Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 382

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 382: Above the water screen

Roar, Plague Archfiend suddenly gathered his power and chased after Ye Chuan. He wanted to kill Ye Chuan to vent off his anger before that sea wave submerged this Earth Dragon Village.

Every archfiend had the dignity of archfiend even if he was just a lower-class archfiend!

The killing intent of Plague Archfiend who had fallen three times into the trap of Ye Chuan reached the highest limit and he used his maximum speed, streaking across the night sky.

Ye Chuan turned back and looking at Plague Archfiend, he sneered, then spat out blood-red Dragon Slaying Flying Sword.

Plague Archfiend paused and bowed down in preparation to pounce on because he had some misgivings towards this Dragon Slaying Flying Sword. Not mentioning how sharp it was, no one knew what kind of poison was smeared on it. Thus, he prepared to have a fierce battle with Ye Chuan. At that moment, the sword light flashed and Ye Chuan didn’t fight, instead retreated, flying away, stepping on this Dragon Slaying Flying Sword.

Crash, the sound of sea waves resounded, and the river water of Earth Dragon River began to flow over the bank. Now, the land around this small fishing village Earth Dragon Village was already submerged by river water to the ankle of average people.

Plague Archfiend turned his head to look back, then hesitating slightly, he continued to chase Ye Chuan. He gritted his teeth and increased his speed. Now, he was a bit faster than Ye Chuan even when he was stepping on Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, almost catching up to Ye Chuan. Seeing this Zhu Sijia and others who were hiding in the dark became nervous and their heartbeat accelerated. Ye Chuan however remained calm. He suddenly flew up and turned around, waiting for Plague Archfiend to catch up, then changed his direction once again.

Even after a long time, Plague Archfiend was still unable to catch up with Ye Chuan, but the sea waves were already rolling with a rumbling sound. In an extremely short period of time, there were waters all around this Earth Dragon Village, changing it into an isolated island. The water level of Earth Dragon River which directly led to the sea had already tripled compared to before.

“Brat, even if I cannot kill you now, this lordship will destroy your Cloud Mist Sect first!”

Plague Archfiend gritted his teeth and suddenly turned around, giving up this chase. Then, he flew towards the main continent in the other direction.

Now, the wide region that connected Earth Dragon Village and the main continent had already been submerged by the seawater, but the water level was not too deep, only about three meters, thus, at this moment, Plague Archfiend who had huge body could still forcibly cross this water. If he delayed more and the water depth reached five or six meters, then that would be troublesome.

“Your Excellency Archfiend, do you think you can leave now?”

The voice of Ye Chuan came from far away.

Plague Archfiend who was on his fours, ready to jump out of this place suddenly felt great invisible pressure and his body sunk. He felt as if a big mountain was weighing on him and it was getting heavier and heavier. Looking up, he saw that the heaven and earth within the vicinity of ten li had become dusky. And a whitewater screen and dim light of night had interwoven together, decreasing the field of vision. All around, there was a water screen that blotted out the sky. It appeared as if more than three thousand meters tall waterfall was falling down from a hole in the sky, and the water level of Earth Dragon River rose at a faster speed.

Heavenly Sea Restriction!

Ye Chuan stepping on Dragon Slaying Flying Sword used a technique from far away to display the maximum might of this ancient restriction.

Compared to Heaven Concealing Great Formation, Heavenly Sea Restriction didn’t have many variations, couldn’t even be considered a real killing formation, can only be considered a formation to trap an opponent. If State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng or White Haired Heavenly Empress was in his place, then this restriction was useless. They would have easily broken out of this encirclement. But it was different for this Plague Archfiend who was just happened to fear water.

At this moment, this archfiend who had killed all around after escaping alive from Azure Dragon Prefecture involuntarily trembled. Bright red scorching hot magma began to extinguish after running into the water screen falling from the sky. With ill-matched attribute, even the most powerful technique would gradually lose its effect.

