Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 378

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 378: Earth Dragon Village

In less than three hours, Ye Chuan and Hai Lili arrived at coastal area.

Cloud Mist Mountain Range was located at the southernmost area of Da Qin Dynasty. Further south, there was a vast southern sea.

A river that originated from the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range eventually flowed into this sea. The source of this long river was snow-capped mountains at the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, and the water was very clear upstream, but eroding mud and sands of two sides all the way made it muddy, changing into a yellow colored river, so the native people called this winding river Earth Dragon River.

Earth Dragon Village was located at the edge of this Earth Dragon River, only some li away from the sea.

Originally, this was a lively fishing village and its area was also not small, but an ocean tsunami of a few years ago changed it into a pile of debris, and soon after that, the native people abandoned it. Sea Demon Clan who had come from far away temporarily stayed here in this discarded fishing village. After hurrying on their journey for days and nights, the warriors were already tired and sleepy. Inside campsite was very quiet, only a bonfire was crackling. But, the arrival of two uninvited guests quickly made this quite campsite noisy.

“We pay respect to Miss.”

Seeing the figure of Hai Lili, Sea Demon clan’s warriors who were in guard duty greeted in succession.

“Where is my grandfather?”

Hai Lili looked all around and without waiting for these guards to reply, she rushed into the largest tent like a gust of wind. Soon, a laughing voice was transmitted outside from inside this tent, then an old man with a white beard walked out being supported by Hai Lili. When he saw Ye Chuan, he cupped his hands and said, “Honored guest, honored guest, I truly didn’t expect noble son Ye to come so late at night, we didn’t have any time to prepare, truly am embarrassed.”

“Patriarch is too polite.” Ye Chuan also cupped his hand and secretly sized up this patriarch of Sea Demon Clan.

At first glance, this old man with a white beard was no different from ordinary old man, but his body was robust, and the energy fluctuation within his body was majestic, not any inferior to Old Demon of Mount Yin, clearly was also peak Daoist Master realm expert. Perhaps, because he lived in water throughout the year, even though he was old in age, his skin was smooth without wrinkles. When he walked, like Hai Lili, he would also leave two damp footprints on the ground.

“Noble son Ye, please, come inside!”


Ye Chuan followed behind this old man and entered the tent of Sea Demon Patriarch. Then, the two people sat on the ground. As for Hai Lili, she quickly prepared a steaming hot tea and placed a cup of tea in front of them.

After a few polite words, this old man mentioned the main topic. He looked at Ye Chuan and said, “Noble son Ye, now you are the foremost person of Cloud Mist Sect, not a Sect Master but surpass Sect Master. From Lili, I heard that you are extremely busy, I wonder why you came here tonight……”

“I came here tonight especially to invite patriarch to visit our Cloud Mist Sect. Even if one is busy, one also cannot give the honored guest a cold-shoulder. The time was pressing, so I just brought a small gift, I hope patriarch will accept it.”

Ye Chuan took out the spike of Heavenly Dragon Rice grains and began to pluck the grains one by one in public. Altogether, there were 12 grains. And among them, he pushed three to the front of this old man, and he however put away the remaining nine.

Good things should be taken out slowly. Ye Chuan intentionally hanged on the appetite of this old man.

Plague Archfiend was very powerful. Even if Sea Demon Clan had the ability to restrain him, Ye Chuan feared that it would not be easy to deal with. If he wanted to make this old man make a move, then he naturally had to get him more motivated.

“Noble son Ye, what are these?” Old Man asked. He was somewhat confused and also somewhat excited, vaguely guessing what it was.

“Patriarch, have a taste and you will know it.” Ye Chuan smiled without explaining. And at this moment, he could sense a familiar energy fluctuation coming from far away. Zhu Sijia was truly quick enough to handle affairs. She had quickly rushed over to this village with sect disciples and had arranged an ambush a bit far away from this village.

“Okay, then I will taste it.”

Sea Demon Patriarch peeled off the skin of Heavenly Dragon Rice grain and bit a mouthful of it. Immediately afterward, a delicate fragrance quickly spread all over this tent, then spread inside the entire campsite.

