Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 374

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 374: Hidden moves are always hard to guard against

A tall youth and a small dragon suddenly appeared in the line of sight of people, blocking the path of Plague Archfiend.

Ye Chuan who had been watching critically finally made a move. Riding on the back of Little Long’er, he quietly watched Plague Archfiend rushing towards him. For Azure Dragon Lady and also for his and Cloud Mist Sect’s sake, today, he must stop this Plague Archfiend and re-seal him. He must not let him run everywhere.


Plague Archfiend roared angrily and ferociously rushed forward.

But a human and a dragon were still as if they were petrified. The heart of Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu who was standing at the top of Azure Tree House skipped a beat and she became pale. But, just when she was about to rush over, her sleeve was grabbed by living corpse Old Han.

“Lady, don’t be hasty, since noble son Ye dares to stand out by himself to stop this Plague Archfiend, he must have his means.”

The living corpse Old Han stopped Azure Dragon Lady. In a battle of a long time ago, after he suffered heavy injuries, he didn’t have body temperature and heartbeat. Although he survived tenaciously, he became a living corpse. He lost his sense of pain and many feelings, but, in his heart, he could still understand everything. He had observed every aspect of Azure Dragon Lady. He had watched Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu growing into an adult from a child. Thus, even if Azure Dragon Lady ignored other people’s words, she would still consider his words.

The speed of Plague Archfiend was astonishing. When he suddenly rushed forward, ear deafening void breaking sounds would resound.

When everyone was nervously screaming in their heart, Ye Chuan finally moved. Little Long’er below him sidestepped in an unimaginable way, dodging the ram of Plague Archfiend. And at the same time, a blood red flying sword shot out from the mouth of Ye Chuan, which ruthlessly stabbed towards the left leg of Plague Archfiend.

Ye Chuan was already prepared. He suddenly used Dragon Slaying Flying Sword given to him by Seventh Elder. And now that they were very close at hand, even Plague Archfiend who had heaven-defying cultivation base was unable to dodge.

Compared to ordinary flying swords, this flying sword was far more powerful. Plague Archfiend had crushed everything along the way, and he was unscathed under the attacks of everyone, so he was a little careless. This, in turn, caused him to eat a hidden loss. His left leg softened and he staggered nearly falling to the ground.

Roar! An ear deafening roar resounded.

Plague Archfiend was angry, and bright red magma suddenly appeared below his legs. Unfortunately, this move was useless against Ye Chuan. Riding on the back of Little Long’er, Ye Chuan could hover in the air, and the boiling hot magma on the ground couldn’t hurt even his hair.

“Brat, it turned out to be you!”

Plague Archfiend turned around, and at this time, he finally recognized Ye Chuan. In Demonic Cave, they had seen each other. Plague Archfiend had personally witnessed how Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei who considered himself best in the world reached a dead end, thus, he knew the strength of Ye Chuan. Just a moment ago, he didn’t see him clearly and was slightly careless, as a result, he ate a loss. Now that he recognized Ye Chuan, he gritted his teeth and ran off at once.

It was not that he was afraid of Ye Chuan, but at this moment, time was pressing and he didn’t want to waste time in fighting. If he didn’t break out of this encirclement, then he would be in trouble when the eight azure dragons merge in the sky!

Plague Archfiend make a prompt decision and gave up his thoughts to attack Ye Chuan, continuing to flee for his life. Unfortunately, with his left leg injured, his speed was much slower, moreover, he didn’t want to fight didn’t mean Ye Chuan would stop just like this. Plague Archfiend was able to shake off the purse of Azure Snake Daoist Master and Old Han, but it was not easy to shake off Little Long’er whose speed was pretty good. At this moment, the superiority of Demonic Dragon Clan in speed was quickly revealed, they catch up to Plague Archfiend and a red light again streak across the sky.

Roar! Plague Archfiend suddenly opened his mouth without reducing his speed. In addition, he didn’t dodge, rather directly swallowed Dragon Slaying Flying Swords.

Azure Dragon Lady and others who were watching this from far away were shocked.

Directly swallowing the flying sword of the opponent, what kind of terrifying evil spirit was this?

