Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 385

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 385: Sea Dragon Boat

Sea Demon Patriarch was occupied with preparing the materials, foods, weaponry and even common porcelains in large quantities to go to the sea. He was extremely busy. As for Ye Chuan, it was very easier. He only needed to arrange some personal items and explain some matters that needed attention to others. But, when arranging his personal items, he encountered a mishap.

Great Elder Zhu Guohong had yet to return and there was still no news from Horned Demon Na Gusi who had sneaked into the capital in disguise. Second Elder Nangong Ren no longer paid any attention to the affairs of the world. So, he had originally thought that Zhu Sijia would handle all the matters when he was absent, but for an unknown reason, this little girl was determined to go to the sea with him this time. Ye Chuan failed to persuade her and was forced to ask Nan Tiandu to stay behind. The cultivation and calmness of Nan Tiandu were enough to guard and take charge of the sect. This time, his task wasn’t light. First, he had to ensure the safety of the sect and rigorously enforce the requirements of the sect’s disciples; Second, Ye Chuan wanted him to begin renovating the sect. Among them, the important task was to dig a big canal which passed through Cloud Mist Sect to the seas.

The instructions of Ye Chuan, Nan Tiandu engraved them in his mind and implemented immediately. His arrangement was even slightly better than that of Zhu Sijia. No matter what he did, he was always sober-minded with cold and indifferent expression. He didn’t talk much, but every sentence had a clear meaning, and not a single disciple dared to defy him.

After examining all around the sect and affirming there was no error, Ye Chuan relaxed. At noon, the entire group of people was ready to set out. At the coast, a huge boat was already waiting for them for a long time.

This boat was very big, but it was clearly different from the boat often seen in the mainland. The entire body of this boat appeared flat, looking just like a leaf floating on the water. Its hull was also made with the unknown material, it neither looked like wood nor iron. It was smooth and flexible, but ordinary swords couldn’t stab through it. In addition, this boat was elastic like skin and it appeared as if it would be fine even if it collided against the rock. There was no sail on the boat, it seemed to use an ancient restriction to sail. After the weighted anchor was lifted, in a few breaths of time, it accelerated to a very high speed faster than a horse that covered a thousand li a day from the static state. The mainland was quickly left far behind. Even an ordinary bird couldn’t catch up to this boat.

Ye Chuan was somewhat curious. Standing on the deck, he carefully sized up this uncommon warship.

In his previous life when he concealed the heaven, he had not cared much about the overseas world. He had always wanted to explore the ends of the seas, but he didn’t get the chance. Unexpectedly, he however got this kind of chance in this life.

“This is Sea Dragon Boat, is the unique masterpiece of our Sea Demon Clan. It is made using the skeleton of Sea Dragon and is covered with tough, tensile and smooth dragon skin. In addition, a unique spirit gathering formation and wind driving formation are engraved on the board. Thus, this boat can move quickly even though there is no wind. Boarding this boat, we don’t need to fear storms and tidal waves, moreover, it can still become invisible like a piece of leaf on the sea surface and average person wouldn’t be able to see from the distance. Ever since ancient times, it is the most amazing boat of overseas.”

Hai Lili walked behind Ye Chuan and combing her hair which was being blown by the wind, she added, “In our golden age, our Sea Demon Clan had 103 such sea dragon boats, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of them were sunk by people or disappeared together with our clansmen. Now, only this one boat is left in our clan.”

Hai Lili explained the characteristics and history of this sea dragon boat and her complexion suddenly became downcast. During her childhood, i.e., more than ten years ago, Sea Demon Clan still had a dozen or so sea dragon boats, now they however had only one left. Although the method to repair and forge sea dragon boat was still passed down within the clan, their strength was not sufficient to kill a powerful sea dragon, so it was useless to know the method. They were forced to abandon the damaged sea dragon boats, or even destroy and sunk it in fear of them falling into the hands of enemies.

