Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 388

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 388: Icebound Technique

“Noble son, I beg you, please save my son. Jiajia is only five years old, I beg you……” Redline Lady Chu Hongniang kneeled in front of Ye Chuan and wailed bitterly.

Her cultivation was very high, merely her vitality was so damaged that it was already difficult to protect herself, so she could only beg Ye Chuan to help.

At first glance, the cultivation base of Ye Chuan was very ordinary, only was Rank 3 Daoist Master realm. Not to mention other places, even in this cabin alone, there were several people whose cultivation base was higher than him. But, the instinct of Chu Hongniang said that Ye Chuan can definitely save her son. In the midst of that violent rainstorm, Ye Chuan was the first person to jump down the sea and save her and her son. He must definitely have a way to save her son Jiajia.

“I can save him, but……”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “But, I can save his life only for the time being, but to thoroughly wake him up, he needs some worldly treasures.”

“That’s fine, noble son, please help.” Redline Lady Chu Hongniang nodded her head. Everything else comes after her son was saved.

Ye Chuan sat down cross-legged, and circulating his Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets, he slowly injected his vitality into the body of this little boy.

Ye Chuan was very careful. Slowly, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

The little boy was seriously injured, so he had to be very careful when injecting his vitality into his body. In addition, he needed to use his life essence to protect the frail heart of this little boy. The slightest bit of carelessness in this entire process could deteriorate the current situation of this little boy and the consequences would be fatal.

The complexion of this little boy was still pale, but his heart slowly began to beat and he also began to breathe. Gradually, profound talismans having the shape of a dragon, flowing water and banner and so on appeared around the little boy. Counting them, all together, there were eight different talismans.

Sea Demon warriors and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect quietly watched every move of Ye Chuan. They didn’t even dare to breathe heavily in fear that they would disturb the latter.

And watching Ye Chuan, the eyes of Sea Demon Patriarch became all the more brighter. Plague Archfiend Abasi was also the same.

Originally, he had thought that Ye Chuan was like him, a ruthless person, and the higher his cultivation base reached, the more ruthless he would become. But, seeing this scene now, it seemed that he was wrong. For his enemies, Ye Chuan was incomparably ruthless, his cold eyes wouldn’t have even a shred of emotion, but for the people at his side, the weak and common people, he was compassionate.

What shocked Plague Archfiend Abasi even more was the life-saving skill of Ye Chuan. Injecting one’s vitality into the body of this little boy to save him, perhaps, many people could do so, but being as meticulous as Ye Chuan and using his life essence to protect the heart of this little boy, that was not simple. One needed rich experience and high skill. Even Plague Archfiend himself would have a hard time to accomplish this.

How old was Ye Chuan? In such a young age, how did he obtain this skill and experience?

Plague Archfiend Abasi stared at Ye Chuan becoming even more confused, and he also admired him even more now. He understood that Ye Chuan was not simple.

Fu! Ye Chuan exhaled a mouthful of chaotic qi.

He didn’t hesitate to expend a large amount of vitality and used eight Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body to save this little boy. This was equivalent to leaving behind the seeds of eight talismans within the body of this little boy. In the future, when this little boy grew up, his fortune will not be shallow.

After finishing this task, Ye Chuan was very tired, still, his next move suddenly shocked everyone. He used Icebound Technique to freeze this little boy, stopping his time, then said to that woman in red, “Madam, the injury of your son is truly too serious. I can only do this much. First, I froze him to prevent his injuries from getting worse, in the future, when you found all the necessary worldly treasures, you can refine them into a pill to wake him up.”

Ye Chuan slowly stood up. In this brief period of time, his robe was already drenched with sweat.

“Thank you, noble son.”

This Redline Lady Chu Hongniang was somewhat disappointed, but there was still a glimmer of hope and she couldn’t thank Ye Chuan enough, “Noble son, what kind of worldly treasures are needed?”

“Heavenly Dragon Rice, Dragon Tongue Orchid, Lightning Strike Horseback Cloth and Heavenly Lightning Root. These four things are absolutely necessary.” Ye Chuan replied.

Redline Lady Chu Hongniang immediately became dejected.

What kind of thing was Heavenly Dragon Rice? That however was the food of legendary ancient Heavenly Dragons. In addition, it had already gone extinct in this Wilderness World, where could she find it? The same was true for Dragon Tongue Orchid and Heavenly Lightning Root, they were the things of the legend, no one had seen them. As for Lightning Strike Horseback Cloth, she had never even heard of it.

Chu Hongniang who had just seen a glimmer of hope despaired again. Could it be that she would have to let her son Jiajia be frozen forever?

“Heavenly Dragon Rice, I have it here, Madam, be at ease.”

Ye Chuan knew what Chu Hongniang was thinking at this moment. He took out several Heavenly Dragon Rice from his Cyan Lotus Lamp and placed them on the hands of Chu Hongniang. “These are Heavenly Dragon Rice, although they are not matured, they are sufficient to use to save a person. Madam, take them. As for Dragon Tongue Orchid and Heavenly Lightning Root, if I remember correctly, then they happen to grow here in the overseas world. Walk around and ask more, perhaps, you will learn where they are or encounter them?”

“Thank you, noble son!”

Chu Hongniang who had already stood up knelt down again with her eyes full of tears. She was filled with gratitude towards Ye Chuan. Then, raising her head, she asked, “Noble son, then what about Lightning Strike Horseback Cloth? What is this? Where can I find it?”

With the legendary Heavenly Dragon Rice in her hand, the hope and confidence of Chu Hongniang were greatly boosted.

Even Heavenly Dragon Rice that had been extinct a long time ago was in her hand now, how could she not find other worldly treasures?

“Strictly speaking, Lightning Strike Horseback Cloth is not some kind of worldly treasure, rather……” Ye Chuan bent over and whispered something in the ears of Chu Hongniang, then the beautiful face of the latter turned bright red to the roots of her ears.

“Madam, the wind is strong outside, you can stay in the room.”

Ye Chuan said, then turned around and walked towards the secret room in the inner area of this boat. After using his vitality to save this little boy, he was already exhausted, and he wanted to meditate to restore his energy as soon as possible.

“Many thanks, noble son.”

Behind, Chu Hongniang bowed again, then carried her son and walked to the cabin at one corner. Then, she took out many crystal stones from inside her space ring and began to make a coffin for her son in person.

Although the life of her son Jiajia was not in mortal danger for the time being, she needed to find several worldly treasures to truly wake him up. Next, she needed to wander all around the sea to look for the things Ye Chuan had mentioned. But, before everything else, she needed to make a coffin for her son to protect him. In addition, she needed to visit Blacksnake Clan of East Sea.

Her husband Bai Rulong was in pursuit of the devils of Blacksnake Clan to look for their daughter. It was not clear whether he was dead or alive. But, before she wandered around the seas to look for those worldly treasures, she needed to first look for her husband and daughter.

“Madam, let me help you.”

Zhu Sijia walked in and helped Chu Hongniang melt those crystal stones and then join them together to make a translucent crystal stone board.

“Thank you, Miss, you and noble son Ye are truly a pair made in heaven, compared to us, husband and wife, you are a lot more fortunate. Good people really have good fortune!”

Chu Hongniang was very grateful. It was fortunate for her to meet Ye Chuan and his group.

“As if, Ye Chuan, he……, he is only my Big Senior Apprentice Brother, who is his wife? I definitely don’t want……” The beautiful face of Zhu Sijia became bright red, but her eyes were shining in happiness.

“Oh, is that so?”

Chu Hongniang smiled and said nothing. She just busied herself.

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