Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 381

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 381: The might of Sea Demon Clan

Plague Archfiend’s speed was very fast and he was gritting his teeth looking ferocious. Unfortunately, Ye Chuan was also not slow. Even though Plague Archfiend had the momentum to swallow the heaven, he failed to accomplish anything.

Ye Chuan didn’t meet him head-on and he also had no intention to counterattack. He just ran all around displaying the might of Cyan Feather Technique. Although he was in danger again and again, he dodged all the attacks of Plague Archfiend.

Angry roars of Plague Archfiend resounded once after another as he attacked with all his strength. The vicinity of 100 meters had also changed into bright red magma. If Ye Chuan accidentally fell into it, then not even his hair would remain. Wherever this great archfiend passed, everything would change into magma and then after gradually cooling down, sandstones would change into a colored glass. But the air above the entire Earth Dragon Village gradually become boiling hot.

Ye Chuan was still running all around. But the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and warriors of Sea Demon Clan hiding in the dark however were drenched with cold sweat. They were much more nervous than Ye Chuan who was on the battlefield.

This was like the dance on the edge of the blade, this was the battle that only belonged to the brave!

Sea Demon Patriarch was watching with his eyes wide open and his complexion was stretched taut with cold sweats oozing from his forehead.

As the patriarch of Sea Demon Clan, during his lifetime when he was traveling, he had seen unknown numbers of experts and evil spirits, but he had seldom seen someone as ferocious as this Plague Archfiend. Even with his cultivation base of peak Daoist Master realm, he didn’t dare to fight alone with this Plague Archfiend. Even if he toughened his scalp and fought with this archfiend, that would also bode ill rather than well. He didn’t know whether he could last ten rounds, and a bit of carelessness would thoroughly scatter his soul.

The cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, only was Rank 3 Daoist Master realm, thus, he couldn’t be regarded as a top-notch expert, and the gap between his strength and the strength of Plague Archfiend was huge. But, Ye Chuan had the courage and skill to fight against this Plague Archfiend, this was something that made other people look at him with deep veneration.

As a Big Disciple of the sect, he was still young in age, but, his was already so daring and had this kind of skill. If he had time to cultivate for eight to ten more years and made a breakthrough to peak Daoist Master realm or even Half-Sage realm, then what would he become?

This old man intently watched the figure of Ye Chuan and a hint of admiration flashed through his eyes. Then, he turned his head and look at his granddaughter Hai Lili who was standing nervously behind him while secretly making a decision.

Roar! An angry roar resounded again. Now, the roars were getting louder and louder.

Since Plague Archfiend failed to land even a single hit on Ye Chuan after such a long time, he became even angrier, “Brat, if you are capable, don’t run.”

“What’s the use of shouting at the top of your voice? If you have the ability, then come, catch me!”

Ye Chuan sneered, and not only he didn’t stop, on the contrary, he accelerated and ran wildly all around. The speed of Plague Archfiend was very fast, but the speed of Ye Chuan was also fast, in addition, Ye Chuan was much smaller than him in size, so it was hard for him to catch Ye Chuan even though the distance between them was not that big. As a result, he was very depressed in his heart. In addition, he wanted to kill Ye Chuan to vent off his anger, but the result was the more he attacked, the more depressed he became. This was just like a tiger wanting to swat a fly to death but failed to swat a fly to death even after trying many times, on the contrary, after swatting for a long time, the tiger’s entire body ached.

In the beginning, Ye Chuan just ran around in a circle on the same place for a while, then, he slowly led this Plague Archfiend to the center of this village. This was the place where the might of Heavenly Sea Restriction was strongest, and also was the center of this entire Earth Dragon Village, which was advantageous to Sea Demon Clan.

After running to an abandoned log cabin, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped and turned around to look at Plague Archfiend who was pursuing relentlessly.

After breaking through to rank 3 Daoist Master realm and condensing eight Heaven Swallowing Talisman, the physical body of Ye Chuan was especially doughty, but even he was completely exhausted in this chase. On several occasions, he was nearly swallowed by this Plague Archfiend. If he was truly caught by this Plague Archfiend, then all ambushes and restriction would have become useless. Even if Nan Tiandu, Sea Demon Patriarch and others had rushed over to help, it would have been of no avail.

