Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 377

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 377: Sea Demon Clansmen

The content inside this brocade bag was very simple, there was only one word ‘Water’.

Water (水)?

What does this mean?

Ye Chuan was puzzled. Now he was certain that that cyan robed Seventh Elder was secretly pointing out how to deal with that ferocious Plague Archfiend. But, this ‘Water’, what does it mean?

“By the way, noble son, my clansmen have arrived last night. There were many of them, and noble son wasn’t in the sect, so……” Sea Demoness Hai Lili wanted to say something but hesitated, seemingly, she was embarrassed to speak directly.

Sea Demon Clan was from the sea and was related to water. Could it be that this ‘Water’ was related to them?

Ye Chuan suddenly thought so and asked, “Hai Lili, you clansmen, how many are there and where are they now?”

“Roughly more than one thousand. My grandfather, the patriarch of Sea Demon Clan, has also come. Now, they are stationed in a small coastal village called Earth Dragon Village.” Hai Lili responded and slightly lowered her head. She wanted to add something but she didn’t dare to say it. Her grandfather had come from afar with a large group of clansmen to take a look at Heavenly Dragon Tree, but when they reached the periphery of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, they restrained themselves and putting on airs, they wanted Ye Chuan to personally go to pick them up.

What was the current identity of Ye Chuan? Even grand Da Qin Crown Prince didn’t enter his eyes, how could he go over there to pick up that old man?

Sea Demoness Hai Lili was in a dilemma. She perfectly knew the stinking temper of her grandfather, it was stinking and hard, but the desire of her grandfather, she was truly finding it difficult to say to Ye Chuan as he might feel that it was a loss of a face.

“Little Long’er, map!”

Ye Chuan instructed and Little Long’er who was far behind walked over and spread the map of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. Ye Chuan carefully looked for a while and found a little mark on the map, which was Earth Dragon Village.

“Hai Lili, what kinds of innate skills do your Sea Demon Clan have?” Ye Chuan asked.

“This……, there is Sea Demon Song to confuse others, and…… nothing else.”

Hai Lili thought for a bit, but she truly couldn’t find any other distinctive innate techniques. And then, feeling somewhat embarrassed, she added, “Moreover……, not every clansman can use Sea Demon Song, only those who have imperial bloodline can use it. Within the entire Sea Demon Clan, at present, only I can use it, even my grandfather and big brother cannot use it.”

Hai Lili understood the meaning of Ye Chuan, unfortunately, she was powerless. It was useless to ask her for help.

In the past two days, she had also heard about the matter of Plague Archfiend. Even Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu like peak Daoist Master realm experts weren’t his opponent, needless to speak about herself and her clansmen.

“Hai Lili, are you sure?” Ye Chuan asked rather disappointed.

The innate skill of Sea Demoness Hai Lili, Sea Demon Song, it could instantly make enemy absent-minded and petrify. In the battlefield, this could be a trump card. Unfortunately, it might not necessarily be that effective against heaven-defying experts. Last time, it was the case with State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng.

The cultivation base of Plague Archfiend was heaven-defying. Just like State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, he was also a Half Sage realm heaven-defying expert. Only this move, Sea Demon Song, was not enough to deal with such evil spirit.

“Yes, there is nothing else.” Hai Lili shook her head. She also wanted to help Cloud Mist Sect resolve this calamity. Unfortunately, she truly could do nothing about it. So many elite disciples of Cloud Mist Sect couldn’t withstand even a single blow, and no matter how many of them rushed forward, they couldn’t kill this Plague Archfiend. In such a case, dispatching all Sea Demon clansmen was also useless. Otherwise, people all around the sea wouldn’t have chased to hunt them around.

“No, wrong.”

