Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 383

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 383: Don’t haggle with me

The sea tide that was over a hundred meters tall ferociously slammed Plague Archfiend to the ground again. This time, this archfiend was injured even more severely and vomited a mouthful of blood.

Wailing mournfully, Plague Archfiend turned around and crawled up. But, he no longer dared to rush towards Ye Chuan, he turned around and rushed towards northern small land. Only this small piece of land of this Earth Dragon Village was not submerged in water, everywhere else was already submerged by water. Then, rushing towards the edge of the seawater, Plague Archfiend slightly hesitated, then, taking back a few steps, he charged forward and jumped.

Even if the chance of breaking out of the encirclement was not big, Plague Archfiend was ready to risk everything to try jumping out of this water screen.

Behind the water screen, a huge dragon quietly appeared, then ferociously collided head-on with Plague Archfiend who had jumped high.

After Plague Archfiend was severely injured, Ye Chuan didn’t make a move, he quietly stood on his Dragon Slaying Flying Sword. But, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that were hiding in the dark came out in succession with Nan Tiandu at the lead. Dong, the huge body of Nan Tiandu disappeared again outside the water screen. As for Plague Archfiend, he fell to the ground again and his head was dripping with blood.

Roar! A sad roar resounded. Plague Archfiend was unwilling to helplessly wait for death. He changed the direction and tried to break out of this encirclement again.

Numerous vines suddenly appeared in the sky and entangled around the body of Plague Archfiend in the sky. Plague Archfiend who wanted to jump over this water screen was stopped in midair, then these vines ferociously threw him towards the ground. Plague Archfiend slammed against the ground again and his internal organs churned.

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes also made a move and a strange laughter came from outside the water screen.

Usually, no matter how many vines he used, when they came across Plague Archfiend, they would be burned to ashes by the flame around the body of Plague Archfiend or magma under his feet, but now, it was different. Under the suppression of Heavenly Sea Restriction and Sea Demon warriors, the biggest killing move of Plague Archfiend was already sealed. In addition, he was seriously injured, thus, his vines were able to damage him.

After struggling for a good while, Plague Archfiend stood up and continued to try to break out of this encirclement.

A squad of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples, stepping on flying sword, shuttled back and forth above the water curtain. They held Dragon headed Flying Crossbows and attacked Plague Archfiend to their heart’s content, forcing the latter to fall back again and again. Usually, because of his doughty body, flying swords couldn’t damage him, but now, Plague Archfiend was dripping with blood. Because his vitality was greatly damaged, his body became weaker and weaker and reached the state where he couldn’t even withstand Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows. In the end, seeing it was impossible to jump out of this water screen, he gritted his teeth and rush straight into the water, trying to break this encirclement from underwater.

Plague Archfiend who innately feared water unexpectedly dived into the water, naturally was forced to do so with no way out. As soon as he touched the water, he felt tingling pain as if he was being pricked by needles everywhere. But, Plague Archfiend still gritted his teeth and rushed forward. This courage was commendable, but it’s too bad, soon, he suffered a head-on blow.

Hai Lili leading many Sea Demon warriors attacked. Swimming just like a fish, they held sharp steel forks, spears or so on weapons to initiate a fierce attack.

On the dry land, these Sea Demon Warriors would not be able to withstand a single blow of Plague Archfiend; but in water, it was opposite. Sea Demon Warriors’ fighting capability vastly increased, but Plague Archfiend was not able to display even one-tenth of his strength. Not long after, he had no choice but to retreat. After the repetitive attempts, needless to mention his injuries aggravated, even his physical strength was exhausted. He fell to the ground and gasp for breath as he became weaker and weaker.

Ye Chuan flew over, stepping on Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, and landed in front of Plague Archfiend. Nan Tiandu, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others followed behind him.


Plague Archfiend roared and hatefully gnashed his teeth glaring at Ye Chuan. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength to even stand up.

“Your Excellency Archfiend, don’t waste your strength.”

Ye Chuan boldly walked to the front of Plague Archfiend and indifferently said: “Two choices, either submit to me or die.”

