Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 389

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 389: Cyan Sand Island

The violent rainstorm finally passed and the sea dragon boat continued to sail forward. Three days later, it docked on an island.

This was an island with verdant and luxuriant trees. Although it was not very big, it was very famous for the freshwater lake, Cyan Sand Lake. In addition, this island just happened to be the stop point for many merchant ships. Standing on the deck and looking around, one could see many merchant ships coming from all over. Although it was dangerous to go to the sea, because of the high profit, that still attracts a lot of people to take a dangerous risk.

Sea dragon boat didn’t enter the dock. Under the command of Sea Demon Patriarch, they stopped at the other side of this Cyan Sand Island.

The sea dragon boat had peculiar shape, so the people who drifted around the sea knew that this was the symbol of Sea Demon Clan. It was not good to be discovered and the slightest bit of carelessness could give rise to the rain of blood.

Ye Chuan walked out of the secret room and along with Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er, he took a stroll around this island, gathering the news in passing. As for Zhu Sijia, she led the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect to replenish the fresh water, foods and other necessities. And in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, only the people of Cloud Mist Sect disembark, all the people of Sea Demon Clan stayed onboard to stand guard.

This small Cyan Sand Island had unique and exquisite pubs, had all kinds of shops, and also Adventurers Alliance that could be found all over the mainland.

The group of three entered the Adventurer Alliance first.

And a huge crystal screen appeared in front of these three people first. It displayed various kinds of uncompleted tasks. In the hall, there were not many people, but they were gathered in twos and threes. Seeing Ye Chuan’s group enter, everyone turned to look for a bit, then continued to talk with each other.

Everything was as usual, no-one found this strange.

In order to not attract the attention, Ye Chuan’s group had already disguised themselves before disembarking. All three were wearing a black robe with a long sword hanging on their waist and big bamboo hat on their head. They were dressed up as frequently seen adventurers. Although some people talked about how it was rare to see Little Long’er like young adventurers, it was nothing troublesome. In this sea, everyone was trying to make a living. No one was willing to easily get into a conflict with others. All kept their nose out of other people’s affairs and played safe.

Ye Chuan stood in front of this crystal screen and watched the news displayed on it. Without paying any attention, he was listening to the discussion of other people.

“Hey, old brother, the evil spirit of Cyan Sand Lake, Old Monster of Cyan Sand, was killed, do you know?” In the northwest corner of the hall, a sloppy middle-aged man asked the big bearded man at his side.

“This news has already spread around, Old Three, you only know now? Did you drink till drunk and left the inn just now?” The big bearded man shook his head and then drank a big mouth of wine from the bottle, then he added, “Kill then kill, but, they unexpectedly even left behind the neidan of Old Monster of Cyan Sand, it however is 80,000 years-old neidan. Tsk tsk, I wonder which heaven-defying expert killed it. Such a good neidan didn’t even enter their eyes, instead, drunk One-eyed Li who had slept on the beach woke up and actually obtained it without any effort, truly is a meat pie falling from the sky. I am so envious.”

“One-eyed Li, that old fellow had bad luck throughout his life, finally he had a good luck.” The middle-aged man said. He was also envious. Then, he lowered his voice and said, “I heard someone on the island saw Redline Lady Chu Hongniang and White Dragon Sage. Could it be that that Old Monster of Cyan Sand Lake was killed by that husband and wife pair? Moreover, according to the rumor, the experts of Blacksnake Clan have also come to Cyan Sand Island. They are kidnapping children below the age of nine, wanting to gather 8000 virgin boys and virgin girls. Even the twins of mixed-sex of White Dragon Sage and Chu Hongniang were kidnapped by them, is that true?”

“I don’t know, but, someone has seen the special blacksnake warship of Blacksnake Clan with a lot of crying children. This goddamned group, Blacksnake Clan is truly getting more and more daring and shameless. The entire clan is abnormal from top to bottom. Their males are beasts and females are **!” The big bearded man cursed and again drank a mouthful of wine.

“Hey, lower your voice, don’t let other people hear, perhaps, the people of Blacksnake Clan are still on the island. By the way, Treasure Gathering House is auctioning the neidan of that Old Monster of Cyan Sand, do you want to go and see it?”

“Go, naturally want to go!”


