Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 376

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 376: Pointer of Seventh Elder

Since they were not able to kill Plague Archfiend, matters had become serious.

Sure enough, bad news came one after another. The desk in front of Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu was quickly filled with letters of assistance from all parts of Azure Dragon Prefecture.

After surviving the disaster, Plague Archfiend went mad and slaughtered many villages and small townships. Now, let alone the place where he was located, even the places around him had a very high probability to contract the incurable plague. The terrifying death plague rapidly spread throughout Azure Dragon Prefecture.

The might of Eight Azure Dragons Formation was powerful, but it consumed a lot of manpower and material resources every time it was used. In addition, Plague Archfiend was very vigilant, thus, it was unrealistic to lead him to the trap and launch the restriction attack again. Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu dispatched a group of suicide squads, not seeking to kill Plague Archfiend, only seeking to drive him away or lead him outside Azure Dragon City. Unfortunately, the higher the hope, the greater the disappointment. The overwhelming majority of suicide squads were gone forever.

After indulging in the wanton massacre for full seven days, Plague Archfiend finally left.

Just in seven days, Azure Dragon Prefecture had changed beyond recognition. Except for Azure Dragon City and eight ancient towns, all other villages and small townships were practically destroyed with starving refugees swarming over the land.

On the eighth morning, after determining Plague Archfiend had left Azure Dragon Prefecture, Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu came to find Ye Chuan. She said nothing, just handed over a thick stack of intelligence reports. Analyzing these intelligence reports, Plague Archfiend was moving towards the south, straight towards Cloud Mist Sect.

“Lady, is this report confirmed?” Ye Chuan asked with solemn complexion.

Azure Dragon Sect had deep roots, although it suffered a heavy damage, it was far from damaging its foundation. It could recover in no time. Cloud Mist Sect however was different, let alone the death of tens of thousands of people, just the death of one thousand or several hundred people was fatal.

“It’s confirmed. That Archfiend is going towards Cloud Mist Sect.”

Azure Dragon Lady nodded her head and said, “Noble son Ye, perhaps, you need to rush back to Cloud Mist Sect immediately to arrange the line of defense. I can assist you with crystal cores and a team of 500 elite disciples led personally by Azure Snake Daoist Master. In addition, I will send someone to delay Plague Archfiend as much as possible. As for anything else, I truly can do nothing about it.”

“Okay, thank you, Lady, I will leave now. If there is any matter in the future, then Lady can come to Cloud Mist Sect to look for me.” Ye Chuan thanked for the good intention of Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu, then whistled. Immediately, Little Long’er flew over, and riding on his back, he instructed him to leave. Now, he was burning with impatience, he was dying to return to Cloud Mist Sect. Flame Devil, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu all used their respective techniques to keep up the pace.

“Noble son Ye, take care……”

Azure Dragon Lady ran outside the door, but Ye Chuan had already reached the horizon and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Living corpse Old Han with only one arm walked over to the back of Azure Dragon Lady and said, “Lady, the sect has just calmed down and it is precisely the time we need manpower, are you sure that you want to help Cloud Mist Sect at this time?”

“I don’t care about the life and death of Cloud Mist Sect, but noble son Ye must not have any accidents.” Azure Dragon Lady replied.

“Lady, you are so willful. As a matter of fact, there are many good men in this world, there is no need to……” Old Han shook his head.

Plague Archfiend was too powerful, even Azure Dragon Sect had suffered a heavy damage. This time, Cloud Mist Sect absolutely couldn’t escape from this calamity. Dispatching more people to help them was also useless, it would just increase the number of casualties.

“Old Han, let me be willful for the last time.” Azure Dragon Lady faintly said looking at the direction where Ye Chuan had disappeared. Then, she added, “Tell Azure Snake Daoist Master, whatever happens, he must protect noble son Ye.”

“Fine, I understand.”

Old Han sighed and retreating a few steps, he disappeared.

Even the entire Azure Dragon Sect was unable to stop this Plague Archfiend let alone Azure Snake Daoist Master. But, with the help of 500 elite disciples, it was not impossible to run away with Ye Chuan at the critical moment. Azure Dragon Lady didn’t say directly, but her meaning was very clear. As long as the safety of Ye Chuan was ensured, it was fine with her. As for Cloud Mist Sect, whether Plague Archfiend thoroughly destroyed it or not, it was outside of her consideration and also the matter she couldn’t control.