“Sea dragon boat, good, what a good sea dragon boat. Hai Lili, if enough sea dragons are captured, can your clan built large numbers of such warships?” Ye Chuan asked as he suddenly had an idea.

Once a big canal joining the sea is built within Cloud Mist Sect, then Cloud Mist Sect would not only have more lines of defense, its strategic positions would also be completely different. In the future, he can form an elite navy, and Cloud Mist Sect would be able to move back and forth in the sea. In addition, going along the river, they could make a long-range attack and could also retreat to the vast sea without the fear of any threat.

“In theory, there is no problem, but……”

Hai Lili shook her head and said, “Now, there are fewer and fewer craftsmen that can build sea dragon boats, and even more importantly, the number of sea dragon has also gotten fewer and fewer because of excessive hunting. And the remaining sea dragons simply stay together in a group, and it is basically impossible to hunt them when they are together.”

“That is actually quite good, if we succeed, we might get a large number of them. Perhaps, we can build over one hundred sea dragon boats at once.”

Ye Chuan smiled. Needlessly to say, the power of Sea Demon Clan had declined, so they couldn’t capture sea dragons didn’t represent other people also couldn’t. As long as one knew how to build sea dragon boats and know where sea dragons appear the most, everything would be easy to handle.

The weather of the sea changed fast. Just a moment ago, it was still calm and tranquil with vast clear skies, but suddenly, the sky became dark and strong wind blew, causing sea waves.

However, the speed of this sea dragon boat didn’t decrease, rather increased, flying on the surface of the sea. In addition, this boat directly pierced through the sea waves, continuing to sail through the sea.

The sea waves were also getting bigger and bigger, and seeing this, even Hai Lili who had grown up in seas from childhood felt somewhat uneasy, so fearing she would be tossed out of this warship due to the violent shaking, she hastily returned to her cabin. As for Ye Chuan, he however continued to stand at the deck. His legs were nailed securely on the deck as if a wooden stake, and he spread out his arms as if he was hugging the sea waves. The sea waves collided against his body, but he didn’t fear, rather felt carefree and his fighting spirit soared. The flowing water shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body also rotated rapidly and strengthened.

One needed painstaking cultivation and also good luck to condense every Heaven Swallowing Talisman. After condensing one, to strengthen it, one also needed a lucky chance.

After taming Sea Demoness Hai Lili, he had condensed a flowing water shaped talisman. After that, there had been no improvement in it. As a result, it was far weaker than Demonic Dragon Talisman and Iron Blooded Banner Talisman, but at this moment, it finally seethed with excitement. This vast sea, furthermore, those head-on collisions with sea waves finally awakened this talisman of Ye Chuan.

On this dangerous deck, in the midst of the bombardment of sea waves, Ye Chuan cultivated.

Cultivation was not limited by a place and it also didn’t have the time limit. What was more important was an opportunity. Sometimes, luckily reaching the epiphany could be far better than the seclusion cultivation of hundred years. The ancients thought highly of going out to experience for this reason. One needed to be flexible in cultivation, instead of cultivating in one place, experiencing various dangerous situations, one’s cultivation would soar rapidly.

In the battle against State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, Ye Chuan benefited a lot and his desire for strength became even stronger. In addition, along with the growth of his cultivation, his Cloud Mist Sect would also slowly become one of the major power. Like that, even if he didn’t go to look for those opponents of former life who trapped him in God Burial Valley, the other party would inevitably come to look for him. Perhaps, they might have already noticed him. Now, he didn’t have much time, so even if he couldn’t quickly breakthrough to Sage realm, he should at least reach Half-Sage realm as soon as possible, like that, he could truly display a section of the power of his previous life!

In the previous life, I only concealed heaven, in this life, I want to swallow the heaven!

A more than a ten meters tall sea wave collided against Ye Chuan and completely drenched him, but the fire within his body was burning hot. He suddenly raised his head and roared as he emitted the energy fluctuation within his body. He longed to condense a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman and thirst for even more power.

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