Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 380

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 380: Toad in urn

“Correct, it’s Heavenly Dragon Rice. Eating one can increase the cultivation by one hundred years and prolong life by a thousand years. It is far more effective than legendary celestial pills.”

Ye Chuan extoled the goods he sold, then peeling off a Heavenly Dragon Rice grain, he threw it and said, “Here, Your Excellency Archfiend, have a taste.”

Sea Demon Patriarch who was hiding in the dark had his eyes wide open. Even Zhu Sijia, Hai Lili and others were also similarly surprised.

An invaluable Heavenly Dragon Rice grain, he gave it away just like that!

Sea Demon Patriarch was distressed and his beard trembled. In addition, he had an impulse to rush out and curse Ye Chuan for dissipating fortune.

Plague Archfiend was also very surprised, he caught the Heavenly Dragon Rice, but didn’t dare to eat it. His complexion became sinister and said, “Brat, what kind of tricks are you playing? Did you put in poison inside this Heavenly Dragon Rice?”

Smelling the fragrance of this Heavenly Dragon Rice from up close, Plague Archfiend was tempted to eat it, but looking at Ye Chuan sitting cross-legged on the ground, he didn’t dare to eat it with ease. What was Heavenly Dragon Rice? Would this brat give him this kind of invaluable treasure with good intention?

“I swear in the name of Cloud Mist Sect Master, there is no poison.”

Ye Chuan paused and indifferently added, “Your Excellency Archfiend, this is just a gift for you. For you, this Heavenly Dragon Rice is a rare treasure, but as far as I’m concerned, it is just a rice grain. You see, I still have many of them here. One spike of Heavenly Dragon Rice possesses more than a dozen Heavenly Dragon Rice grain. I don’t dare to say much but Heavenly Dragon Tree bears a thousand or so spikes in one year without any problem. That means, we harvest more than 10,000 Heavenly Dragon Rice grains each year.”

Ye Chuan made a show of being very much in earnest. And hearing his words, Plague Archfiend began drooling.

The dedicated food of ancient Heavenly Dragon, one grain of Heavenly Dragon Rice could increase cultivation by one hundred years. Even in the world beyond the highest heaven, it was very hard to find, but this brat harvest more than ten thousand each year. What did this mean? In the world beyond the highest heaven, just relying on this one point, he could enlist the services of peak experts and open up a territory to become an overlord of one region!

“Brat, you mean to say that you have a Heavenly Dragon Tree?” Plague Archfiend asked.

“Of course, otherwise, where did this Heavenly Dragon Rice came from? Take a closer look, these are definitely the freshest Heavenly Dragon Rice grains. I just picked them up in order to let you taste even though they are unripe. Unfortunately, dignified archfiend actually didn’t even dare to eat it, alas……” Ye Chuan sighed with some pity.

It was unknown whether Ye Chuan felt pity for picking up Heavenly Dragon Rice unripe or for Plague Archfiend not daring to eat it even though he had such a high cultivation base.

“Humph, eat then eat, this lordship is not afraid of you.”

Plague Archfiend coldly snorted and placed this Heavenly Dragon Rice in his mouth. He was already unable to endure not eating it, so even without the prodding of Ye Chuan, he would have eaten it taking a risk.

“Amazing, archfiend is archfiend, I admire you!”

Ye Chuan stuck up his thumb and said with a smile, “If I was in your place, then I definitely wouldn’t have eaten it. Your Excellency Archfiend, do you know what my Cloud Mist Sect is most skilled at?”

“What is your Cloud Mist Sect most skilled at?” Plague Archfiend’s heart thumped. He had just eaten this Heavenly Dragon Rice, but he didn’t dare to swallow it. Seeing the smile of Ye Chuan, he felt a bad premonition in his heart, and the more he brilliantly he smiled, the worse he felt.

“My Cloud Mist Sect is very weak, it cannot compare to the large sects like Azure Dragon Sect. Laying out Eight Azure Dragons Formation like heaven-defying restriction of the world beyond the highest heaven, this point, you can rest assured, but……”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “But, small sects also have small sects’ path of survival. Without special skill, anyone can destroy it and it will also be unable to pass on for millions of years. Ever since ancient times, my Cloud Mist Sect is well known for planting medicinal herbs and refining medicinal pills, naturally, we can refine all life-saving highest grade medicinal pills, say nothing of poison. Without refining poison, how can we refine antidote?”

