Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 375

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 375: Joint attack of eight dragons

“Your Excellency, watch out!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes and Flame Demon rushed out from the dark and rushed towards Ye Chuan.

Nan Tiandu directly transformed into one thousand meter dragon and soared towards the sky, then swooped down straight towards Plague Archfiend.

Ye Chuan had skillfully delayed Plague Archfiend when the latter was in a haste to break out of this encirclement, but he had also placed himself in a dangerous position. Under the anger of Plague Archfiend, he was bound to initiate a ferocious attack, so Nan Tiandu and others rushed ahead to save him regardless of their safety.

Ye Chuan lied down and stuck on the back of Little Long’er, then one man and one dragon turned around and fled.

Roar! An ear deafening roar came from behind. Plague Archfiend was truly angry and attacked. He didn’t rush over, rather bent over all of a sudden and with his stomach stuck on the ground, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath with all its strength.

An invisible vortex suddenly appeared, and fleeing Little Long’er and Ye Chuan were unable to advance forward, in addition, they were pulled behind by a deep breath of Plague Archfiend.

Angry Plague Archfiend wanted to directly swallow Ye Chuan and Little Long’er together with rubbles around them, like a whale swallowing seawater.

Flame Devil and Old Demon of Mount Yin rushed over. Flame Devil emitted scorching hot flame on his palm and attacked Plague Archfiend, but like a stone dropped into the sea, there was no effect, on the contrary, the flame in the hand of Flame Devil was extinguished by this hurricane. As for Old Demon of Mount Yin, he stretched out his big hand and countless vines changed into a whip, then he used this whip to ruthlessly attack. On the back of Plague Archfiend, a long bloody mark appeared, but this fellow completely ignored Old Demon of Mount Yin and continued to inhale with determination, wanting to swallow Ye Chuan!

At that time, the attack of Nan Tiandu arrived. He was ferociously ramming towards Plague Archfiend. His over one thousand meters long body looked just like a huge mountain descending from heaven.

Plague Archfiend moved. He dared to take the attack of Flame Devil and Old Demon of Mount Yin head-on, but he obviously had some misgiving about this attack of Nan Tiandu. He roared and suddenly lifting up his head, he made a move, knocking his head against the head of Nan Tiandu.

Dong! A muffled sound resounded, shocking the heart of people.

Nan Tiandu who was diving down from the sky was unexpectedly sent flying. As for Plague Archfiend, only a section of his four limbs was sunk into the ground. In this sudden collision, Nan Tiandu with over a thousand meters body was sent flying and his head was dripping with blood. He had suffered a heavy injury.

Half-Sage Archfiend!

Plague Archfiend was majestic, and the strength of a Half-Sage realm expert was fully displayed here. But, the attack of Nan Tiandu didn’t go to waste, Plague Archfiend lost his chance to swallow Ye Chuan.


Ye Chuan shouted and retreated quickly riding Little Long’er. Flame Devil, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Nan Tiandu also retreated in succession. All of them went all out to retreat.

“Kid, leave your life!”

Plague Archfiend roared loudly, and his four limbs on the ground bent, but just when he was about to chase, he suddenly shivered. Looking up, eight ancient azure dragons had finally gathered together in the sky, and along with countless runes appearing above the huge azure light screen, azure light rose sharply. Then, those eight dragons entwined together and swoop down from the high altitude along with a roar. In addition, an unparalleled energy fluctuation that should not exist in Wilderness World suddenly burst out.

Ye Chuan quickly turned back and seeing the scene in the sky, his expression changed.

Restriction of the world beyond the highest heaven!

Ye Chuan was sure that this Eight Azure Dragons Formation was the restriction originated from the world beyond the highest heaven. As for how the founder of Azure Dragon Sect learned this move, it was unknown. But, what was beyond doubt was, this was definitely the means of the world beyond the highest heaven. In the time when he concealed the heaven, Ye Chuan was sure that there was no such restriction in Wilderness World.