Towards evening, Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu took drastic measure. She took advantage of this occasion to launch a reformation and reorganization within Azure Dragon Sect. But at this time, Ye Chuan had already returned to Cloud Mist Sect. And without any demur, he first activated Heaven Concealing Great Formation and other defense restrictions of Cloud Mist Sect not caring the huge consumption of his vitality, then he called together Zhu Sijia and others to Cloud Mist Hall and announced the news of Plague Archfiend’s invasion.

After hearing how powerful Plague Archfiend was, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect got nervous. Soon, a squad of scouts rushed out of the sect and secretly lock onto the whereabouts of Plague Archfiend. And the intelligence reports were piled up in front of Ye Chuan. Sure enough, this Archfiend was coming straight to Cloud Mist Sect.

In the battle of Azure Tree Town, after surviving that calamity, Plague Archfiend was dripping with blood suffering heavy injuries, but his fighting power was still fierce. He crushed everything on his way. Disciples tried their best to lure him away, but this Plague Archfiend would just chase them a bit, then the latter would again rush towards Cloud Mist Sect. After approaching Cloud Mist Mountain Range, it was even more obvious. He didn’t push forward towards the depth of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, but went straight towards the entrance gate of Cloud Mist Sect. Flame Devil, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu jointly attacked him, but they were also unable to stop this devil. Looking at his current pace, he would arrive at Cloud Mist Sect early morning tomorrow at the latest. At that time, this sect which had long inheritance would have a great calamity.

At night, Ye Chuan climbed up Heavenly Dragon Peak and went to Evil Dragon Abyss. He saw Sea Demoness Hai Lili was busy taking meticulous care of Heavenly Dragon Tree and Mist Bamboo Sprout.

Compared to before, Mist Bamboo Sprout was quite taller and a green mist was lingering around it. As for Heavenly Dragon Tree, its change was even bigger. Rice grains hung down from its top. Each one of them was mellow and full, and their shape was just like that of a real rice grain but was much bigger. One grain was the size of a bowl. In addition, they emitted a faint fragrance which vastly increased the appetite.

Heavenly Dragon Rice!

Under the meticulous care of Sea Demoness, Heavenly Dragon Rice Seed quickly grew into a Heavenly Dragon Tree, and it could also be harvested in earlier date!

After breaking through to Daoist Master realm, normal food was optional, and Ye Chuan never had any interest in ordinary food. But, standing beside Evil Dragon Abyss and smelling the fragrance of Heavenly Dragon Rice grains, he involuntarily wanted to eat it. All creatures of the rear mountain were roaring, he didn’t how many yao beasts were restlessly walking back and forth. It seemed that all of them were attracted by the fragrance of Heavenly Dragon Rice grain, but were stopped outside the restriction.

Since ordinary yao beasts were attracted by it, could it be that Plague Archfiend was also……

Ye Chuan suddenly understood why Plague Archfiend was rushing straight to Cloud Mist Sect.

Heavenly Dragon Rice is an ancient variety. Each one of them was equivalent to the best medicinal pill, moreover, was something that couldn’t be reproduced and refined. It was very tempting for both cultivators and yao beasts.

“Noble son, you came?”

Sea Demoness Hai Lili suddenly turned around sensing something, and then discovered that Ye Chuan had come at an unknown time.

“Well, Hai Lili, when did this Heavenly Dragon Rice grain grew?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Several days ago, a cyan robed person who called himself Seventh Elder had come, he helped to grow them. He had brought a bottle of mountain spring which is said to be something spring of life, and after he poured it on the root of Heavenly Dragon Tree, Heavenly Dragon Rice grain grew not long after.” Sea Demoness Hai Lili answered, then pausing for a bit, she seemed to remember something and taking out a brocade bag, she handed it over to Ye Chuan and said, “Oh, that’s right, noble son, Seventh Elder gave me this brocade bag to hand it over to you.”

Brocade bag?

Could it be that Seventh Elder had already expected this crisis of Cloud Mist Sect? Did he already know that Plague Archfiend would come here?

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone and eagerly opened this brocade bag.

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