The complexion of Plague Archfiend sunk and said, “Brat, you mean to say that Heavenly Dragon Rice was contaminated with poison?”

“That’s natural, otherwise, who would give such treasure as a gift? Do you truly consider my Cloud Mist Sect a blockhead in money matters?” Ye Chuan shook his head as if he looked down upon the stupidity of Plague Archfiend.

“Brat, is your vow a dog-fart?” Plague Archfiend was angry and he ferociously took a step forward, hastily spitting out the Heavenly Dragon Rice.

When the duck that had reached in front of the mouth flew away, it was sufficient to many anyone angry, but here, even the meat that had already reached inside his mouth had to be spat out, how could he not be angry?

Plague Archfiend hatefully gnashed his teeth and his huge body expanded again. In addition, his killing intent soared.

“When did I make a vow? I am just the Big Disciple of the sect, not Sect Master. Moreover, I was just speaking casually, did you believe it?” Ye Chuan shook his head again.

“Ah……, brat, I will kill you!”

Plague Archfiend wanted to vomit a mouthful of blood. He roared in anger and rushed towards Ye Chuan. Whatever traps, whatever schemes, at this moment, he didn’t care, his eyes were only on Ye Chuan. He just wanted to tear Ye Chuan into pieces.

Three times, this fellow with mediocre cultivation base had made of fool out of him. Let alone this archfiend, even a clay figurine would have gotten angry at this point! That feeling was just like a buzzing mosquito flying back and forth around him while biting several times, who could endure this and not swat it?

In the eyes of this Plague Archfiend, Ye Chuan was just a wicked mosquito, and he was unable to endure anymore!

“Your Excellency Archfiend, don’t be angry and hasty. Life is short, let’s sit down and discuss properly, isn’t that fine?” Ye Chuan smiled as if he was looking at the fish that had taken the bait.

Seeing Plague Archfiend rushed forward menacingly, the legs of an average person would have already gone soft in fear, but this was exactly what Ye Chuan was looking for.

“Discuss fart!”

Plague Archfiend flew into the rage and accelerated, moreover, magma appeared under his leg as he rushed towards Ye Chuan.

He was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, in such time, sitting down and discuss? It was fine if Ye Chuan hadn’t said so, but since Ye Chuan had spoken, it nearly drove Plague Archfiend mad. Even in the world beyond the highest heaven, when those Sage realm experts beat him viciously, he didn’t feel so oppressed. He gritted his teeth and used his maximum speed, rushing towards Ye Chuan. Now, the distance between them got shorter and shorter.

“Your Excellency Archfiend, don’t be like this, it is fine to kill me but burning all these Heavenly Dragon Rice to ashes, won’t you feel anguished?” Ye Chuan said as he stood but, but he didn’t leave. Zhu Sijia who was hiding in the dark was so anxious that she nearly rushed out.

Plague Archfiend who was rushing menacingly suddenly stopped.

What Ye Chuan said was correct, they however were Heavenly Dragon Rice, eight of them, burning all of them into ashes, wasn’t that pitiful?

“Alas, as I said, you are stupid! In any case, you also cannot eat poison, moreover, burning down the things you don’t own, why would you feel distressed? Eating cabbage every day but worried about whether the treasures in the hands of bigwigs would fall in price or not, say, aren’t you this kind of person?”

Ye Chuan smirked and suddenly waved his hand and put away all Heavenly Dragon Rice in front of him, including that one Heavenly Dragon Rice spat out by Plague Archfiend. Then, he retreated in high speed.

Roar! An angry roar resounded throughout the night sky.

Was fooled again, this brat, he had to kill this brat to vent off his anger!

Plague Archfiend was thoroughly driven mad. He suddenly accelerated and closed the distance between him and Ye Chuan, entirely unaware of stepping into a trap, he became a toad in urn.

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  1. Millions of years ago, when Ye Chuan could conceal the heaven with his hand.
    That phrase was repeated at least 400 times so far.

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