Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 39

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 39: Checkmated person

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you……, you like those crystal stone?”

Since he was unable to pull Ye Chuan away, fatty was forced to give up, and weakly looking at Ye Chuan, he mumbled while sweating abnormally.

The items of Flame Devil were certainly quality products!

This was something known by all the people in Ghost Market. But although the items offered to sell by Flame Devil were good things, but price however was also very exorbitant.

In Purple Cloud Peak, fatty Zhao Dazhi had boasted that even if he had nothing else, he had enough silvers. But now, seeing Ye Chuan was looking at the crystal stones offered to sell by Flame Devil with interest, he no longer became bold and uninhibited.

Top grade crystal stone ah, even 3,000 taels of silver were not enough to buy a single piece. And even if fatty took out all the silvers in his body as well as all his clothing including his underpants, that wouldn’t be enough to buy half piece of it.

“That’s natural, what, fatty, you don’t like it?”

Ye Chuan turned around his head and looked at fatty with an evil smile. And the face of fatty became even redder.

“If you want to buy, then take out 9000 taels of silver for a single crystal stone, can’t afford, then roll out, don’t block the way!”

Flame Devil coldly said, while his eyes coldly sweeping the people. Then the heat wave in the air suddenly intensified, and the ground in front of the grotto seems to be boiling up. After that the crowds of people of just a moment ago walked away, leaving behind only Ye Chuan and fatty.

Single crystal stone costs 9000 taels of silver? This is not selling, but a daylight robbery!

Hearing the cost, even the cultivators who used to spend money extravagantly in former days, all without exception gave up the thoughts to buy these crystal stone. Although these top grade crystal stones were good, but with such price, who could afford them?

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi stretched out his hand and quietly pulled the clothing of Ye Chuan, wanting to walk away, while profusely sweating.

Without looking, he could sense that lots of people nearby were watching and pointing towards them. This price was so outrageous that even sect protector couldn’t afford to buy them, so if he stayed here, then wasn’t that just waiting for himself to lose his face? Could it be that, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother really thinks my family have big business and also have an inexhaustible amount of money as if flowing water?

Feeling the people were pointing towards him, fatty felt ill at ease all over. Not only was he sweating profusely, very soon he was going to cry with no other choice. He decided that from now onwards, even if he was beaten to death, he would never dare to boast in front of Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.

Brag in front of other people, that was ability and impressive. But brag in front of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan, and that was only slapping his own face.

“Boy, do you want to buy crystal stones?” Seeing fatty and Ye Chuan didn’t leave, Flame Devil smiled and asked. With white eerie teeth, rock like coarse and cracked face, and fiery red eyes, he looked ferocious and frightening. When he was not smiling, it was good, but when he smiled, it made people even more restless. And seeing this Flame Devil glancing him, the heart of fatty Zhao Dazhi suddenly jumped, and felt indescribable discomfort.

“These crystal stones are pretty good.” Ye Chuan nodded his head, and said calmly.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi who was standing beside Ye Chuan was so anxious that his forehead was already filled with beads of sweats, and panic was filled across his face. But he however made an appearance of rich and imposing.

“Paying 9,000 taels of silver for one crystal stone, really is wealthy, what is the origin of these two?”

“I don’t recognize the taller one, but I happened to know that short and fat one, he is from Cloud Mist Sect. I heard, his family’s rice stores run a very big business, and his family is very wealthy.”

“No wonder, stupid people with excessive wealth ah!”


The onlookers were pointing out and talking in whispers. Since they couldn’t afford to buy, looking from one side was also fine for them.

Hearing the remarks of these people, the redness of fatty Zhao Dazhi reached to his ears, and felt even more ashamed to show his face. As for Ye Chuan, he just smiled, and glanced at fatty who was feeling unease.

“A piece of crystal stone for 9,000 taels of silver, but if you buy all of them, then I can give you a discount, a piece of crystal stone only for 8,500 taels of silver.” The complexion of Flame Devil slightly eased up, and the heat wave also became much weaker.

He also recognized Fatty Zhao Dazhi, no need to mention about wearing a big bamboo hat, even if he morphed into ash, he would still recognize him, as not long ago, they had made a deal.

