Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 373

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 373: Fierce devil

“Damn, it’s another Eight Azure Dragons Formation!”

Plague Archfiend in Three Eyed Toad form cursed furiously, then, turned to leave. He ran wildly trying to escape before this Azure Dragon Restriction was thoroughly activated.

That year, when he had just arrived at Heavenly Fire Continent from the world beyond the highest heaven using his Time and Space Demonic Wheel, he had fallen into Eight Azure Dragons Formation set up by the founder of Azure Dragon Sect, then was sealed and suppressed. Now, he had finally freed himself with great difficulty, but his heart trembled, seeing this restriction, so why would he dare to stay here?

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu was dumbfounded. Ye Chuan was also a little surprised.

They two had considered all kinds of circumstances and had made preparations accordingly, but they had never expected that this Plague Archfiend whose second nature was massacre would actually flee without a fight.

This was not a yao beast, clearly was a sly evil spirit that was more crafty than a thousand-year-old fox!

Azure Dragon Lady quickly ordered, mobilizing the experts to intercept him. The ground was shaking more and more violently and eight azure dragons slowly broke out of the ground and took off. This Eight Azure Dragons Formation will soon be completely activated. At this time, regardless of anything, they couldn’t let Plague Archfiend escape, otherwise, all their efforts will be wasted, in addition, they would invite frenzied retaliation of this Plague Archfiend. Moreover, it would be very difficult to lure him into a trap again.

A group of cavalry riding sturdy war-horse rushed forward. They were going full speed ahead towards Plague Archfiend with great momentum. When they were just 15 meters away, these well-trained soldiers stuck out their five meters long spears in succession. Under the ice-cold helmet, soldiers were breathing heavily and their heart accelerated in nervousness until the moment they collided with Plague Archfiend.

Instantly, at least 20 spears stabbed the body of Plague Archfiend.

But, the heavy spears began to bent, then, when they bent to 90 degrees, all of them broke into pieces. As for Plague Archfiend, he wasn’t even slowed down. He mowed down through this group. Immediately, sad and shrill screams resounded along with the neighs of horses.

On the battlefield, heavy armored cavalry had always been a sharp weapon of nobles, was the trump card to fight a decisive battle, and was the nightmare of infantries. But, in front of this Half-Sage realm evil spirit, they were unable to withstand a single blow. They were mercilessly crushed in an instant!

Roar! Along with angry roars, Plague Archfiend made a bloody path in the midst of this cavalry, continuing to flee quickly.

An ear defeating dragon roar resounded. Eight huge azure dragons rose higher. Now, half of their body had already come out from the ground.

The killing intent of Plague Archfiend was soaring and his speed was getting faster too.

A group of Azure Dragon Sect disciples daringly rushed forward, stepping on their flying swords. They had either heavy hammers, long spears or sharp swords in their hands.

In Azure Tree Town, now, there were over 50,000 elites, but after witnessing that bad end of that cavalry group, soldiers who had fought a hundred battles without any fear were trembling. This was instinctual fear that came from the depth of their soul. Even when military officers shouted the words of encouragement, it was of no avail. It was simply not the level of contest, moreover, the number of people was useless.

At the critical moment, Azure Dragon Sect disciples were truly fierce.

There were over hundred disciples of Azure Dragon Sect. Their cultivation base was at least Rank 5 Xiushi realm. Among them, there was no lack of Daoist Master realm experts. With these over hundred people rushing forward while displaying their techniques, no need to mention just obstructing Plague Archfiend, they should at least be able to stop the latter for a while without any problem.

Everyone thought so including Ye Chuan, but soon, they discovered that they were wrong, wrong to the point of being crazy.

Plague Archfiend didn’t slow down at all, he just roared angrily when his leg touched the ground, and then suddenly, the surrounding within 100 meters became bright red. The ground was not dyed with a layer of red color, rather, everything around had instantly changed into bright red boiling hot magma.


Mournful wails resounded throughout Azure Tree Town. Almost all disciples who had daringly rushed forward fell into the magma and had no way to free themselves, and in the blink of an eye, they turned into a pool of blood and disappeared without a trace. Not to mention their flesh, even their treasures such as armors, weapons and so on had melted away. A few experts were able to dodge the magma, but in the next moment, they similarly died.

The magma on the ground was not only boiling hot and could also melt anything, but even more terrifying matter was, the area within 100 meters in radius moved along with the pace of Plague Archfiend. Looking from far away, this scene looked just a volcano crater that could move quickly. Under the circumstance when caught unprepared, even later stage Daoist Master realm experts would find it hard to escape it.

A low and deep powerful dragon roar resounded across the heavens. More than half of their dragon bodies was already out of the ground and the ground was shaking even more violently. Moreover, it seemed that they had flown into rage sensing Plague Archfiend. The azure light screen that covered the ground became denser and it looked just like huge azure cauldron covering the ground.

Plague Archfiend didn’t even turn his head and continued to accelerate.

With regarding the might of Eight Azure Dragons Formation, he knew more than Azure Dragon Lady, so he didn’t dare to pause for even a moment.

The soldiers and civilians hiding in corners, fortresses and houses were trembling at this moment. They were continuously praying for the blessing of Azure Dragon Sect’s founder.

No one had ever seen such a fierce evil spirit. The scene of him crushing over a hundred disciples of Azure Dragon Sect and the heavy cavalry was deeply engraved in the minds of everyone. This intensified their trembling.

Another group of Azure Dragon Sect disciples rushed forward. This time, the group was led by Azure Snake Daoist Master and living corpse Old Han.

Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu gritted her teeth and prepared to risk everything. Although she had yet to enter the battlefield in person and was bringing up the rear, she had dispatched all her remaining trusted subordinates and elites. If Azure Snake Daoist Master, Old Han and others died in this battle, then her direct power would be greatly diminished leaving practically nothing behind. After that, it will be difficult to say whether she could control Azure Dragon Sect or not.

Plague Archfiend roared loudly, and magma reappeared under his feet.

Among the disciples who were rushing in the front, half of them collapsed but even more disciples flew higher in their flying swords. They didn’t dare to approach Plague Archfiend and began to initiate ferocious attacks from distance surrounding this Plague Archfiend. In an instant, flying swords, arrows and even heavy hammers or large pieces of rocks thrown by disciples flew towards Plague Archfiend.

Plague Archfiend roared and ignoring all the attacks, he attacked Azure Snake Daoist Master and living corpse Old Han, continuing to run wildly. Eight Azure Dragons Formation was about to be completely activated. Once those eight azure dragons completely broke out of the ground and merged, at that time, Eight Azure Dragons Formation was at the most powerful state. Plague Archfiend who had already tasted its might absolutely didn’t want to taste it again.

He was sealed and suppressed for many years, and finally, he was free after great difficulty. He absolutely didn’t want to be sealed and suppressed again!

Sharp flying swords left behind some scars on Plague Archfiend, but completely ignored the attacks of Azure Snake Daoist Master, Old Han and others. Unfortunately, their attacks were useless. The speed of Plague Archfiend not only didn’t decrease, instead he accelerated, and even flying swords were unable to catch up to him. In the blink of an eye, Azure Snake Daoist Master, Old Han and others were left behind and could no longer catch up to him. They could only helplessly watch Plague Archfiend getting far away.

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