Ye Chuan shook his head and muttered, “Seventh Elder is certainly not wrong. This ‘Water’ is definitely related to your Sea Demon Clan. And since he said so, your Sea Demon Clan must have means to restrain this Plague Archfiend! No, there is definitely something we haven’t thought……”

Ye Chuan pondered, and at that time, he saw moist footprints under the legs of Sea Demoness Hai Lili, then he suddenly had a thought. After that, he suddenly snatched the map from the hand of Little Long’er, and looking at this map, he saw that Earth Dragon Village where Sea Demon Clan was stationed was not even ten li away from the sea. Moreover, there just happened to be a river beside that village that led directly to the sea.

“Hai Lili, can your Sea Demon Clan make the sea-level to rise suddenly and submerge the coastal highland?” Ye Chuan asked, suppressing the excitement in his heart. He vaguely guessed the meaning of cyan robed Seventh Elder.

The most destructive power of Plague Archfiend was that terrifying death plague which plunged people into an abyss of misery. But on the battlefield, it had only three fatal moves. One was its doughty body which rendered ordinary swords useless; Second was toad technique to suck in people, it could swallow an entire bull; third was turning the vicinity of 100 meters around him into a lava which would change anyone into ashes.

Among these three fatal moves, the third one was the hardest to deal with. With this single move, this archfiend didn’t fear being besieged. It was precisely because of this move, even after suffering heavy injuries in Azure Tree House, he was still rushing over here to Cloud Mist Sect without any misgivings. Sea Demon clan was innately the warrior of the sea, and water can extinguish the fire, so wouldn’t they be able to restrain this move of Plague Archfiend?

“This……, it depends on how high the highland is. Usually, with the cooperation of warriors, we can change the wind direction and make 70 meters tall sea waves without any problem. If……, if my grandfather is willing to make a move in person, then making a 100 meters sea wave is also not impossible. But it cannot be maintained for a long time, can only be maintained for about an hour.” Hai Lili replied. She was slightly humble, didn’t dare to boast wildly in front of Ye Chuan.

“Enough, an hour is enough, this is the greatest innate skill, hahaha, let’s go, go to Earth Dragon Village!”

Ye Chuan laughed and picked up that spike of Heavenly Dragon Rice grains. Changing the direction of the wind and creating a tidal wave was a usual matter for Sea Demon clansmen who had lived in the sea for generations, but little did they imagined that this was their greatest technique.

“Noble son, these Heavenly Dragon Rice grains are not mature yet, why……” Hai Lili was greatly surprised. She wanted to stop him, but it was already too late, so she felt pity.

According to the book, only ripe Heavenly Dragon Rice had an extraordinary effect. Picking them before they ripen, although they still had an effect, compared to the ripe one, there was a big difference. For instance, eating a ripe Heavenly Dragon Rice would increase the cultivation base by ten years and prolongs lifespan by one hundred years; as for unripe Heavenly Dragon Rice, it would only increase cultivation by one year, which was only one-tenth of the effect.

“As long as there is Heavenly Dragon Tree, it will grow again next year, what is there to fear? Besides, since we are going to see your grandfather, how can we not bring a big gift? Let’s go, Hai Lili, we are going now!”

Ye Chuan smiled and told Little Long’er to go and look for Zhu Sijia, and tell her to mobilize the experts of the sect. As for himself, he left Cloud Mist Sect ahead with Hai Lili on the same night.

“Noble son, such a big gift is not needed to go see my grandfather, ai……”

“No, your grandfather is my elder, how can we slight him? Unfortunately, it is so urgent, we don’t have enough time to prepare more suitable gifts, I can only make do with it.”


The voices of Hai Lili and Ye Chuan came from far away.

Sea Demoness Hai Lili still felt it was a pity to pick up this unripe Heavenly Dragon Rice grain, but Ye Chuan didn’t care, this price was worth it. Plague Archfiend was clearly coming for this Heavenly Dragon Rice, if he didn’t pick it up, then how can he lure him to Earth Dragon Village?

This gift was precisely prepared for Plague Archfiend. Naturally, Hai Lili was unable to figure this out for the time being, and Ye Chuan also didn’t take the initiative to speak it out.

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