“Thanks, many thanks, senior, but today we……”

Fatty was somewhat at a loss, and sweated abnormally. Even if he cut down all of his fatty meat, he couldn’t afford to buy even one of them, let alone all of them together ah!

“Oh, insufficient money? Then buy two pieces first, each for 9,200 taels of silver, not one less.” Flame Devil coldly answered.

The fatty meat of fatty shivered, and he was unable to say the words of his mouth, then pulling Ye Chuan, he thought to slip away.

“A piece for 9,200 taels of silver ah, pretty good, this price is fair.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, and had the appearance of blockhead in money matters. Also no matter how much strength fatty used, he was unable to move Ye Chuan even an inch. And even after trying several times, seeing Ye Chuan was still motionless, fatty had the impulse to jump off the cliff. If this Flame Demon realize that they don’t have money, and couldn’t even afford a single crystal stone, then wouldn’t they be instantly killed on the spot?

The eyes of Flame Devil shone, he like blockhead in money matters the most, “That’s good, now take out the money.”

“I don’t have money.” Ye Chuan straightforwardly answered. Hearing this, fatty trembled from head to foot, and thought to immediately run away.

I am dishonest, but Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you specially dug a hole for your junior apprentice-brother and junior apprentice-sister ah!

Fatty Zhao Dazhi had mistakenly believed that Ye Chuan had a good plan, and even if he was given a hundred bear gall, he would have never thought that Ye Chuan would answer so straightforwardly. Now he was really afraid of what to come!

“Haha, hahaha, good, good, brat, are you playing with me? What are you doing here without money?”

Flame Devil was surprised and became so angry that he laughed.

Someone daring to be presumptuous in front of him, it had already been a very long time. Even three large sects’ protectors would become respectful when they saw him in Ghost Market, so who dares to be presumptuous? Either Ye Chuan had powerful connection making him fearless or he didn’t know the heights of the heavens or the depths of the earth and was tired of leaving?

“Flame Devil…I presume. I didn’t play with you, it was you who misunderstood.”

Ye Chuan was calm and composed, and pointing at the small plate below the crystal stones, he said, “I am not interested in these crystal stones, rather this small plate, name your price.”

This was a swarthy small plate used for putting crystal stones, was full of dust and was also cracked, resembling mere trash that was casually picked up from the street. It had been in the stall for so many years, but till now no one had ever paid any attention to it.

Is this person crazy or sick?

All the onlookers were greatly surprised, and fatty Zhao Dazhi was also dumbstruck with his mouth wide open. Only the complexion of Flame Devil however changed, then he sized up Ye Chuan, and his fiery eyes unexpectedly had a trace of surprise. After that, he said with a smirk, “Heh heh, kid, you have a good sense of judgment! If you want my Jade Butterfly, then take out a sage cultivation technique to exchange, not money!”

Sage cultivation technique?

All onlookers exclaimed again, the words of Ye Chuan had already surprised them sufficiently, and the reply of Flame Devil shocked them so much that all of them were stupefied. Was it possible that, this completely worthless looking Jade Butterfly which didn’t attract the gaze of any person was really a great treasure?

“Ai, already checkmated person, but without trying to quickly save oneself, still trying to obtain sage cultivation technique, what a joke, what a funny joke!” Ye Chuan shook his head, then turning around, he walked away, never again looking at that Jade Butterfly.

Fatty was somewhat dizzy, and hadn’t reacted up until now. And just when Ye Chuan had walked few steps, suddenly a red light flashed and Flame Devil blocked his path, “Youngster, what did you say, who is the checkmated person? Say it again!”

Scorching hot heat wave as if pin-pricked caused a stinging pain. Only then, fatty woke up. And seeing angry Flame Devil, he couldn’t help but trembled. In front of this great devil, Rank 1 Xiushi cultivator was not even a dregs.

“Recently, your heart and lungs’ blood vessels are not feeling well. After three days, if you are still alive, then I will jump into Evil Dragon Abyss.”

Ye Chuan calmly said, then looking at this about to flip out Flame Devil, he indifferently turned around and walked away.

Behind, ferocious Flame Devil’s eyes shone with an ominous glint. And looking at the distant back view of Ye Chuan, his complexion was overcast and uncertain. And seeing the atmosphere was getting tense, the onlookers in the vicinity dispersed. They didn’t dare to stay in such tense atmosphere.

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