A few very daring experts of Azure Dragon Sect who were prepared to rush forward and attack from the flank taking advantage of this occasion, seeing this scene, their scalp tingled and they trembled. They felt their legs had gone soft and no one dared to take even a step forward.

“You dared to swallow this lordship’s Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, this isn’t courageous and boldness, rather plain stupid!”

Ye Chuan sneered and used a sword technique.

Plague Archfiend whose cultivation base was heaven-defying suddenly stopped and then wailed mournfully. After that, he hastily vomited out Dragon Slaying Flying Sword he had just swallowed along with a big mouthful of black blood.

What was Dragon Slaying Flying Sword? This was a big killing weapon nurtured by the vitality of cyan robed Seventh Elder for a lifetime. It was so sharp that even Evil Dragon Meng Ao was unable to block it. Although Plague Archfiend was doughty and more powerful than Evil Dragon Meng Ao, but he still couldn’t stop it. Even his strong and powerful left leg was dripping with blood because of this Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, but he swallowed it, that was absolutely asking for trouble. In an instant, the entire tongue was cut off by Dragon Slaying Flying Sword.

No need to speak about the sharpness of this Flying Sword, what was even more unexpected was the sword blade was smeared with a hypertoxic that was personally refined by Ye Chuan. Courageous and bold Plague Archfiend was infected by this hypertoxic due to carelessness.

The cultivation of Ye Chuan was clearly far worse than Plague Archfiend. Fighting head-on, Ye Chuan might not even be able to withstand one move of Plague Archfiend. But at this moment, Plague Archfiend was anxious to break out of this encirclement and run for his life, as a result, the latter ate two big losses from little tricks of Ye Chuan. And these injuries also couldn’t be considered serious, but it as annoying.

“Roar……, brat, I……, I will kill you……”

Plague Archfiend was so angry that in the blink of an eye, he rushed towards Ye Chuan and Little Long’er. But, just like flies, it was hard to catch them, even after chasing for a while, he was only vexed. Plague Archfiend who originally just wanted to break out of this encirclement rushed towards Ye Chuan in a rage with dense killing intent. With his tongue injured, his words were somewhat incoherent, and he was getting angrier and angrier in his heart while attacking with all his strength.

Little Long’er accelerated suddenly, dodging the attack of Plague Archfiend, then suddenly moved round to the back of Plague Archfiend. If he turned around to attack, then he would certainly waste his time, but not only his heart didn’t let him continue to run away just like this, this one human and one dragon would also chase after him.

Ye Chuan who was definitely playing for time gave Plague Archfiend a hard nut to crack.

Watching this battle, the eyes of Azure Dragon Lady at the top of Azure tree House shone and simultaneously break out in cold sweat for Ye Chuan. But, she was also amazed by shrewdness and skills of Ye Chuan. Now, she was all the more certain that she had not misjudged him. Seeing that someone had finally stopped Plague Archfiend, soldiers and Azure Dragon Sect disciples cheered loudly and their morale soared. In the air, the dragon roars of the ancient dragons became more resonant, thoroughly breaking out of the ground and soaring towards the sky to merge. Now, above the azure light screen, ancient runes glimmered, and like a noiseless lightning streaking across the sky, a heavy pressure befell on everyone. Along with Plague Archfiend, everyone felt their body was getting heavy, and dust fluttered in the air.

Eight Azure Dragons Formation!

The restriction left behind by the founder of Azure Dragon Sect was completely activated, and the light screen circulated, beginning to prepare a deadly attack.

Because Ye Chuan stalled for time, Plague Archfiend lost his chance to break out of this encirclement.

Looking up and seeing light curtain and eight ancient azure dragons that were about to merge, Plague Archfiend hopelessly roared. He also knew that he had lost the chance to break out of this encirclement. He suddenly turned around and ferociously glared at Ye Chuan riding on Little Long’er. His three eyes were blood red as he gnashed his teeth. In addition, incomparably powerful energy fluctuation erupted out from his body. He appeared as if he wanted to kill Ye Chuan before the restriction showed its might!

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