A Half-Sage realm heaven-defying evil spirit, Ye Chuan still had some expectation. Using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets to tame such a yao beast, the combat ability of yao beast legion would rise significantly. Even if State teacher Jiang Tunsheng came to attack again, he would have the power to fight!

“Hahaha, submit to you? Brat, you can kill me!” Plague Archfiend was so angry that he laughed and gnashed his teeth. He would rather die than submit.

“Pretty good, your bones are quite hard, but, do you think it is so easy to die. Rhodes, get to work, devour the flesh, blood and energy essence of this archfiend. After that, if you are still unable to break through to the Half-Sage realm, then you can also drop dead.” Ye Chuan indifferently instructed.

“Kakaka, thank you, Your Excellency.”

The eyes of Old Demon of Mount Yin shone and thousands of vines danced chaotically in the air. Then, they coiled around Plague Archfiend and stabbed into his body wanting to devour the latter’s flesh, blood and energy essence.


Plague Archfiend screamed. Finally, he felt fear and said in stern countenance, “Brat, you dare?”

“Your Excellency Archfiend, do you have any reason for me to not dare?”

Ye Chuan sneered and said, “Submit to me and not only will your life be spared, but you will also obtain great big benefits in the future. Continue to be stubborn and you will die, or do you want me to let you go to continue doing evil outside?”

“Every year, I need one thousand Heaven Dragon Rice grains.” Plague Archfiend thought for a moment and unwillingly purposed a condition.

As an archfiend, he had to lower his head to Ye Chuan and submit to him, he was very unwilling. But, if he could obtain a large quantity of Heavenly Dragon Rice grains every year, he could console himself with that compensation.

Ye Chuan sneered without saying a word.

Plague Archfiend became all the more nervous and he yielded, “Fine, one hundred every year, not one less.”

One hundred Heavenly Dragon Rice grains was a little lacking, but that was also an unimaginable number in the world beyond the highest heaven. With one hundred Heavenly Dragon Rice grains every year, breaking through to Sage realm was right around the corner.

Ye Chuan still didn’t utter a word, he just coldly looked at Plague Archfiend. The latter stuttered and said, “Then, every year……, ten every year, this……”

“Your Excellency Archfiend, carefully look at the current situation, do you have the qualification to bargain?”

Ye Chuan looked at this Plague Archfiend and indifferently said, “I am saying, you have two choices, either surrender or not surrender. Don’t think that other people will care about you. As a matter of a fact, a Half-Sage realm expert is also not a big deal.”

Plague Archfiend bargained because of his high cultivation base, but Ye Chuan didn’t care.

Now, if he could tame a Half-Sage realm yao beast, then that naturally would be the best, but even if he couldn’t tame, that was also fine. For Ye Chuan who used to be Heaven Concealing Great Sage that used to dominate the entire Wilderness World, Half-Sage realm experts were truly nothing. In his previous life, he had too many Sage realm experts. Ghost Hand Medicinal King, Blue Eyed Yao Empress……, which one of these former followers were not top-notch Sage realm expert?

“Kakaka, it is best to not submit, Cloud Mist Sect doesn’t lack you.”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed heartily and his eyes shone with pallid light. He was already very impatient to devour Plague Archfiend’s flesh, blood and energy essence. After devouring the latter, he would definitely make a breakthrough to the Half-Sage realm, so how could he not be tempted?

“Fine, Abasi pays respect to Your Excellency.”

Hearing the voice of Old Demon of Mount Yin, the heart of Plague Archfiend was in jitters. He immediately bowed and dispersed the defense of his mind.

“That’s a good choice, hereafter, as long as your performance is sufficiently good, there will be no lack of good medicinal pills and Heavenly Dragon Rice grains.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, then silently using his technique, he dripped his essence blood into the space between the eyes of Plague Archfiend. Then, along with the flashing of cyan light, the huge body of Plague Archfiend disappeared as he was put into Cyan Lotus Lamp to recover.

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