The old man didn’t speak, he completely ate that Heavenly Dragon Rice grain in few bites. His entire body felt comfortable, and even his cultivation seemed to have made some progress. “Good, good, Heavenly Dragon Rice, truly is the legendary Heavenly Dragon Rice. Unfortunately, it seems they were not ripe, otherwise, their taste would have been better.”

“Your Excellency Patriarch, eat a few more.” Ye Chuan smiled.

The old man was also not polite, he picked them up and ate all three Heavenly Dragon Rice grains in one go. And when he thought to eat again, he discovered that there was no more in front of him, “Noble son Ye, how was the harvest of Heavenly Dragon Rice this year?”

“Since it was just the beginning, only one spike with 12 grains, it will be gone after eating.” Ye Chuan replied.

“Remaining 9 grains, sell all of them to me, name your price.” The Adam’s apple of this old man was moving. He wished to continue eating.

“I can give all to you, I don’t need money, just……”

Ye Chuan paused and when he wanted to say, Little Long’er came and whispered something in his ear.

The complexion of Ye Chuan changed. Sure enough, Plague Archfiend suddenly changed the direction and was rushing towards this place smelling the fragrance of Heavenly Dragon Rice. According to his current speed, he would arrive here at Earth Dragon Village in at most one hour.

Ye Chuan had long expected the invasion of this Plague Archfiend, merely, he had not expected that his speed was so fast. Now, there was no time to arrange traps in many places.

“Noble son Ye, what happened?” Sea Demon Patriarch asked.

“Patriarch, to tell you the truth, these Heavenly Dragon Rice grains are being watched by a great archfiend of Half Sage realm. This fellow has a peculiar innate skill, he can instantly change the vicinity of 100 meters around him into magma, as a result, no one can approach him rashly and he basically doesn’t fear being besieged. I am prepared to give these nine remaining Heavenly Dragon Rice grains to make peace, but that naturally is impossible, because it is most likely that he would want Heavenly Dragon Tree too.” Ye Chuan said directly. Now he no longer beat around the bush. “Originally, since you are the grandfather of Hai Lili, I could have given all these Heavenly Dragon Rice grains to you as a gift, merely……, ai!”


Sea Demon Patriarch was startled and angry. He suddenly stood up and his killing intent soared.

This time, they had come from afar as a pretext to visit his granddaughter Hai Lili, but in fact, they had come for Heavenly Dragon Tree. And being able to taste Heavenly Dragon Rice grain proved that the news of Heavenly Dragon Tree was not wrong. Now, the hope of the revival of their Sea Demon Clan, Heavenly Dragon Tree, was in Cloud Mist Sect. The tree had finally grown after many hardships, compared to Ye Chuan, this old man was even tenser. How could he let this great archfiend snatch it away or destroy it?

If ordinary expert dared to have this kind of thoughts, then Sea Demon Patriarch would have immediately gone to tear him apart, but Half Sage realm archfiend, how to deal with him?

After getting angry, Sea Demon Patriarch was shocked. He turned around, quickly understanding the intention of Ye Chuan to come here so late at night. So he asked, “Noble son Ye, you suddenly came here so late at night bringing Heavenly Dragon Rice with you, isn’t that to lure that archfiend here? Does that mean, you can kill that archfiend with our help?”

Although that old man was angry, he was an experienced man, he quickly understood everything.

“Yes, this time, this junior came here to ask patriarch to lend a hand. The water can suppress the fire, and all under the heaven, perhaps, only patriarch’s ability to control water harnessing the wind can restrain Plague Archfiend. As long as his ability to turn the vicinity around him into magma is rendered useless, you can leave everything else to our Cloud Mist Sect.” Ye Chuan paused and added, “Naturally, this battle will be very dangerous. If patriarch if unwilling, then you should leave now with your clansmen. If the worst comes the worst, I will hand over the remaining Heavenly Dragon Rice grains as well as Heavenly Dragon Tree to him.”

Ye Chuan counted on the desire of Sea Demon clan towards Heavenly Dragon Rice, and tossed the ball on the hand of Sea Demon Patriarch.

The complexion of the old man became cloudy and uncertain, facing this difficult choice.

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