In this battle, Ye Chuan had carefully arranged the ambush, but he was also similarly risking his own life. And this was much more dangerous than that battle of Azure Tree Town.

“Brat, run, why aren’t you running now?” Plague Archfiend rushed over with dense killing intent. Now, he was gnashing his teeth and his three eyes were blood-red. After such a long chase, Ye Chuan was so tired that he was already half-dead, he however was not that exhausted as if he had endless strength.

“Your Excellency Archfiend, I think, it would be better for us to discuss through it, it is really boring to kill each other.”

Ye Chuan looked sincere and like a naïve and honest youth who had just left the mountain, he added, “You see, my Cloud Mist Sect have a Heavenly Dragon Tree, but my sect lacks a true powerful expert. Every year, we harvest so much Heavenly Dragon Rice grains that we are unable to finish eating. But, taking them out to sell would make people green-eyed. I don’t know how many demons and ghosts will glare like a tiger eyeing its prey. How about you, as a great archfiend, you didn’t even care about how far away, just thinking about eating a Heavenly Dragon Rice or some other good thing, you personally run over here, killing all the way. Even if you don’t consider this a nuisance, it is also beneath your dignity. That doesn’t deserve your status of archfiend. As a matter of fact, I think we can truly cooperate.”

“How to cooperate?” Plague Archfiend stopped and ferociously stared Ye Chuan with his three eyes. But, he was somewhat tempted in his heart. This was not some medicinal pill, rather the dedicate food of ancient Heavenly Dragons, Heavenly Dragon Rice! If there was a large supply of Heavenly Dragon Rice, then not only he could consolidate his foundation, he would have a chance to breakthrough to Sage realm or even higher realm!

“Your Excellency Archfiend, I have already said, didn’t you understand?”

Ye Chuan shook his head and added, “Fine, then I will say it again. In simple words, I am inviting you to be the guardian elder of my Cloud Mist Sect, especially to guard Heavenly Dragon Rice. And hereafter, this unique Heavenly Dragon Tree will be yours. If you are tired, you will sleep under this Heavenly Dragon Tree, if you are hungry, you will eat Heavenly Dragon Rice. At that time, I will further give you two small demons to massage your shoulders and legs, how about that?”

“Brat, stop your nonsense! If you want this great archfiend Abasi to become the slave of your sect, then wake up from your vain dream! Now, I have decided, I will seize your body and refine your primordial spirit, then whip your spirit day and night!”

Plague Archfiend flew into a rage and thoroughly went nuts. Then, he ferociously rushed towards Ye Chuan. After that, he suddenly opened his mouth big and inhaled. The entire log cabin under Ye Chuan was uprooted from the ground.

Ye Chuan had already made a preparation, he suddenly soared and accelerated to leave as he coldly said, “Your Excellency Archfiend, it is not so easy to catch me, try harder.”

Then, a heavy pressure suddenly emerged.

The speed of Ye Chuan became faster and faster without being affected by this pressure, but Plague Archfiend felt as if his body was sinking. Shortly afterward, the air became moist and water droplets appeared under the branches and eaves, which dropped on the bright red scorching hot magma.

Ye Chuan decisively activated Heavenly Sea Restriction. And at the same time, Sea Demon Patriarch began to make a move. Standing at the highest point of this Earth Dragon Village where he could hear gurgling sounds of huge sea waves, he looked up, then the river water of Earth Dragon River beside Earth Dragon Village suddenly rose become more than ten meters sea wave.

Not good, again fell into his trap!

Plague Archfiend gritted his teeth. He knew that he had again stepped into the trap of Ye Chuan. Although the power of this Heavenly Sea Restriction was not so terrifying compared to Eight Azure Dragons Formation, that sea wave however somewhat confused him. The thing he feared the most in his life was water. Water and Fire had mutually inhibiting effect, once he was submerged by sea water, it was equivalent to losing more than half of his strength!

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