at second glance, people felt something was insufficient, and at third glance, they couldn’t help feeling it was a pity.

Who was Ye Chuan, he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage who once concealed the heaven. Although he didn’t specialize in weapon refining, not many people had reached the level of weapon refining he had attained. The so-called weapon refining masters were too far behind to catch up to him. Just looking at this dagger from far away, Ye Chuan was able to discern the shortcomings of this dagger and he was even able to point out the shortcomings of the weapon refining master who refined this dagger.

Old Demon of Mount Yin was tongue-tied, he had never expected for Ye Chuan to be so experienced. In terms of cultivation base, although he was still far above Ye Chuan, vaguely stepping into Half-Sage realm, in other aspects, he was nowhere near Ye Chuan.

A person who wanted to set foot on the pinnacle of cultivation needed to fulfill many conditions. Very often, the shortage of knowledge would become a hard shortcoming to resolve.

A real expert should excel in cultivation, alchemy, refining weapons, laying out restrictions and other areas. On the contrary, a heaven-defying expert who didn’t know how to refine pills and weapons, or the so-called Weapon Refining Master with mediocre cultivation, their achievement would be limited.

Old Demon of Mount Yin knew his own shortcomings. Because of this, he was genuinely convinced by Ye Chuan. The longer he stayed beside Ye Chuan, the more he knew that Ye Chuan, this master of his, was not simple, and all the more become aware that Ye Chuan was unfathomable.


An exclaiming sound came from the next door private room. It seemed that the person next door was greatly surprised hearing Ye Chuan’s word, then several powerful divine sense quickly scanned the private room of Ye Chuan.


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