Such a fierce and violent energy fluctuation made soldiers and disciples of Azure Dragon Sect who were watching from far away feel danger. Everyone hastily retreated to hide. Azure Snake Daoist Master and living corpse Old Han also retreated hastily while protecting Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu. They didn’t dare to remain at the roof of Azure Tree House.

Roar! Plague Archfiend desperately roared, but even if he wanted to run away, he couldn’t do so. This powerful energy had locked on to him. No matter where he was within Eight Azure Dragons Formation, he wouldn’t be able to hide. Because of Ye Chuan dealing him, he lost his chance to slip out of this formation.

Plague Archfiend ferociously glared at Ye Chuan, then used his four limbs to dig madly.

It was impossible to dodge the deadly attack Eight Azure Dragon Formation, but Plague Archfiend had already experienced it once and from the experience, Plague Archfiend knew that going underground, he could minimize the power of this attack using the thick layer of soil.

Clouds of dust flew up, and a dark shadow appeared on the ground.

Along with a powerful dragon roar, this ancient azure dragon whistled down. And just after Plague Archfiend disappeared underground, it collided against the ground, then, disappeared. There was no movement on the ground, no ferocious collision as they had expected. The ground didn’t even shake a bit.

How could this be?

People had their eyes wide open with shock including Ye Chuan and Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu.

This ancient azure dragon had powerful momentum, and everyone had thought that this time that ferocious Plague Archfiend was screwed. Even if he didn’t die, at least a layer of his skin would be peeled off and seal him again. The result, after coming into contact with the ground, it disappeared and there was no movement. After a very long period of time, did the power of this restriction diminished? Or was Plague Archfiend too powerful or went too deep underground, thus, the ancient azure dragon had no way out?

Honglong, everyone swayed and fell to the ground.

When everyone was disappointed thinking this restriction had lost efficacy, from the depth of the earth, a rumbling sound of an explosion came. The ground shook and cracked. And along with the appearance of a long and deep crack, everything within the vicinity of a few kilometers collapsed.

Under the eyes of everyone, a huge crater appeared.

After that, ancient azure dragon disappeared and cyan light curtain in the sky also slowly dispersed. Just one attack exhausted all the energy of Eight Azure Dragons Formation and the formation began to disperse. But, just looking at this crater, everyone turned pale with fright and their scalp tingled.

It was not that the restriction had lost its efficacy, rather ancient azure dragon chased after Plague Archfiend to the depths of the underground. He was truly unable to escape!

The course of Azure Tree River in the vicinity diverted because of the change in terrain. The clear river water poured into this huge crater that had appeared just a moment ago, and slowly, a pond appeared outside Azure Tree Town. No one knew how deep this pond was, but no one dared to dive into this pond.

Even after waiting for a few hours, there was no movement in this pond, so people finally breathed a sigh of relief and began celebrating the passing of a calamity.

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu personally went to the kitchen to cook food to entertain Ye Chuan, Nan Tiandu and others.

Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei had died, Plague Archfiend also had died, now, no one could stop her from sitting on the throne of Sect Master. Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu felt proud and elated being able to hold the power of Azure Dragon Sect. She repeatedly signaled Ye Chuan, preparing to properly entertain him tonight. But, just after the banquet had begun, the ground swayed suddenly and a burst of laughter came from outside Azure Tree Town.

“Hahaha, the joint attack of eight dragons is also just so-so, and that old man Azure Dragon Daoist is also gone, now, who can trap this Lord Archfiend? Hahaha……”

This unscrupulous laughter reverberated through the night sky. Ye Chuan, Azure Dragon Lady and others rushed out and saw Three-Eyed Toad that was dripping with blood had already crawled out from the ground. Now, he was laughing while leaving.

Not good, this archfiend unexpectedly didn’t die!

Ye Chuan and Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu looked at each other and their limbs became ice-cold. Now, even if they thought to chase, it was already too late. Plague Archfiend instantly disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only some footprints.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Welp, not that it was unexpected. This large toad destinied to become another Yi Chuan’s totem.

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