Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 387

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 387: Blacksnake Archfiend

The wind was fierce and the rain was also heavy, in addition, more than 100 meters tall sea waves were rising one after another.

After colliding with this hundred meters tall sea wave, Ye Chuan stepping on the water and quickly saved this woman in red. Sure enough, this woman in red was holding a little boy who was less than five years old in her bosom. Both of them looked pale and were extremely weak. The woman in red was still breathing, but the little boy had already lost his consciousness.

“Jiajia, Peiyuan Pill!”

Ye Chuan shouted and quickly pressed the back of this woman with his hands to help her circulate the blood. And someone brought the fire pan from inside their cabin to warm these two people. Zhu Sijia also quickly took out a Pei Yuan Pill which she had refined personally, then fed it to this woman in red along with water.

Peiyuan Pill could solidify one’s foundation and could also consolidate the cultivation base increasing the cultivating speed, in addition, it could also save the life at the critical moment.

The injuries of this blood-stained woman weren’t light, but they were not fatal. Weakness and exhaustion were the main reasons for her to collapse. It was unknown for how long they had drifted in this vast sea. And after swallowing this Peiyuan Pill, she began to recover.

“Please……, please save my son, I beg you, save……” The woman in red slowly wake up and immediately begged everyone to save her son with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Zhu Sijia carefully looked at the little boy lying on the cabin, then helplessly shook her head.

Compared to this woman in red, the injuries of this little boy was even more serious, Someone had ruthlessly hit him in his chest breaking his ribs, after that, he had swallowed a lot of seawater while drifting in the sea for a long time. He had already overdrawn his life and reached the hopeless situation.

“No……, Jiajia, my son……”

The woman in red struggled to get up. Although she was already in a very weak state, she suddenly obtained strength from who knows where and quickly crawled up to the side of this little boy. Then, holding her son, she cried bitterly. Her vitality was tenacious and the energy fluctuation within her body was also powerful, clearly was also a peak Daoist Master realm expert, merely, it was unknown what had happened for her to end up like this. Everyone felt sad for her.

After crying for a while, this woman in red quickly used a mysterious technique on her son, wanting to transfer her own vitality into this little boy. Unfortunately, she was truly weak at this moment, although her cultivation was outstanding, because her vitality had already suffered a heavy damage, she was even unable to protect herself, how could she have the surplus energy to save another person?

“Senior, I beseech you to save Jiajia, please save my son!” After trying for a while, the woman woke up to reality. Then, she fell to her kneeled in front of Sea Demon Patriarch and begged the latter.

Sea Demon Patriarch shook his head as even though he was willing to help, he was unable to do so.

“Miss, please save my son, please help me.” This woman in red kneeled in front of Zhu Sijia with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“It is not that I don’t want to help you, I truly……” Zhu Sijia also shook her head.

The condition of this little boy was too serious. Even if she fed all the remaining Peiyuan pills, it would be useless. Zhu Sijia shook her head and tears couldn’t help streaming down her cheeks, then turning to see Ye Chuan, she said, “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, don’t you have a way?”

“Noble son saved me, save my son.” This woman in red turned around and knelt in front of Ye Chuan. Listening to the words of Zhu Sijia, as if she caught the final straw, she knelt in front of Ye Chuan and hopefully looked at him. Just a moment ago, even though she had also lost her consciousness, she vaguely knew that this young man had saved her in this rainstorm. Now, she was certain that this youth Ye Chuan was her savior without a doubt.

Ye Chuan squatted down and opened the eyelids of this little boy with his fingers. And after carefully looking for a while, he sighed without speaking.

“Noble son, I beg you, save Jiajia. In the future, I, Chu Hongniang and Bai Rulong, this husband and wife will definitely thank you, we will never forget this great kindness of noble son throughout our life.” Tears gushed out from the eyes of this woman in red. If she could, then she would rather use her life to exchange for her son’s life.

“What? You……, you are Chu Hongniang? That Chu Hongniang known as Redline Lady of North Sea?” Sea Demon Patriarch exclaimed.

Overseas had ancient sects with long inheritance and also many loose cultivators. South Sea was no exception, and Redline Lady Chu Hongniang was one of the outstanding people there. Allegedly, Redline Lady never used any kind of sword, rather used just an extremely common red string to cut off the throat of innumerable devils. Her cultivation base was heaven-defying, had already reached the peak of Daoist Master realm. In South Sea, she was one of the legendary experts. As for her husband Bai Rulong, he was even more amazing. According to the rumors, he was the reincarnation of a white dragon. He was simply an unmatched existence in this vast sea. His cultivation was unfathomable, and according to the rumors, he had already stepped into Half-Sage realm. Thus, he was known as White Dragon Sage. This pair of husband and wife had carefreely roamed around this vast sea for many years, and in the eyes of common people, they were a couple of celestial beings.

When did such a couple of celestial beings have a child? Moreover, what kind of mishap did they suffer to end up like this?

Sea Demon warriors turned pale with fright and watched this woman in red Chu Hongniang in fear.

If it was an average person, then he/she might have ended up like this because they had fallen into the water because of the unexpected and sudden storm, but that was absolutely impossible for Chu Hongniang and Bai Rulong. Even if the storm was ten times more powerful, it would not pose any problem to this couple.

“Yes, I am Redline Lady Chu Hongniang. We gave birth to a twin of mixed-sex while freely wandering around four seas. But, just a few days ago, in the inn of South Sea’s Cyan Sand Island, we met the experts of Blacksnake Clan. They took advantage of the time when us two, husband and wife, was out to actually kidnap our children!” The woman in red Chu Hongniang gnashed her teeth and added ferociously, “After sensing our children were in danger, we quickly chased after them, but we suffered the ambush of a large number of Blacksnake clan’s experts. In the end, although we were able to take back our son Jiajia, our daughter however was successfully kidnapped away from us.”

Blacksnake Clan?

Ye Chuan paused, then looking at Hai Lili, he recalled those overseas strange people he had encountered in underground Ghost Market, and he also recalled that sour-faced Dark Wood Monarch.

“That means, White Dragon Sage is in pursuit of the people of Blacksnake Clan?”

Sea Demon Patriarch asked and shook his head, “No, wrong, Blacksnake Clan has always been in East Sea, when did their grasp extend to South Sea?”

“It is said that Blacksnake Clan is collecting 8000 virgin boys and virgin girls to hold a grand sacrifice so as to summon their Blacksnake Deity. They had already looted many native tribes of South Sea, but I had never expected that they would actually dare to make a move against us husband and wife. Damn Blacksnake Clan! I, Chu Hongniang will eradicate their evil clan as long as I have one breath remaining!” Redline Lady Chu Hongniang gnashed her teeth and said.

That evening, this husband and wife happened to have gone out to kill a yao beast that had the lifespan of a million years. Thus, both of them were exhausted and injured. Otherwise, how could the people of this Blacksnake Clan succeed?

Redline Lady Chu Hongniang hated that damned Blacksnake Clan and also hated herself. She hated herself and her husband White Dragon Sage for being too careless. They just used a simple restriction to guard their two young children. The result, they happened to encounter the devils of Blacksnake Clan and this happened. If they were at their children’s side or if they hadn’t gone together to kill that evil spirit, then how could this have occurred to them?

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