Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 38

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 38: Flame Devil

In underpass crisscross, Ye Chuan with fatty Zhao Dazhi went around in circles, passing one stall after another.

After that small crossbow, Ye Chuan continuously found several interesting items. He picked up each one of them and carefully inspected them. Individually they were a hair bun, a small mirror, a cloak and few flying swords.

All of these things, not only were very precious, but also had distinctive aspect. Some had rare materials, some had particularly exquisite workmanship, and some had distinctive formation overlaid on it. Ye Chuan wondered from which ancient tombs, they were dug out.

Each of these things, Ye Chuan would pick them up, carefully examine, and fiddle with them, then putting down, he would leave. All of them were not bad things for the discerning person, but all of them were inessential for Ye Chuan.

As for Fatty behind him, he became increasingly depressed inside his heart, and often nagged Ye Chuan.

All the things that Ye Chuan took a fancy upon, in the view of fatty, all of them were things without much use. On the contrary, he liked treasures, and no matter whether it was dazzling flying swords or plain and thick armor, Ye Chuan didn’t even take a single glance at them. Several times, fatty wanted to buy a treasured sword to Ye Chuan, but Ye Chuan merely laughed them away.

Pretending to understand when you don’t!

Who said Big Senior Apprentice-Brother has his ideas straightened out? And compared to before, he has progressed? But he is utterly ignorant!

Looking at Ye Chuan’s flower viewing from horseback, fatty Zhao Dazhi repeatedly shook his head. But, this was not a bad thing as well, as he could save a large amount of money. [T.L: flower viewing from horseback (idiom): a fleeting glance in passing]

After turning around another corner, Ye Chuan suddenly stopped.

Ahead was a dark grotto. Other grotto had a chilly cold wind blowing, but in this place, steaming hot wind was blowing. It seems a pile of firewood was burning inside this grotto. And outside this grotto, there was a large crowd of people vying to obtain the items. He wondered what kind of treasure was inside this grotto.

Ye Chuan walked over, and circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, he calmly squeezed inside. Instead of saying squeezing, might as well say shoving. After his body approached, an invisible force would lightly push people away. Many people were puzzled, and simply didn’t know how they were pushed out. And even when Ye Chuan walked in front of them, they still didn’t know he had passed by their side. In this fashion, Ye Chuan continued to press to the front.

Blowing Fire Palm!

This was another martial technique Ye Chuan had once grasped. Its name was very unsophisticated but its might was not small. In close quarter combat, suddenly using it, the opponent would often be caught unprepared, and a pull can easily unbalance other parties, obtaining extraordinary efficacy. It was said that, this martial technique was created by an old man who burned boiler throughout the year, so its name was so unsophisticated. And as for concrete details on the origin of this technique, even Ye Chuan didn’t know.

After walking all the way to the stall, Ye Chuan stopped this move, and concealing the aura of Heaven Swallowing Talisman, he calmed down his energy fluctuation. Now his cultivation appeared ordinary, similar to the numerous cultivators he had secretly pushed away.

And unlike other grottos, this grotto was specialized in selling crystal stones. The quantity was not much, only seven pieces, but all of them contained amazing energy fluctuation, impressively were rarely seen top grade crystal stones, no wonder, so many people were attracted.

In Wilderness World, there are two distinct things that are inevitably linked to the cultivation of people. They were pills and crystal stones.

Medicinal herbs could be planted, and refined into pills. But crystal stones however were very few in numbers. After a long time, the crystal stone ores of Wilderness World had become fewer and fewer. Now the overwhelming majority of them were controlled by big sects. So no need to talk about the number of crystal stones circulated in the market was very low, still the majority of them were the lowest grade crystal stone. So, the appearance of these few top grade crystal stones immediately attracted the attention of a large number of cultivators.

“3,000 taels silver, I want these crystal stone, no one can snatch it from me!”

“What a joke, 3,000 taels of silver are not enough to buy all of them, I bid 8,000 taels for all of them!’


People roared and pressed forward. But no one dared to cross the white line in front of this stall.

Ye Chuan was surprised inwardly. And after indifferently looking at the crystal stones, his gaze landed on the stall keeper who was sitting cross-legged inside the grotto.

This was an old man, wearing a gray gown. He was motionless with his head hung down, perhaps was tired, or perhaps was making a spiritual tour, completing ignoring the scramble of people. His beard was very long, lengthened to his chest, but oddly, it was not the frequently seen white or black in color, rather rare fiery red in color. And a burst of a heat wave was blowing out from inside the grotto, making people uncomfortable.

Ye Chuan carefully looked, and discovered that the heat wave was not coming from the ground, but was actually coming from inside the body of this old man sitting on the ground. The body of latter was like a blazing torch, and heat waves were getting more and more vigorous as if the intense sea waves of the sea within his body, and now his body resembled a burning red magma that was about to burst out.


This is……, Scorching Sun Body!

Ye Chuan was secretly startled, and finally understood why these numerous cultivators who were like wolves and tigers didn’t dare to cross that white line.

Scorching Sun Body is a classification of Divine Yang Body, but was rarer and was even more powerful after achieving success in cultivation. This kind of cultivator was different, from the very beginning, they would refine their body absorbing various kind of heavenly fire, and they would use a scorching hot flame to temper their physique, expelling all yin qi and cold qi from their body, pursuing pure yang body. With this method, their cultivation speed would be astonishingly fast, but also very dangerous. A single carelessness could instantly combust them into ashes and shatter their soul.

As a once Heaven Concealing Great Saint, Ye Chuan naturally understood the might of Scorching Sun Body. In those years, one of his capable subordinate Flame King was a peak expert, who had cultivated Scorching Sun Body, and he could make the land around 1000 li into a barren land.

Just then two fierce eyes suddenly fixedly stared at Ye Chuan.

The old man who continuously had his head lowered without any words, suddenly lifted his head, and ferociously glared at Ye Chuan. All of a sudden, Ye Chuan felt as if he was in the midst of bonfire, and felt stinging pain all over his skin. The eyes of this old man were unexpectedly also fiery red in color, appeared incomparably ferocious and terrifying. In an instant, all people without exception who were shouting to contend with each other quieted down, and didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

“Senior, it’s me, fatty Zhao, this is my brother. Your Excellency senior, please be magnanimous and don’t argue with little ones.”

Fatty immediately reacted, and dragging Ye Chuan back with a cautious smile, he whispered in the ear of Ye Chuan: “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I said that you shouldn’t stare continuously at other people in Ghost market, did you forget? This senior is the hidden expert I have told you about at that time, Flame Devil, he was the one that found out the truth about Tuoba Xiaoniao.”

He is?

Ye Chuan’s eye lit up, such character, no wonder, he dared to sneak into Black Cauldron Sect by himself to investigate the truth, not fearing that old man Tuoba Xiong!

Ye Chuan slowly retreated, but just when he was about to squeeze out of the crowd and leave, he suddenly saw an item placed in the stall. After that, his eyes slowly shone brightly. Fatty exerted his utmost strength to drag Ye Chuan, but discover that Ye Chuan was unexpectedly absolutely still as if nailed to the ground.

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