Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 379

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 379: Archfiend arrives

Ye Chuan didn’t force, merely said ‘the time is running out, the great archfiend will arrive in at most an hour’, then Sea Demon Patriarch had no choice but to make a decision. After that, the warriors of Sea Demon Clan and disciples of Cloud Mist Sect got busy together. They quickly laid out an ancient restriction at the center of this Earth Dragon Village.

Late at night, hazy moonlight shrouded the earth.

Earth Dragon Village was not far away from the sea, and the surrounding terrain was plain without any high mountains. Looking from a distance, this discarded small village was overcast, not usual dark rather faint greenish grey like an isolated island in the middle of the sea. The moisture in the air had vastly increased and the ground was also wet, in addition, drops of water could be seen on the branches as if a heavy rain had fallen just a moment ago.

Heavenly Sea Restriction!

Ye Chuan personally directed, quickly laying out an ancient restriction.

Originally, he wanted to lay out Heaven Concealing Great Formation, merely, because the time was too pressing, he was forced to give up. Moreover, Heavenly Sea Restriction was in line with local circumstances, so it can make full use of nearby Earth Dragon River and the sea. Like that, it might be more effective than Heaven Concealing Great Formation.


A disciple of Cloud Mist Sect flew over stepping on a flying sword and reported to Ye Chuan falling to his knees, “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, the great devil is already within 70 li.”

In the dark, a hint of red light appeared. That was Flame Devil. He had rushed over stepping on a flying sword. His body was dripping with blood, suffering a heavy injury.

“Little Long’er!”

Ye Chuan called out and he didn’t need to say more. Little Long’er transformed into a dragon and rushed over, then brought heavily injured Flame Devil to the rear to help settle down.

The ancient Heavenly Sea Restriction gradually took shape. Then the warriors of Sea Demon Clan and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect retreated group by group and hid. Now, everything was ready, they just need to wait for Plague Archfiend to come here.

Thinking that they were about to face a Half Sage realm great archfiend, Sea Demon Patriarch’s complexion was serious and his heart was weighed down with anxieties, but in order to ensure that Heavenly Dragon Tree doesn’t fall into the hands of this great archfiend, he could only grit his teeth and be ready to risk everything, making an all-out effort. The participation of Sea Demon Clan made this Heavenly Sea Restriction of Ye Chuan even more perfect. Now, the moist ground had already dried up miraculously and one could vaguely see something different far away, but one couldn’t perceive anything without looking very carefully. Any trace of restriction was already hidden away.

Sea Demon Clan could summon wind and rain to submerge an island, and similarly, they could also reverse their technique to dry up the moisture from the air and the ground, changing watery field into a dried desert.

All races that had long inheritance had unique techniques or innate skills. Merely, they often get accustomed to it and take it for granted.

Ye Chuan secretly rejoiced for not directly killing Sea Demoness Hai Lili at that time, otherwise, how could he have found these soldiers today?


The second scout rushed over and said looking pale, “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, the great devil is less than 30 li away.”

30 li?

In the blink of an eye, he had already traveled 40 li?

When everyone was shocked and an angry roar came from far away. Now, they could already hear the angry roar of Plague Archfiend.

“You all, retreat!”

Ye Chuan calmly sat cross-legged on the spot and took out all remaining Heavenly Dragon Rice grains. Sea Demon Patriarch was also greatly surprised, but Ye Chuan had already expected the astonishing speed of this Plague Archfiend. He had already come into contact with this Plague Archfiend, thus, he knew that Plague Archfiend was very powerful, otherwise, he wouldn’t have spent so many thoughts to deal with him.

“Ye Chuan, take care!”

Zhu Sijia worriedly looked at Ye Chuan and then retreated with disciples.

“Noble son, be careful!”

Hai Lili was also similarly worried. She retreated together with her grandfather.

Now, in the discarded little village Earth Dragon Village, only Ye Chuan remained. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Sea Demon warriors were all hidden far away.

The key point of this battle was to make this Plague Archfiend take the bait, otherwise, all his efforts will be wasted. After the experience of Azure Tree Town, this Plague Archfiend was bound to be more cautious.

A tall and thin figure came from far away.

After Flame Demon, Old Demon of Mount Yin also returned. He was similarly dripping with blood and was heavily injured. In addition, he had lost his flying sword, and he had used a unique technique to extend vines to wrap around trees and boulders far away, then swing to return. He just bowed to Ye Chuan from far away and entered into the darkness, looking for a place to hide.

Roar! The angry roar was getting nearer and nearer.

At this time, without anyone coming to report, everyone knew that Plague Archfiend was already very close and would arrive here very soon.

A powerful dragon roar resounded, and a thousand meters long dragon flew back and streak across the wilderness as fast as lightning.

Nan Tiandu was the last one to return.

After that, a huge Three-Eyed Toad appeared in the field of vision of everyone. He was pursuing relentlessly behind Nan Tiandu with dense killing intent. Although he was riddled with scars, his killing intent was soaring.


This fellow is finally here!

Ye Chuan who was sitting cross-legged on the ground suddenly opened his eyes and coldly looked at menacing Plague Archfiend.

The speed of Plague Archfiend was very fast and he seemed unstoppable. But, just before he stepped into Heavenly Sea Restriction, he suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Chuan who was sitting cross-legged far away. It was unknown where he noticed something or he was just vigilant.

Sea Demon warriors and disciples of Cloud Mist Sect who were hiding in the dark got nervous. At this critical juncture, if all their previous efforts were wasted, then it would be too regretful. If this fellow turned around towards defenseless Cloud Mist Sect, then that would be too terrible!

“Your Excellency Archfiend, we meet again.” Ye Chuan faintly said. Although others were nervous, his complexion was as usual.

“Brat, you again?”

Plague Archfiend gnashed his teeth and his Adam’s apple moved as if he was dying to swallow Ye Chuan whole. But, he didn’t dare to move, obviously, he had some misgivings towards Ye Chuan.

Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, he could swat him to a meat pulp, he was very crafty and he had all kinds of means. Only god knows what kind of sinister tricks were waiting for him.

That scene of outside Azure Tree Town, Plague Archfiend remembered it vividly. He knew the means of Ye Chuan from experience. No need to speak that the flying sword within his dantian was sharp, it was actually also smeared with a hypertoxic, in addition, he didn’t fear corrosion of his body. Such means and sinister moves, he feared that only Ye Chuan had such ability all under heaven. Thinking about that time when he wanted to swallow Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, he had to immediately spat it out and his tongue was nearly cut off. Plague Archfiend hated him so much that he gritted his teeth.

“Yes, it’s me, Your Excellency Archfiend, welcome to my Cloud Mist Sect, are you looking for these?”

Ye Chuan laughed. But, this Plague Archfiend became even more vigilant seeing the bad smile of Ye Chuan. However, immediately after that, his eyes shone and his nose moved a bit, then his eyes were attracted by those nine Heavenly Dragon Rice grains in front of Ye Chuan. Now, his three eyes were burning.

“Heavenly Dragon Rice, it is truly the legendary Heavenly Dragon Rice!”

The gaze of Plague Archfiend shone and looking at Heavenly Dragon Rice grains in front of Ye Chuan, he muttered to himself. In addition, he was drooling and was dying to gobble all of them down! His four limbs became restless and he was somewhat unable to control himself.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    If toad will take the bait despite knowing that this is a trap, than this toad had cultivated all this years for naught.

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