Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 384

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 384: Go to the sea

After resolving the big problem of Plague Archfiend, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The tide rapidly receded and this small fishing village, Earth Dragon Village, reverted back to normal. Now, a grey dawn could be seen on the horizon, welcoming the new day.

After resting for a while, Ye Chuan invited Sea Demon Warriors in Cloud Mist Sect as the guest, and this large group of people quickly left this place.

Just after arriving Cloud Mist Sect, white-bearded Sea Demon Patriarch couldn’t wait to see Heavenly Dragon Tree despite being exhausted. Ye Chuan smiled and personally led him to the side of Evil Dragon Abyss. And seeing the Heavenly Dragon Tree that was full of vitality with luxuriant branches and leaves, this old man was endlessly excited and continuously walked around this Heavenly Dragon Tree.

“Heavenly Dragon Tree, truly is the legendary Heavenly Dragon Tree, now, our Sea Demon Clan has the hope of revival!”

The old man muttered and his eyes were brimming with tears. He had never thought that the task which all the previous patriarchs couldn’t accomplish was accomplished in his generation.

Perhaps, even if they had broken their head, no one had thought that the seed of heavenly Dragon Rice that was passed down from generation to generation could not be planted in overseas islands, rather should be planted in the land of the mainland. This wide and vast land of the mainland was truly the land where dragons prospered!

“Patriarch, if you like, then you can stay here. Next year, when this Heavenly Dragon Tree bear Heavenly Dragon Rice, you can take any number you want.” Ye Chuan smiled at this old man who was reluctant to part with this tree.

The eyes of this old man shone, “Noble son Ye, truly?”

“Of course, it’s true, originally, the seed of Heavenly Dragon Rice belonged to your Sea Demon Clan. And this time, I was able to subdue Plague Archfiend Abasi because of your great help, so it is nothing to gift you the harvest of one year. In the future, even if my Cloud Mist Sect has many disciples, a section of harvested Heavenly Dragon Rice will belong to your Sea Demon Clan.”

Ye Chuan didn’t hesitate to reward his subordinates and the people who helped him. Then, looking at Hai Lili behind this old man, he added, “Patriarch, you can rest assured, my Could Mist Sect cannot be considered as very big, but it has enough place for your Sea Demon Clan to settle down. Let alone more than one thousand people, we can accommodate even more than ten thousand people.”

Ye Chuan didn’t even bat an eyelid to recruit Sea Demon Clan. In this battle at Earth Dragon Village, Sea Demon Clan had displayed powerful combat ability. Although there were not many of them, each one of them was elite and rare new force.

After repelling 200,000 strong soldiers of Da Qin Dynasty, now it was time to recruit experts of the world. Nobles and all other large sects were accumulating strength in secret, waiting for the arrival of great changes. And for Cloud Mist Sect with long inheritance, there was no reason to not take advantage of this situation to develop and grow.

“The environment of this place is very good, worldly spiritual qi is also dense, unfortunately, this place is far away from the sea and there is no river nearby.”

Sea Demon Patriarch shook his head with some regret.

Sea Demon Patriarch understood the meaning of Ye Chuan. In the sea, they were rejected and suppressed by various big forces, so Sea Demon Clan was also in need of strong allay, and Ye Chuan and his Cloud Mist Sect was a very good choice. However, although Cloud Mist Mountain Range was near the sea, Cloud Mist Sect was still some hundred li away from the sea, and it was somewhat inconvenient for Sea Demon Clan who lived in water throughout the year.

“That is easy to handle, the distance is not a problem, and since there is no river, we can just dig one.” Ye Chuan said.

Several hundred li was not that far, digging a big canal couldn’t be considered as a big project. For cultivators, even relocating mountains was too common, especially to establish the sect, sometimes, a spirit mountain would be moved over from hundreds of millions of li away. In those years, when establishing Cloud Mist Sect and Heavenly Yao Sect, Ye Chuan had used his great technique to move mountains.

Although he had started cultivating from the scratch in this life and he was far from being as strong as he was in his previous life, digging a big canal didn’t pose any problem. Cloud Mist Mountain Range was the source of many big rivers, changing the course of the river, they can make a river flow through Cloud Mist Sect to the sea. If there was insufficient manpower in Cloud Mist Sect, then Azure Dragon Lady would definitely lend the hand.

“Noble son Ye, is that true?” Sea demon Patriarch was surprised. Ye Chuan was young in age and was Big Disciple of the sect in name, but his boldness, perhaps, many Sect Masters couldn’t hold a candle to him in this aspect. Digging a several hundred li big canal, how many people would dare to think so?

“Patriarch, it is just digging a canal, not like moving a mountain from the world beyond the highest heaven. Cloud Mist Sect can do this. Moreover, since chaos is right around the corner, it is also the time to rearrange the line of defense of our sect in advance. Thus, taking advantage of this occasion, it is better to substantially renovate the sect.”

Ye Chuan looked at the distant mountain range, making up his mind to substantially renovate Cloud Mist Sect.

The main way to gather worldly spiritual qi of Cloud Mist Sect was still relying on the Medicinal Spirit Formation he had laid millions of years ago. For ordinary people, the worldly spiritual qi within the sect was dense, but it was not enough to cultivate top-notch experts.

“Okay, when the big canal is dug out and your Cloud Mist Sect is renovated, I will build an underwater castle here for my clansman to cultivate and reside.”

Sea Demon Patriarch agreed and added, “But, before that, we still need to return to our Holy Land, Lost City, and take the legendary treasure that can control all sea, Neptune Horn. On the way, we have to pass through the territory of many big forces, so with just the strength of our Sea Demon Clan, it is hard to ensure the safety of Neptune Horn. Noble son Ye, can you……”

“How long does it take?” Ye Chuan asked, understanding the meaning of Sea Demon Patriarch.

“A round trip, roughly……, six months.” Sea Demon Patriarch replied.

“Okay, then I will take this trip with you and see what kind of place the Holy Land of your Sea Demon Clan is.” Ye Chuan nodded and agreed.

Now that the threat of both Da Qin Dynasty and Heavenly Yao Sect had passed for the time being, in addition, Plague Archfiend was also subdued, Cloud Mist Sect had no major threat at the moment, so there was no problem to accompany Sea Demon Patriarch. In addition, he was interested to see the Holy Land of Sea Demon Clan, Lost City.

Every ancient race had a unique ethnic Holy Land that contained the origin of their race. Refining even a bit of this kind of origin energy was a very rare opportunity for any cultivator, so every race conceal their Holy Land, moreover, lay down layer upon layer of traps and restrictions. Over time, the Holy Land of some races that had gone extinct become an ominous ground.

In his previous life, Ye Chuan had entered many such ominous grounds, for instance, Holy Land of Poison Dragon Clan, Poison Dragon Territory, Witch Quarter of Falcon Witch and so on. Every one of them was dangerous and unfathomable. Even with the strength of Ye Chuan in his previous life, he had narrowly escaped many times, but the harvest was also amazing. Only after experiencing many such ominous grounds, he gradually became Heaven Concealing Great Sage that dominated the entire Wilderness World.

“Noble son is truly frank, how about we set out today to return as soon as possible?” Sea Demon Patriarch seemed very impatient. As for Hai Lili, she looked at her grandfather with some doubts. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something but after hesitating for a while, she said nothing.

“Okay, let me make the arrangement, we will leave today.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head. He didn’t refuge and began to be busy in preparation.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder when the Da Qin king will show up again. And when his sect buddies will tell him about his wifey getting put under house arrest.

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