The middle-aged man and big bearded man lowered their voice. But, although they thought that no one could hear them, Ye Chuan clearly heard their conversation.

“Heh heh, Blacksnake Clan?” Old Demon of Mount Yin sneered and whispered in the ear of Ye Chuan, “Your Excellency, how about we change the route to East Sea and completely annihilate them?”

Since they encountered Redline Lady Chu Hongniang, it had already been a few days. And now, he was already sympathetic towards this female expert. In the past, this Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes also used to be a devil, but towards these people who were aiming at these children under the age of nine, he didn’t have any shred of sympathy.

“It is important to hurry on with our journey.”

Ye Chuan indifferently rejected and then walking over to the counter, he said to a female attendant, “I want to issue a task.”

“Please speak.” The female attendant took out a paper and pen.

Old Demon of Mount Yin and Little Long’er followed after him and seeing the current action of Ye Chuan, they were confused. They wondered what kind of task Ye Chuan wanted to issue.

“Help me look for a person, she is a young woman called Tuoba Xiaoniao. She is tall and slim. She has an oval face and pointed chin. Her eyes are very big, and she has long black hair. In addition, she also has a big and tall middle-aged man beside her. This middle-aged man likes to use a big cauldron as a weapon and his cultivation is outstanding with astonishing strength.” Ye Chuan wrote and drew the portrait of Tuoba Xiaoniao, then offered a reward in Adventurer Alliance to find her whereabouts.

This time, the objectives of going out to the sea were, one was to help Sea Demon Patriarch escort a treasure as the repayment for the latter helping in the subduing of Plague Archfiend; the other was to make the use of this opportunity to temper himself and take a look at this overseas world. In addition to these, Ye Chuan furthermore wished to find Tuoba Xiaoniao who was wandering around the sea with her father Tuoba Xiong. It had already been a long time since he last heard from Tuoba Xiaoniao, so Ye Chuan was greatly concerned about this endearing little bird.

When Tuoba Xiaoniao was still in Cloud Mist Mountain Range, he had always teased her calling her wifey as he loved to look at her ashamed and angry expression. But now that Tuoba Xiaoniao was gone, he wanted to hold her and say sorry. Such an endearing little bird was drifting around the seas throughout the year, that was too pitiful. In addition, if she ran into any mishaps, then that would make people feel even more sympathetic.

“Registered, altogether it costs one hundred top-grade crystal stones. And whenever we obtain the news, we will immediately notify you through this rune. Please accept it.” This female attendant was quite fast at doing her work. She quickly gave Ye Chuan a message rune. And perhaps, she noticed that Ye Chuan was new to Adventurer Alliance, she gave additional simple explanation, “It is not dangerous to look for a person, but the sea is vast, and it is truly difficult to find a person in this vast sea, thus, the degree of difficulty for this task is Rank 6, which costs one hundred top-grade crystal stones.”

“Here are a thousand highest-grade crystal stones, increased the difficulty level to the highest. I hope to find the whereabouts of this person as quickly as possible, is one thousand enough?” Ye Chuan took out a big pouch of top-grade crystal stone from Cyan Lotus Lamp and placed it in front of this female attendant.

The mouth of this female attendant was wide open. She looked at Ye Chuan in a daze. Only after a while, she came back to her senses and said, “Enough, enough, I will raise the level of this task to Rank 9 and immediately issue it.”

In overseas, the gold coins and silver coins of the mainland were useless. They used crystal stones as their currency. And with the exhaustion of crystal stones mines, the numbers of top-grade crystal stones had gotten fewer and fewer, no need to mention about highest grade crystal stones. One thousand highest grade crystal stones, even though she had worked in Adventurer Alliance for several years, she had never seen so many of them. In addition, she had never seen a person who was so generous. On the surface, this group of Ye Chuan seemed ordinary, but they were amazing.

Placing such a high reward just for looking a person, who is this man? And who is the woman Tuoba Xiaoniao he was looking for? Is she his girlfriend or his wife that has run away from home?

The adventurers gathered together in twos and threes in the hall quickly walked over and seeing the missions displayed in the crystal screen, everyone exclaimed.

Ye Chuan’s group of three quickly left when the people were exclaiming. Some people chased after them wanting to who these three people were, but in the blink of an eye, those three had already disappeared in the crowd.


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