The might of Heavenly Sea Restriction was astonishing, but, with the current Rank 3 Daoist Master realm cultivation base, Ye Chuan was far from being able to show its true might. The warriors of Sea Demon Clan were the crux for this restriction to display such might.

Under the leadership of Sea Demon Patriarch, numerous Sea Demon warriors appeared in succession, and using their innate ability to summon wind and rain, they caused river water level to rise. Plague Archfiend innately feared water and didn’t dare to touch water rashly, but the warriors of Sea Demon Clan were like a tiger that has grown wings in water.

“Your Excellency Archfiend, last chance, kneel down and surrender, join my Cloud Mist Sect.”

Ye Chuan loudly said, and stepping on the Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, he flew above Plague Archfiend and coldly looked down at this archfiend who considered himself the best in the world.

With the addition of Heavenly Sea Restriction and Sea Demon Clan, the river water rapidly rose suddenly and sharply, then the situation thoroughly reversed.

Roar! Plague Archfiend just roared, then suddenly jumped towards Ye Chuan in the sky, wanting to bite him. Even though he was surrounded by layer upon layer of water screen, Plague Archfiend didn’t think about how to quickly break out of this encirclement, instead, he suddenly initiated a ferocious attack. Perhaps, he panicked as he didn’t dare to go through water, or perhaps, he knew that he was unable to break out of this encirclement, so he decided to kill Ye Chuan first.

Ye Chuan sneered. He stood still on Dragon Slaying Flying word and coldly looked at Plague Archfiend who was getting closer and closer. When the distance between them was only three meters or so, he suddenly used a technique and a fifty meters tall water wave suddenly shot down towards Plague Archfiend. Immediately, the huge body of Plague Archfiend was slammed down to the ground.

“Ah……., brat, I will kill you!”

Plague Archfiend wailed mournfully and after getting up, he jumped once again. This moment, he was even more ferocious. His body swelled and emitted scorching hot flame from all over his body. Now, he looked just like a burning meteor flying towards Ye Chuan in the sky.

Outside Heavenly Sea Restriction, the complexion of Sea Demon Patriarch greatly changed. He suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a sparkling and crystal-clear pearl, then biting the tip of his tongue, he dripped a drop of essence blood on this pearl. Once again, more than 80 meters tall sea wave rose. Ye Chuan took advantage of this occasion and used his technique again, then this 80 meters tall sea wave collided against Plague Archfiend, and the latter was firmly slammed against the ground.

Water Spirit Pearl!

Sea Demon Patriarch no longer held anything back. He began to use the treasure of Sea Demon Clan.

The innate skill of Sea Demon Clan, Sea Demon Song, was passed down only to female members, male members couldn’t inherit this innate skill, in addition, only the royal bloodline could awaken this innate skill. Thus, even Sea Demon Patriarch also didn’t have that unique skill of Hai Lili, but, in the aspect of summoning wind and rain, young Hai Lili could not compare to him.

With 80 meters tall sea wave slamming against him, this time, Plague Archfiend was injured. Both his hind legs nearly fractured. Now, looking at the water screen all around him, he knew that it was hopeless to break out of this encirclement. He wailed hopelessly and jumped towards Ye Chuan again. Ye Chuan also didn’t utter a word, just coldly used the technique once again.

This time, a hundred meters tall sea wave suddenly appeared and ferociously slammed against Plague Archfiend.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were stunned, even Hai Lili was greatly surprised looking at her grandfather holding a Water Spirit Pearl. 100 meters tall sea wave was already the limit of her grandfather. Last time, she saw her grandfather so desperate was in the bloody battle against Blacksnake Clan about a dozen years ago. Every time, after the use of this technique, his vitality would be greatly damaged and it would take a long time to recover.

For Heavenly Dragon Rice, was her grandfather truly risking her life?

Hai Lili was weighed down with anxieties and began to worry about her grandfather who was desperately using this Water Spirit Pearl.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! For the revival of the clan of course the patriarch would be willing to bet his life. What’s a few years when compared to the future prosperity of the entire clan?

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